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Marvel Masterworks Resource Page - This is a great site with information primarily geared towards the prestige Masterworks line but also covers DC Archives and all other forms of collected editions.

Masterworks Messageboard - The forums to the previous website, great for marvel/dc/other discussions as well as personal binding projects

Tales of Wonder - One of the two internet discount bookstores I use to buy my books from. Great customer service. New books generally at least 30% off cover. Free shipping if you spend a certain amount (I think it’s $100). Preview of trades coming out next wednesday each Friday.

In Stock Trades - The other internet discount bookstore and my primary shopping place. Good customer service, great packaging, they only list on their website what they actually have in stock so there is never any confusion. Books at least 35% off cover and free shipping over a certain amount. I’ve been ordering from these guys for years and have never been disappointed.

The TPBList - very useful website with a wealth of resources on collected editions since the inception of the graphic novel. I particularly like how they are organized within runs of characters, so say if you are interest in Spider-Man trades you can see how All spider-man comics were collected (or not) starting with Amazing Fantasy #15.

Latest Marvel monthly solicitations - August 2009

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Sano - any idea why Wolverine vol. 3 is marked with the Marvel Knights imprint? Were the comics? Or do you think they decided to retcon these issues out of canon? It seems weird…has the native popped up anywhere else? Did the story ever finish? The last issue kinda left things hanging. Also Sabretooth was one bastard in this series…how can he be with the x-men after

return of the native


killing wolverine’s unborn kid and possibly the native as well??


It’s weird. I think the Native story ran with the Marvel Knights Logo. It is still the same number Wolverine series that is going on today.

Maybe it’s like Marvel Knights Spider-Man that started that way and turned into Sensational Spider-Man, but the part of Spider-Man during Marvel Knights, Millar’s book is canon, big thing being that’s where Scorpion became Venom which is still being used. Or like how Marvel Knights 4 later lost the Marvel Knights part and just became 4. Seems like MK falls into “It’s canon if we feel like making it canon and we will take away the MK logo when we want it to be canon” or something along those lines.

But the Native and everything done by Rucka is not referenced ever again. But that is really common in Wolverine’s comic, people not referencing other people’s runs. So it’s kind of hard to say. Wolverine Origins references lots of old stuff, but it has to because it’s called Origins and how can they not lol!

They did at the very least mention the Native’s story in one of the Marvel Universe comics in Sabretooth’s bio, and it was the very last thing they said about him since he was a bit inactive after that story, so it is prolly canon. Unless Marvel drops a new book that omits this info.

As far as it contradicting anything, at that point in time Sabretooth was supposed to have adamantium in his skeleton, so a certain thing Wolverine did to him in that story should of been impossible. But for some unkown reason Sabretooth doesn’t have adamantium right now anyway, we have no idea how he lost it a second time. So everything works out okay I guess as long as Sabretooth looses the adamantium prior to that story… I suppose… hmm, there’s a way for me to get a No-Prize in here somewhere… :rofl:

Sabretooth as an X-Men is complicated. He’s with the X-Men because the X-Mansion is where the government wants to keep all the less than 200 Mutants for their protection, they are an endangered species who Mutant haters want to kill off to end Mutants once and for all. I think Toad is still there for the same reason. No new Mutants are being born either. They have Sabretooth with the X-Men because they are keeping him in check with nano technology in his blood.

Wolverine’s not happy about it and is against Sabretooth being there. He’s currently trying to murder him in his book haw haw!


Yeah, Native is still part of Sabretooth’s Marvel bio, which is word for word the same thing in the Marvel Universe comic, so it’s still canon. Native’s mentioned all the way at the bottom.

Heh, Native has a bio too. Hooray for 616!


Is 300 good? I’m thinking about copping it.


2 More days till my USM Clone Saga trade comes out! Between this, the Secret Six trade, Nightwing, JLA, Runaways, AND the end of Planet Hulk my wallet is gonna get raped.


I’m thinking about picking up some Deadpool TPBs… is there anything you guys can recommend?


there are only 2 deadpool tpb’s from his regular series: one that collected the first five issues and the other that collects a wolverine crossover including deadpool #67-70. Both are OOP. beyond that it is just cable & deadpool

Finished the “N-Zone” arc of Ultimate FF. Thought it started out slow but ended up being very good. The humor is off sometimes, usually with Reed and Sue. I find it funny that 20 issues in and they still dont have the “4”'s on their uniforms


Hell yeah.

The HC isnt that nice IMO though. It’s smaller then the regular issues, wich doesnt work well with the comic. Separate issues will murder your wallet at the moment though.


6 issues of Dini’s run on Detective comics are coming out on TPB tomorrow. Anybody read these? I’ve read like 1 or 2 of them and I’m kinda interested in picking it up.


I ordered it. Nice run IMO. All single issue stories, great art. Too bad it’s not a HC


His stories are freaking great. Dini really brought ‘Detective’ back into Detective Comics with great mysteries for Batman to solve. Paul Dini owns on every level.


Just got done reading Daredevil TPB vol 5. Can’t wait to buy the next couple TPB’s, The stuff is like crack!


I need to get all the Countdown to Infinite Crisis TPBs.

but I don’t know which ones are out there…all I have is The OMAC Project.


…at the top of my head, all that I remember is…

-Rann-Thanagar War(I think that’s how it’s spelled, don’t know cause I didn’t read it lol.
-OMAC Project-My personal favorite.
-Villians United
-Days of Vengance

There are also some arcs I read that come from the main books, but I don’t know if they officially count as Countdown to IC. Superman:Sacrifice, the second part of the Red Hood arc in Batman, and I think there was a Teen Titans/Outsiders trade(The Death and Return of Donna Troy IIRC).

I’ll look around later and see if I can find a full listing(if someone doesn’t beat me to it).

EDIT: JLA: Crisis of Consicence also.



yeah, all the leadup to Infinite Crisis was laid out before the first arc of Titans (The event that started it was the death of Donna Troy in Graduation Day), then Countdown to Infinite Crisis (Where Max Lord and Ted Kord square off), then OMAC Project (Countdown is actually collected in the OMAC Trade), followed by R-T War, VU, DoV, and CoC.

thanks for the heads up.

I really only want VU, and DoV.

I also need GLC: Recharge.


So I just finished the Clone Saga trade(awesome read), and I just have one question…

USM Clone Saga stuff


…does this mean Jessica will be gay? LOL.

9 Issues plus the Bendis/Bagley Spotlight for $30. Worth the price IMO.


Picked up Batman: Detective upon your suggestions. Nice. I really didn’t like the Dr. Phosphorous issue (I know Dini didn’t write that one), it just seemed so bad compared to the other ones.


I buy Floppies, because I like reading 'em as they come out.

besides, some stories aren’t ever collected in Trades.

but there are a few Trades I need to pick up (Mostly the Countdown to Infinite Crisis stuff)


birthday is coming up…I asked for FF omnibus vol. 1, kamandi archives vol. 1, and robocop hardcover (avatar). The rest of my buying is on hold right now until I get job stuff worked out.