"The Official" Brawl Codes Thread


quan 3136-6301-2834 Seattle, WA


Santa Rosa, CA


hey guys, brawl has its own forum now and here’s the link to the friends code thread in the brawl boards: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=151625
you’re better off posting in there. :tup:


opps i havent gone online yet and i taught the game uses the system code.


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Friend Code: 1676-3438-5226

I’ll be online all night tonight.


Akuma ||3909-7150-5291. || NYC


I agree in a way to make it not look like i’m “co-signing” this post.

If you post a Brawl code in here, make sure it gets reflected in the Brawl code thread in the Brawl forum. Brawl Brawl Brawl. See where I’m going with this? :rofl:


You’re still showing up as unregistered mastermind. Since you’re local for me, it should make for some good matches.
BTW, I’m the tournament organizer from Southcenter from the MvC2 days.


jon. 4253 3209 6674 milwaukee wi


Victorville, CA

needs friends


SCUBA || 4167-4152-5448 || Miami, FL


Kevin || 1118 0016 7025 || Orange County, CA

if you added me, lemme know so i can do the same


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Cincinnati OH


Lubbock, Texas
4468 0676 8488

Looking for competitive players… Everyone online is terrible =(.


Chase || 1762 - 2337 - 2356 || Whittier, CA


Ondrej, right? Yeah, I remember you. :tup:

Anyway, I haven’t gone online in forever. It’s been hard for me to find some time to play some matches. Once I can sit and start adding more peeps, I’ll find you and we’ll get some games in.



2DMAX ll 5455-9070-4330 ll Lost Angels, CAL. who adds who? am I suppose to go to the 1st page & input all people from there to my FC list or?:woot:


I added you.