The official bad teachers thread


I was in high school like 7 years ago and most teachers I had wore very similar attire. Even the older ones.


Bronx charter school teacher busted for beating student who kept $4G he gave the teen to buy a pound of pot

A Bronx charter school teacher recruited a student to help him score $4,000 worth of marijuana — and he beat the teen senseless him when he found out the kid pocketed the cash, police sources said Friday.


Goddamn is weed prices that high in NYC. Honestly if that kid was smart he could’ve bought that much and had 1.5 grand to himself. Not that the teacher isn’t an idiot but this could’ve been a good working relationship since the kid was willing to discuss crime with a teacher.


Teacher must of been in a bind.

No way would I give a kid 4Gs to get some pot for me.
There are grown adults I wouldn’t give 4Gs too, because I know it isn’t coming back


Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson was suspended in August from her post at Dunnville Secondary School for allegedly saying to a student, “Why don’t you lick me where I fart?”

In March 2015, Green-Johnson allegedly slapped a male student on the head and told him to “grow some balls.”

Green-Johnson is also accused of swearing at students during the school year, calling one a “bloody pedophile” and telling another she looked like “a frumpy old lady.”

The report shows that Green-Johnson admitted to calling students stupid, idiots, gay and “a bitch,” according to the Brantford Expositor.

she told a student who was carrying another student on his back “So you like it from behind” and told one class while they were watching a film with nudity that it was impossible to see the actor’s penis without a microscope.

She also accidentally hit a male student in his groin while trying to stop two students who were swinging binders at each other.

Somehow this happened in Canada, not Florida.


Arrest warrant issued for sacked teacher after she was caught with her highschool fuck at club where she strips.


That must be some godly 17 year old dick if this chick is breaking bail conditions.


Wait, shouldn’t the 17 year old get a fine for not being of age going to strip club???


Just realized all my past female teachers were all late-middle aged to senior citizens and 99% all pear shaped and mom butts. These kids got it made


…Where the fuck is her ass?


That 4th grade teacher has like the bombest booty yo


Why is she in trouble for being at work lol. If you have a restraining order but that person keeps visiting you at your place of work why is that your problem :lol:


Here is another picture with of her


38 y/o Former Teacher and Married Mother of 3, Allison Marchese from Connecticut faces 3 years in prison after she plead guilty to giving oral sex to a 14 year old student and sending these risque selfies to several students.


How do have 3 kids and trying to hook up with 14year old, yeh that one is pretty messed up.


San Diego school ordered to pay $1.25 million to student forced to urinate in bucket

[details=Spoiler]Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, had a policy at the time stipulating that students were not permitted to take bathroom breaks during class — and the teacher took a strict interpretation of it.

The teacher, Gonja Wolf, forbid the 14-year-old girl from leaving the classroom that Wednesday in February 2012. Instead, she let the girl pee in a bucket, then empty it in a classroom sink, according to a lawsuit.

The gossip reportedly spread through the school, then hit the news media, leading to the girl’s anxiety, depression and an attempted suicide.

Now five years later, the San Diego Unified School District was ordered Wednesday to pay the student, who is now 19, more than $1.25 million in damages and $41,000 to cover medical bills

“She is very happy she was able to have her voice heard,” Watkins told the Tribune.

The teacher’s lawyer claimed Wolf purchased the bucket to use as a toilet in the case of an emergency, and had used it herself while working late at school.[/details]


That is bullshit. How do you not have bathroom slips?


these women should be celebrated for bringing these young boys into adulthood.


Depends on which ones




Fullest extent of the law