The Official Call Of Duty Thread: CoD WW2 BETA coming Soon


Figured it was time to start a new thread rather than reviving the old one. In the latest Campaign vid AW teased MP at the end.

“Analysis Of Teaser” before MILLIONS of youtubers do it:

It looks cool but I need to see more.


Activate Kruger.


Advanced Warfare Collector’s Editions officially announced, Atlas Limited Edition, Digital Pro Edition, & Atlas Pro Edition announced

The bonus map in a remake of Pipeline from CoD4.


Oh man I missed Pipeline, that map is so troll for Spetsnaz with all the nades :lol:

But then again they have that warehouse kind of place where you could snip from the top floor and put claymores (which were ass in COD4) near the ladders.


Halo jumping? Will not buy.


If COD removes its multiplayer “leveling up” system, I might actually be interested. It’s super lame that you have to unlock weapons and upgrades.


They did it differently in Ghosts. You could just save coins and buy whatever you want ahead of time. Coins were easy to get. The problem is that you had to play Ghosts to experience the system change. Excited to try out AW in 6 years after the price comes down to $30


lol it does seem like they’ve now exhausted all their own ideas and now copying other games.
If it still plays like CoD, fast paced and easy kills people will still eat it up.


It begins again…let’s hope this turns out better than Ghosts…Still play BO2 still. Now is my most played behind MW2. I mean After reading the comments (I don’t know why I do this) what DO people want out of their CoD game? shit like TTK is too fast? really? stuff like exo suit will ruin MP? how so? once again way too early to guess.

Can’t spell Analyze without ANAL


Tbh if you showed me two alternate timelines for how COD played out, with one of them being our current timeline, and the other was where they stopped making COD after MW2 and just did texture enhancements, free DLC guns, and map packs for the next 10 years, I would pick the other one.

Basically my issue is that the first two MW games were the pinnacle. Everything else is just trying to get out of the shadow. The one that got the closest was BO2. Every time I play a COD something in my mind just nags at me with “Not as good as it used to be”

Exo suit will not be able to stack up to jump kits from Titanfall either. I know you cant double jump with it or whatever but you can see they’re trying to nab some of that “Super mobility twitch shooter” goodness.


To be honest there weren’t many ways a game like COD could have gone, things they could have added that they haven’t done that wouldn’t ruin the theme or feel.

They stick to their guns, people complain and talk about the games not changing, they switch it up a bit and people say they’re copying and are unoriginal.

Guess COD can never win the people’s hearts despite selling like crack cocaine in an urban slum.

I see things similar to things in other games, but those systems and moves have been used in multiple other shooters before and will more than likely feel different in COD.


The MP snippet looked cool. I’ll be checking out the reveal. It can’t be as bland as Ghosts that’s for certain.


Let brake it down why jumping high in a game like cod is bad or a game with jet packs. Vertical gameplay. Everyone imagines omg if only we could gave building to building warfare or if i could get on top of x building. Once maps go vertical shit hits the fan. You picture vertical gameplay to happen like it does in the movies or in sp games. Fact is people play like pussy ass bitches. People know that being higher up gives you te advantage and you can just sit in a corner and kill people trying to get at you. Tell me a game where vertical gameplay was fantastic. Halo reach and halo 4 introduced vertical gameplay and all maps that were very vertical were such a pain in the ass to play and the devs always spawn one team at the top and one at the bottom. The team at the bottom has a huge disadvantage. Bf4 has that map with the skyscraper… Why even with 64 players… Why how does that shit help the flow of the map other than every other retarded sniper wants to go up there and out of 64 players there are what 60 12 year old snipers that wana be in faze?

With high jumping they will have to introduce vertical gameplay and that shit will be obnoxious. From the fact that you have to move up to gain map control and the fact that the radar is a clusterfuck. Nothing good comes from dumb situations like that. One guy pops out to shoot down and you to shoot up its always awkward to shoot like that why focus the gameplay around something so bad.


It sounds like you dont know how to handle a combat environment that is higher than ground level. Just because you’re bad at it doesnt mean it’s bad for everybody. In a setting where everybody can reach the same altitude with ease, it’s a a fair thing. Shit like Titanfall it’s alright if you get to the top of a building because everybody can get up there with double jumping/wallclinging/wallrunning. Combine that with movement speed and the fact that you can be invisible while doing it all, height advantage is only something that works against enemy titans. The problem lies with execution of the concept, not the actual concept. Height advantage is bullshit with things like Highrise in MW2, where it’s a massive pain in the ass to get on top of that one building, and it is a singular path up there with virtually no cover, so once an enemy reaches it you probably never will.

The only time I could ever think of a significant advantageous map in accordance to height was the Mansion remake in Gears 3. You had to leapfrog the shit out of cover in order to make it forward without getting downed, but it was somewhat evened out by the fact that the top spawn team had no power weapons, while the bottom guys got two snipers, grenades, and an explosive near the middle.

Also Reach and 4 initroduced vertical gameplay? Fucking please. I remember playing maps more height reliant in UT2K4.


when games are vertical like that it stalls gameplay 90% of the time. Being able to become invisible is a terrible mechanic to “counter” that titanfall was only half okay since the verticality on most the maps didnt impact the game at all btw the verticality didnt really hurt the titans. There was one map on titanfall where the verticality completely halted the game and it was that shanty town map with the little river in the middle that map was awful. Halo reach had a couple maps that were built around the jet pack so it wasnt useless. Thing is that map turned out awful because the jet pack was a pos regardless. Halo four did the same on a slightly smaller scale. Cod has usually never done vertical game play. Bf does it fairly often. But not where its just a spire ppl are playing in. A good example of a map that had verticality i can recall off the top of my head was construct in halo3. Play against a good team and good fucking luck getting to the top of the map the match would be decided for the most part in the initial conflict after that the team that took control of the top for the most part won easily unless they fucked up bad. Yea ppl love having to hide because you cant fight back with someone shooting you from above.


I still play blops2 actively almost every night on 360 add me if ur down. I play mainly tdm unless i have 3-4+ ppl in party to play obj since everyone plays obj games like tdm i cant carry dom alone. Tdm i have no issue carrying and getting 30+ kills.

Gt: i hollowblade i


This guy is overthinking a mechanic based on a glimpse of it. It looks like it simply is a boost of speed or a super jump.


I’m a little interested in this. I just hope all the bullets know they need to end lives instead of hurting feelings. I play BO2 a lot, but I hate that aspect of the game.


Let’s hope they can recapture the mw2 magic. No more terrible maps with a million flank routes and random nooks were the gameplay devolves to just running around.


The game needs to go back to its routes not be TitanFall 1.5. Solid gunplay and places with chokepoints, camping spots and the ability to run around. This whole anti camper thing is one of the most retarded things COD has tried to do and it has only hurt the games. Go back to basics and take out a bunch of the unnecessary OP shit. There is a reason I would still play COD4 if I still had a 360.