The official bad teachers thread


It keeps her away from innocents and away from innocent eyes. It’s a win/win.


I wish these young kids banging these hot teachers would keep their mouths shut and didn’t have social media…
They straight up ruin it for the rest of the crew coming up behind them.

damn shame


Also, hot math teacher anyone:

Math teacher from Belarus


Holy shit, a female teacher could face life in prison for banging a 17 year old student



I don’t understand why these teachers think they could get away with it

When kids snitch and put themselves on blast


17 years old is barely still a minor. It’s crazy how if he was one year older the teacher would just get fired, as opposed to facing a life sentence in prison.


The problem is she fucked a student and that is in direct conflict with her position as a teacher

All these idiots know what is at stake and still do not care


That still doesn’t deserve a life sentence.


She is a sexual predator by definition of her position

If they dole out these sentences for rapist like that fucker who got out after 3 months even though he raped an out cold maybe we see less rape. Maybe people will start to know the consequences

That is my take on sexual predators no matter the gender

Lock them up


Her position doesn’t automatically make her a predator. If I go to college and have the opportunity to sleep with a teacher, I’m not automatically a victim if I choose to do it. The teacher would have to be using their position of power to pressure me into it for that to be the case.


She sought out the student to fuck, he is 17. But when did she start targeting him.

Fuck if all these teachers and fuckheads want to fuck teenagers move to nevada 16 is the age of consent


So now the age of consent is important? Before you said the issue was her position as a teacher. All I’m getting out of this is you’re okay with teachers screwing students as long as their state’s age of consent law permits it.


The age of consent is not important in this case

She is a teacher who fucked a student she should go to jail for 15 years


So then you think if a college student has a sexual relationship with a teacher, the teacher should go to jail for 15 years?


In a high school setting teacher goes to jail and gets fired and has to register as a sex offender

In college that teacher gets fired unless they have tenure

It is inappropriate

This is one lucky 17 year old, who is dumb for bragging or ratting her out

This is a teacher thar should go to jail




Hmmm yea I feel that was wrong of them. Can’t fire her for a past occupation that isn’t illegal…

Texas a right to work state? I don’t remember.


Texas is right to work


ARLINGTON, TX – A preschool teacher in Texas has been fired after a series of anti-Semitic posts on social media, including a tweet that said “kill some Jews.”

KTVT reports The Children’s Courtyard in Arlington said it fired teacher Nancy Salem after thoroughly investigating her tweets. Among those identified by the watchdog group Canary Mission was one in which she said “gassed a Jew. I’m sweating. Heil.”

In another, she asked, “How many Jews died in the holocaust? Not enough, hahaha.”

A third tweet said: “Kiss the Palestine ground for me and kill some Jews.”