The Official Battlefield 4 Thread: BF4 Comes out Tomorrow!


Since the BF3 thread is long dead and there was LOADS of information about BF4 from E3 I figured I’d start a new thread here.

Does anybody REALLY care about the Single player?


Game is baller. Enough said


Gonna get this for PC…gonna make sure my new rig can handle this full steam.


Commander Mode looks awesome. I will try to post a screenshot later


64 players all out mayhem!


Screenshot of Commander Mode


It looks pretty cool, but no. :lol:


Looks butter smooth to me and caught my attention. I like Single Player cause it’s a nice way to stay away from online idiots now and again or during times where I lose internets.


I jizzed all over my keyboard from that footage. Like I said before, this is looking like what BF3 should have been.

I really hope all of the other MP maps are as awesome as that one


I’m still amazed he just tubed the roof or a parking garage or whatever and it caused such an explosion that it caused the road that a fucking TANK was on to collapse!


Spectator Mode confirmed.


Some snippets on MP: New Suppression, reverse take-downs and such.


Yea that was cool as heck and they destroyed it completely when it was immobile, no more hiding in buildings unless you want to get caught in the destruction…lol

Plus with how we can totally destroy buildings into rubble and debris, this is gonna stop the roof camping that we see now in BF3.


Thankyou for even just *starting *the thread Funbags.

The amount of content and changes from BF3 to BF4 is absurd and from all the things I know now, and from all the
live-streaming of the BF4 event—I *wanted *to make a thread but didn’t even know where to begin! Shit!

This game is a mountain in comparison the now moehill of BF3. I’m loving it. Here’s another dude who’s loving it:





BF4 needs Nameable Squads.


Battlefield 4 – Operation Metro and Caspian Border Most Likely to Be Remade in Second Assault DLC

Oh boy OP Metro again![/Sarcasm]


Tank Gameplay differences between BF4 and BF3…


I like the idea but…

YOLO squad
SWAG sqad
NoScope squad
Dick squad
Etc etc


I’m sitting here wondering what other sort of mindblowing (or near to being mindblowing) particle effects and entire round-lasting
effects we’ll see in the other maps we’ve not even been shown yet? I’m talking about the dust that starts to cover everything, gets pushed
around by foot soldiers, blown around by vehicles and explosions from when that tower comes crashing down in the demo that
we’ve all seen by now to this point.

***That ***sort of shit nerds me out. I like.