The official bad teachers thread


Also, did anyone notice that this whole page is blondes. Make sure you run your background check on blonde girlfriends. lol


Blonde? Look good? Don’t give a fuck:


one of the many reasons I don’t trust blondes.


High School Teacher ‘Had Sex With Student During Christian Training Program’


God dammit I’m always too late with links.


It is a part of Christian training. In the bible it talks about whores and such…


Great time to be a student the past decade or so. More younger female teachers with an addiction to teenage cock. It was just a fantasy growing up when i was in high school, now youre just one slick compliment away from a teacher fucking you after class, and hot 20 somethings at that. Not like weird fugos. lol


Not gonna lie. If I were under 1 years old I’d let some of those teachers have sexual relations with me. I even had some teachers that were attractive back in the day that I would have let them do sexual things to me :wink:

Even though this isn’t a teacher. Who wouldn’t want to have this cheerleader screw them:

Also, some bad teachers:<br<br<br



She is cute and dude pretty much said “they said you cheated, enjoy prison”

These girls still wanting high school rich popular guy dick in their mid-late twenties and thirties.

I guess it goes both ways.


Regardless of whether any of them go to jail or not, I think it’s safe to say that most of them will never teach again…


They will teach again, unfortunately, or is it fortunately if you know what I mean…


Pretty sure the teacher that got her kid killed won’t.


They won’t. They’re forbidden from ever renewing their teaching license if they plead guilty at court.


You didn’t get the pun intended…

Also, how is anyone a victim in this case:

Lindsay Massaro




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That Forrest Gump reference got me.




Utah - Teacher had sex with students says one boy’s grades improved

Wisconsin - Teacher had sex with a 16 yr old during her husband’s bachelor party and then sexted during honeymoon.

Somehow her cucked husband didn’t divorce her right away and is still standing by her even though she cheated on him for over a year.


removed, combined with above


Not sure if this fits with the trend of the thread, but here’s an actual bad teacher.

A 63 year old white teacher snapped and slapped a black kid for interfering with math class