The Official Battlefield 3 Thread

As a fan of the series / dice FPS’ I cannot wait for this game to come out… watch out MW3!!

12 mins of gameplay:

Faultline gameplay 2:

Faultline gameplay 3:

Features trailer:

Multiplayer gameplay trailer:

Thunder Run tank gameplay:


SRK player list for squad team up -

XBOX 360 players:
Da Big Punisher
AYO Merc
Cultured Ninja
Arkkai SRK

PS3 players:

PC players:



battlefield is one of the best fps out there.

Im mad hype for this shit. It looks so fuckin’ gorgeous. Day one purchase for me. I’ll be playing this shit on the pc though, its gotta look its best when I play it.

Dying for this to come out already~ BC2 just isn’t cutting it anymore. Play4Free took my memories of BF2 and crapped all over it too.

Yeah I had to drop Bad Company 2 cold honestly. This game might actually get me to break away from TF2, but who knows.

Moar vids!!!



I’m seriously surprised this thread was only ***just ***created…a few days ago. SRK’s BFBC2 thread was pretty active.
I’m gonna fucking smoke all you fools when this hits retail. Or, I suppose we could all squad up. Tah.

Say what??? imma take yo dog tags fooooooo!!!

Oh yeah, mang—I wonder how far you can take ‘customizing’ the tags? And damn, they actually made
it somewhat of a challenge to get them in the first place (can only be taken from backstab).

Best FPS series to me, played them all. Gotta put a pre-order down tuesday when I go pick up the Duke.

Welcome to a real FPS, console gamers. (not counting Bad Company or that shitty BF2 console release)

So did I, enjoyed the hell out of it. Don’t know why people have a problem with it.

Ehhh, they’re just messin’. I still play it quite frequently. Even the *original *BFBC, but I’m a die-hard. :slight_smile:

I play BC2, 1942 LAN parties, and sometimes heroes these days. I kind of got burned out on FPS’ so not played much but Brink lately.

This drops on October 25th right?

That’s what they say. And open beta this September even!

I’m building a new 1155 PC primarily for this game. It’s going to look absolutely gorgeous on my GTX 570 at 1920x1080.

Hey, if no one caught this video a couple days ago it’s a pretty good breakdown of a playthrough of the E32011 demo
from PixelEnemy/D0n7BL1nK. They go through quite a bit of things they noticed, and what people were asking about
mostly. Check it out:


I lol’d when they moved the release date ahead now their 2 weeks ahead of MW3. Activision have probably sent all their execs to IW to stand over them with a cane. :rofl:

Remember peoples, tonight on Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon, PS3 debut footage/gameplay. Tune-in, or set your DVRs.

Also, look at these crazy photo-realistic shots from ZonaRed!


i love the battlefield series but all this hype means that all the kids and cod fanboys will be on this and start complaing about how mw3 will be better than this or how come theirs no killstreaks