"The Official" Brawl Codes Thread


FoX || 3050-7243-4268 || Phoenix, AZ


Gadra || 1032-0918-9130 || Virginia Beach, VA


Btw, you guys will have more success if you go to the new Brawl forums.


and get into the irc channel on EFNET channel #srkbrawl


Link n Pit 4 know add me peeps 3222-5228-1084


B00 | 1547-4869-5583 | San Antonio, TX

Prepping for evo, looking for good matches.


1+1=0 | 4596 9164 3590 | Chicago, IL


gl0ry | 3222-5334-7299 | Upstate, New York




A couple of notes:

  1. I added you HuStLeMaN17, let’s take it back to Southcenter!
  2. I tried about 8 times to join you last night Axis, it just timed out every time.
  3. That’s a Wii system code noober, not a Brawl friend code.


Westminster, California


Hey sup Shin I’ll add you in ASAP peace.


hey guys i just added you all to my buddy list i hope you do that same

ice spider:: 3780-8678-6406:: brooklyn NY


OSNAP ll 3308-4219-8668 ll richmond,va


ight so far i added…
shinb,biggz,cali p, boo, code blue , glory,d hokage, gritz, shin who, ohsnap, and ice spider so yall add me so we can do da dam thang already


oh nickname is AnGrY


our brawl code - Nick - 4511-0257-4374 - Philadelphia PA 3 of us


I’m not sure if people noticed, but the colored ball in the upper right corner of a person’s profile gives the quality of connection you last had with them. So if you’re used to any kind of precision in your gameplay, anything below yellow will screw you over big time. I’ve had moves not come out, come out more than once, come out about half a second after input and even moves not have hit detection (no, they weren’t spot-dodged) because of orange or red connections.
Sadly, due to an always red connection and your random disconnects, I’ve deleted you Yonex204. You have a sweet Zero Suit Samus though.


Well, if you feel that way. do what you please. good games though. I didn’t feel too much lag tbh, and my random disconnect cause my brother was configuring something on my router when were playing -_-;;

anyway, thanks for letting me know. i need as much space i can get off that friendcodes 64 limit.


here’s mine
Nickname is BONES


Name: LU
Brawl Code: 0044-2610-3006
Location: Florida

Willing to play anyone except cali players. west coast lag!