The Official College Basketball 2009-2010 Thread: Last stop for white athletes

I know the season is officially under way. No more preseason BS. It’s game time.

I just watched Tenn. beat up on Kansas the other day. That was legit. That was AFTER all of their infractions.

Also my Cal State Fullerton titans rule the Southern California basketball scene. We run this shit. Beat Long Beach. Beat UCLA. USC is too scared to schedule us for fear of Bob Burton and his (he used to wear it) sweater vest.


I’ve been watching some Duke games recently and they have an unusual amount of white people on the team.

Texas Fight bitches.

Kinda sad Kansas lost the other day. I was hoping TX and Kansas would be undefeated when they played eachother. Oh well, I’ll settle for being #1 for a while.

I live near GA Tech and our team upsetted Duke this past Saturday.

Reviving thread just to say:

LOL Syracuse.

What happened? Did they lose to George Town today?

Yep. 91 - 84. And that’s in regulation.


Zone defense all the time = death. They deserve that.

UW and Cal going down to the wire!


This makes up for that stinker the Zags displayed.