The Official Bleach GC! Thread

I figured, since this game is going to be out relatively soon, and we do have a share of posts about this game everywhere(even some places where they shouldn’t becoughnarutothreadcough), let’s just keep everything here and we’ll update it accordingly. Anyway, here’s the character roster, found and confirmed by Snowman and Kyoujin:

Kurosaki Ichigo
Abarai Renji
Kuchiki Byakuya
Zaraki Kenpachi
Kuchiki Rukia
Ichimaru Gin
Tousen Kaname
Aizen Sousuke
Hinamori Momo
Hitsugaya Toushirou
Madarame Ikkaku
Ayasegawa Yumichika
Kyouraku Shunsui
Ukitake Jyuushiro
Yamamoto Genryuusai
Shiba Kaien
Urahara Kisuke
Shihouin Yoruichi
Soi Fong
Ishida Uryuu
Sado (Chad) Yasutora
Orihime Inoue
Kurotsuchi Mayuri
Komamura Sajin

More info as ish approaches. Get to posting!

This is a game for the GC?


The one’s for the PSP aren’t that bad, with a few tweaks they’d be perfectly viable for a tournament.

Anyways, links for info / pics?


Game looks to be made & developed by Sega, that or they have full publishing rights. Shikai & Bankais are in (not sure what they did with some of the characters, ala Kenpachi & Aizen).

Official website: for more pics. Too bad can’t get anyone to translate parts.

15 second commercial clips -

^ not sure if these still work ^

@ Kuro : Thanks for the props. We just want to make sure and confirm what info we find.

For Kenpachi, he’ll probably just remove the eyepatch or something and get an immense power boost. As for Aizen…they’ll wing it somehow. I just can’t wait to play around with Tensa Zangetsu.:clap:

So you guys don’t know how this plays then?


Pretty much Master C, since none of us have played a game like it we don’t know what to expect. From the commercials it looks alot of fun, but until I’m actually playing it I can’t say if it will be.

The only reason I’m giving this a go is because I’m a fan of bleach, if its not that good I won’t bother with sequels but if I enjoy it I’ll keep on playing it and hope for more releases.

Yet another reason I need a cube. KEN-CHAN FTW!

I dunno about you guys, but to me the game looks a bit too much like Budokai and the backgrounds are really stale…

Random bump for finding people who play Heat the Soul 2!:clap:

I didn’t know K’ was on the 96 roster. I didn’t think he came on til the 99 or 2K roster.

Yeah, he’s not. Don’t know the hell the hell I was thinking. Thanks for pointing that out though, it has been changed:tup: .

It’s finally out:wgrin: . As soon as I get mine(which will probably be Monday or Tuesday), I will start posting gameplay, strats, and other miscellaneous ish. :tup:

Awesome, let me know if the game is actually worth importing or not. It looked good, but I’m not about to waste 50 some odd bucks to get a game that I’m never going to play.

As much as I know it may pain some people…

…if you want to get some info about how this game plays, as well as some in-depth overview of its overall “style” go check out the forums dedicated to this game at GFaqs, especially by the poster “greasedlytning” or whatever his name is…

Chibi’s avatar == hot sex on an arrancar getting kicked in the face.

Uruu > The entire cast

greasedlytning’s opinions aren’t worth listening to. He posted about Naruto:GNT4 when he got it before most of the other people and in his ignorance(not malice or anythin) he neglected to answer questions fully and missed huge details like a big game speed increase, the cancels, effects of attacks that were changed and asked about but weren’t answered very well, etc.

Yes, leave it to me to answer any all questions about this game…when I get it.:wink:

EDIT - Gasaraki owns GNT4 hard, listen to him.

Infinite founded already:

And there’s talk about this “Yoruchi” character (sorry, haven’t got into Bleach yet) being broken:

Opinions/Comments from the SRK Bleach GC heads here?

I’ll be ordering mine as soon as I get the scratch to do so:tup: