The official bad teachers thread


no its just that due to what monsanto is putting in our fruit and veg, bitches now prefer

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Oroville P.E. teacher sentenced to 3 years probation for sex with 2 17-year-olds


I’d hit…


Hey, that one hits kinda close to home. Most of my family lives up in that area.


I almost feel bad for her. Yeah she should be fired. Can’t be having teachers be doing that. But 4 months jail, years of probation, and a lifetime on the sex offenders registry sounds pretty harsh for sex that would have been legal in a lot of jurisdictions, and was mere months from being legal anywhere.


Gotta keep this thread going:

As I have mentioned before, becoming a fulltime teacher in Ontario is very difficult in terms of job availability. I think it’s safe to say that her career is done for.

The things we do…


No details on the “alleged assault”?


Still don’t get it…

Why so many women Like underage over men…


Proly same reason some wierdos prefer lolis over “regular” chicks


A substitute teacher accused of having sex with a student is blaming education officials for her illegal indiscretions — claiming they failed to stop her, and “allowed” the relationship to blossom.


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If you saw some of the subs, you’d understand. I’ve walked in to pick up rosters, looked at the other subs and quickly figured out why a lot of teachers think they’re all bumbling idiots.


She hasn’t touched any kids, but moms are complaining that she dresses to sexy for class.

Haven’t heard much from the dads. I wonder why? :slight_smile:

4th grade boys are winning!


OH, I had some lookers in high school. There were some female teachers in their early 20s at my high school back in the 1990s


whats funny is she’s legit wearing the same shit all the atlanta teachers are wearing. i have a college friend who teaches there and shes just as fuckin stacked and dresses similar. atlanta got it good when it comes to hot teachers.


I want to go to atlanta

Black girls man, want that georgia peach


Eh…with her body there aren’t really many things that she can do. Rather unfair to call her unprofessional because of the circumstances of her body. Can’t see the other pics but the dress is fine. Technically dressed better than a lot of teachers I’ve seen.


Put her in a pantsuit, and her pants will just ride down to her hips, since they’re so wide.

Her body is a blessing, but it’s a curse to her wardrobe.


She is literally wearing shit that most teachers wear. She just happens to be hot as fuck.


Eh…i don’t know about most. Some would wear. Had a friend be given cheap because she wore something similar. Considering the other set of disasters people let slide (yoga pants being the number one offender), nowhere close to an issue.