"The Official" Brawl Codes Thread


the brawl thread in the fighting game forum already has a pretty substantial list of friend codes: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=151326

Probably better off just posting in there since there’s already a ton of people listed.

EDIT: also added all the west coast people to my friends list

Monte | 3093-6744-7814 | Santa Cruz, CA


HSOJ || 2621-2311-3450 || Northwest Indiana (Midwest)


Canada - Calgary, Alberta


I’m not very good though.


oj4|| 2750 0811 5036|| va beach, virginia

i only play causally tho.


kemp || 3823-8175-8772 || Austin, TX


Biggz - 2921 8761 6024 - Miami, FL


GG Axis, this time there was barely any lag this time. so much better then last time lol.


I feel like im still getting a fair amount of lag but youre not joking its 1 MILLION BILLION times Better than last time!
Ill try moving my wii into the room closer to my router in a few min to see if that helps!
Thanks for the Games!

Edit: Its actually looking like its getting better as we play more matches


bchan-0430 7964 1987 Baltimore md who’s on tonight im trying to play


G$$$–3609 0732 5091-- LA/OC


I need to play you again Yonex204, that first session was a little unsatisfying. As you may have noticed, my execution sucked.
Great games to Axis last night. I had a better connection with you than local friends here. Wierd. So much fun though!


Im thinking we need to open up a ventrillo server for brawl so we can talk and trade friend codes and shit online with voice chat to see if people are on, i think that would be kind of badass!


sup yall looking for some crazy matches on brawl!!!
joey ||2320-5792-7908|| Los angeles, ca


Duc || 4339-2188-0316 || Santa Ana, CA

please PM me if you’re going to add me


Anyone in europe up for a scrap or two? I’m pretty good.


Okay, I added the people on the non-costal regions and those from TX to my list.


lol good games, Shin. and i defintly look forward to playing you again.


ShinBlanka=SHINB : 3952-6678-3776 =ATL, Ga.


Smash Code: 5370-0126-7595

WC player, let me know if you added me.
nickname: Jess


LionR || 0044-2472-3418 || Ohio