The official Bleach DS thread

Personally, I like playing with cards, but we don’t know what all of the cards do in the US yet.

It’s an unfair advantage to new players, but it opens up some interesting dynamics in the game and gives some characters the opportunity to makeup for some of their disadvantages.

Here’s a link to a card faq in progress (and to those that speak spanish, there’s a huge advantage as the spanish list is much closer to completion than the english link)

Some of the cards are stupid. No guard, woooo.

This game is a lot better than it should be. There’s actual strats!!! and characters play differently!!!

It plays a lot like Melty Blood, without strong->weak chains. Three normals, specials, combos are generally launcher->weak->middle->jump->weak->middle->strong or special. But there’s better combos. Whoo.

Who has this and is playing online? Post some friend codes. Mines:


I haven’t been online much. If someone from the US wants to play, send me a PM or IM me or sumpin.

I’m going crazy waiting for my copy!!!:looney:

You and me both. Damn NCSX.

damn i cant get the vid, but i think i’m gonna order a copy anyway. sounds too good.

Goddamn I need $…


Los Angeles, CA


Friend Code: 047309097513

Let’s play!

Added. I’ve already got Kamui, 22-21 suck it down, combojerk. Hitsugaya blowz.

why do people add -'s in their friend code
and why is logan’s friend code so small
and why is adam’s friend code so long.

this is all so cONFUSINGgg!!

I usually put hyphens (-) into my friendcode, because some people get mixed up entering the codes in. Sort of easier for some people to divide the 12 digit code into 3 blocks of 4 numbers. I don’t think it’s that confusing when you can’t enter hyphens into the code in the game.

Marn: 171863344785 is my friend code.


Are you able to play this on an American DS?

All I thought when I first heard of this game was Clorox

Yes LoneWarrior.

Anyone doing challenge mode?

Beautiful. Thanks Man.

Can someone post up more vids? I’m trying to see how this game is played :tup:

Ok I’m getting into the game now. Anyone use Yoruichi? She reminds me so much of Jam.

Here’s my ghetto Jam inspired combo. L M H are the attacks:

IAD (96), M, H, land, L, H, 9, L, M, H, 9, L, M, H -> 623H

50 damage off of an Instant Air Dash and very little meter use. It looks exactly like a Jam combo you’d see in GGXX :tup:

It does 99 damage in her crazy Yun mode. Is Yoruichi broken because she seems to have a lot more going for her than most characters. Her grab sets up everything!

Can someone please post something up how to start playing through Wifi. I got as far as the VS Wifi mode and from there I don’t know what to do.

I think my Code is: 39090689377

I don’t know why mine seems to be longer than others. I wanna start playing others!