"The Official" Brawl Codes Thread


HAZE|| 0903-2192-4078|| San Jose, CA


Columbia, SC

I don’t get in till around 6:00. I’m a little rusty but up for some games. My Wii hasn’t been powered up since Feb. 17. PM Me if you send a challenge




Fresh l l 2793 4374 4428 l l Silver Spring, Maryland



I haven’t played ssbb in a LONG time, and never been online. My ps3 is sick so until it gets fixed, I’ll be playing ssbb.
My brother and I want to both play online at the same time and we need to play with friends to do that… but we have no wii friends.:sad:

PLEASE add me. We’re BORED! I got over 150 custom boards and alot of time to kill. Just let me know if you added me so I can add whoever…

EDIT: Oh, and I live in Hyattsville, Maryland.


Uhh… IDK what my name is||4296-2652-4754||East coast, all ya need to know :wink:
I’m trying to balance playing brawl and SSFIV.


This thread looks like its pretty much dead however, because its here, if anybody wants to play my FC for Brawl is 3308-4239-9675
Killeen, TX