The official bad teachers thread


“These kids took advantaged of her and cream pied her ass.”

Oh for fuck’s sake. LOL.




“We had sex 50 times then Miss said I’d made her pregnant” - Jack


These women are fucked in the head

Like why choose a baby daddy who is 15 with no job, no money, no nothing

But that bitch is hot. So


FTW you’re almost as old as your gf’s daughter, but she’s calling you dad.


Baaahahahaahahaha. Damn man.




Also lil dude scarred for life. Lets be clear about this it wasnt the sexual abuse, it was finding out he is a dad and his life is over.


Not a bad teacher, but might as well clump her in with the bunch:


How can this person be tried as an adult of he’s only a child?

See how screwed the justice system works? The 16 year old can’t consent, so why is he being tried as an adult. Bet if he had sex with an adult, the justice system wouldn’t view him as an adult. Fucked up justice system…


Bet you if is was a 20 year old girl and a 14 year old boy, the justice system would view this case differently:


like, how in the fuck was he allowed to just roam free, after pulling this shit the first time? How was nobody checking on the facebook?


I know this is old, but look at the comments below.


wow, what in the fuck.


This one is like 41 y/o:

Also, naked twister!!!


All these pedo rapists need to burn in hell


Can’t this student claim that because he is a minor, he can’t consent to rape or murder???


This isn’t how this thread works…



Got another one. If she was just 3 years younger, this wouldve been legal. Get fucked loser. lol

I figure most of these women just have a thing for teen guys, but i wonder if the adoration is what is really getting a lot of these women. You know women literally lose the logical and rational part of their brain when adored and complimented. For guys, its just having a woman lust for us, and we lose all logic and rationale, but i think for women the adoration gets them in trouble. Next thing they know their in front of the class teaching, moist as fuck.