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ok ill go


its been a long time wheres all the homies! dennis or john post back :smokin:


was anyone thinking about going to NCR this year?..


whats ncr


sup dawg


nice avatar


umm… Nor-Cal Regionals… am i right? haha its friday/sat. peace-in


whats up? does anyone in fresno still go to nickel?



broken sticks=tooooo goooood


im the best


wow, look at this


haha i like how jeff has a random post right before getbuzzin’s


bump on the old tread o_0


still the best


Is Cynistar Kevin?



i miss that guy


sup cvs2 heads my friend bhushan is down to play 357kyo for money if hes down.

Maybe they can play at the upcoming fairfield tourny after the one this sunday. accept?

3of5 for $100 how bout it?


sorry bro this is a long time dead tread try here for your fresno hard core gamers We Major" The Offical Fresno Thread


mm that link dont work imo lol im sure u will find us lol


and to this day denny boy has gotten away with robbing the local scene and hasn’t been seen since. legend has it he’s flippin burgers somewhere in seattle with a new haircut.