The official bad teachers thread


I wonder, if more men went into teaching would these women end up banging their coworkers instead of kids?


That already happens. Heard a story recently of an AP getting caught with a teacher.

I’ve worked with some teachers thag had me like :cybot:

Married though, so I give them the :unamused:


Had a rumour going around my school that our P.E teacher did one of the English teachers on a table tennis table :tup:
We found a used condom in our class room bin, our teacher was really shocked. We all thought it was 6th Formers but in hindsight… son of a bitch :rofl:


It’s always fun to say “where were they back then” but straight up I was too much of a nerd in highschool to pull any kind of hot teacher tail. My school also didn’t have any young 20s teachers but we had a few hot mid-late 30s.


My school had a teacher who was 10 years older than me but yeah…

Also, my 2 year reunion is coming up in 2018… Didn’t go to my 10 so maybe go to the 20th…

Was gonna see if I can crash class of '97…

Funny if part of the high school could be reserved at night for the 20th reunion and act like going to like the 5 or 6 different classes within a 6 hour time span. Lunch would be midnight chow or something…


What boy is gonna say “no” to those thighs?


These chicks are getting younger and in that “he’s hot whatevs” mindset


I think it’s crazy that people in their 20s can be high school teachers in the first place. Most people in their 20s are literally not that far removed from their high school years. There was a chick I graduated with that became a high school teacher a mere three years after graduation…at the same high school she went to. Since then 4 other people from the same class are teachers there too. All still in their 20s.


And it’s also the same I’m aiming for. I’d argue becoming a high school teacher young allows one to be more equipped to handle what students need without falling into the complacency that a lot of high school teachers later on fall into.

Of course the issue is that there are also plenty that end up not having the mental maturity to handle it.


The latter was kinda the point that I’m trying to make. All the people I graduated with that became teachers should in no way be teachers. Lol


When you are 22 you lack the maturity

Still we have 34 and 50 year old women fucking high school kids

That is predatory behavior and easily trackable especially with how many kids brag now compared back 15 years ago when i went to hs

We also got these perverts (men and women) fucking going after 12 year olds

I say lock them up


Married teacher Fired and jailed For ‘Forcing Students To Sleep With Her For Grades’


That botched tummy tuck…


Whoa those braces have me feeling real Washington monument right now… In my pants. If only I had the grown man game in high school smh.


Her face keeps reminding me of this guy



TIL Oklahoma has a Canadian County.



22-year-old Connecticut teacher accused of sex with 18-year-old student, but parents reportedly want charges dropped


That’s the dumbest one so far…They’re consenting adults.