The Official Convention Thread


Oh hey I’m in Ono’s picture! Second row of people close to the middle, yellow beige shirt!



Last day!

All up in the Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. JRPG panel! PROJECT X ZONE 2 YOS!

They picked a random row in the room to win a FREE Project x Zone 2 folder sleeve. Aisle one, row 10. THAT’S WHERE I WAS SITTING! My entire row got the sleeve! EVEN BAMCO COULD FEEL MY CAPCOM FANBOYISM KI/CHI/AURA/CHAKRA WHATEVER AND HOOKED ME UP WORD!

Onto the NEW TRAILER exclusive for NYCC! It was mostly rearranged footage but it focused solely on the JRPG characters in the game! Hmmm I’m not sure Phoenix Wright and Maya qualify as JRPG characters but whatever the crowd went nuts when they saw them HELL YEAH!

They spoke about the three new characters they announced earlier. Estelle from the Tales series, Ryo from Shenmue AND INGRID FROM STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 MAX word! Like five of us cheered for Ingrid but whatever! MY HOMEGIRL WAS ON THE BIG SCREEN! SUCK IT JOE FROM STREET FIGHTER 1! Lol!

We were also the first to see the entire anime intro! It’s a much longer than the anime intros of Project x Zone 1 and even Namco x Capcom’s intro. People cheered when they say Dante! Ryu! Strider! No cheers for Ingrid D’OH! That’s why most of you bastards in the crowd didn’t get a FREE folder! STOP HATING! Oh yeah people cheered for Sega, Bamco and Nintendo characters but who cares really? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly I got Ono to sign my copy of Super Street Fighter IV and I got a picture of us doing a Hadouken together! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! “No, I spoke to your doctor and he said you still have a few more years.” - Frank Miller. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it for my con coverage! Had a blast. Pictures coming soon!



Here’s my pictures from New York Comic Con!


I attended the Liberty City Anime Festival a few weeks back in New York City!

Really small and since it’s only the second year and the first time in the city, a lot of it was pretty disorganized and issues arose. None of the panels really interested me so I didn’t attend any of them.

They did have some gaming and Street Fighter V was on sight, but there were only 5 screens to the entire gaming room and SFV only had one screen. Didn’t really bother playing since there was a huge crowd.

The dealer room was pretty lackluster, no real deals on anything. They invited local vendors who will never cut you a break on anything because they can’t afford to. Surprised Kinokuniya didn’t show up because they always offer deals and are only a few blocks away. A lot of people went there anyway to buy stuff, cheaper than it was selling at the con lol!

On the plus side they did show anime fairly non stop so that’s what I did all three days. Every now and then they would give something I’ve seen before so it was fun to experience things with a crowd. They did turn me on to a few shows I wasn’t watching before like Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto, Food Wars and Assassination Classroom which I really liked so I’m going to start watching them on Crunchyroll and what not. In one hour they fit the first 3 episodes of an anime by skipping the opening and ending credits a few times.

Best part was we were watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable. We saw the first two episodes and someone suggested we skip ahead to the Italian restaurant episode. I did see that episode before (I mean come on, Capcom made 3 JJBA video games after all so of course I’m going to keep up. HAVE WE MET?) but it was hysterical experiencing it with people who have never seen it before! That’s a really funny ep!

If you get a ticket right now for next year it’s only 25 bucks. Then they will put ticket sales on hiatus until November where it will go up to 40. I already paid the 25 so I’m going next year. It will be at a bigger venue. Hopefully they will have better panels, more screens for video games and everything else but I’m fine watching anime all day only for 25 and getting exposed to shows I wouldn’t normally watch.

I didn’t take any pictures of cosplayers really. There were a few good ones here and there, but since I spent most of my time in the anime room I didn’t see too many. My friend did think it was a funny idea to take my picture with Saitama AKA One Punch Man and kinda forced me to pose with him. So there ya go ha ha!

Difficult to get tickets to NYCC this year but I managed somehow. As usually I’ll blog away while at the con!


Same drill as every year. My usual NYCC coverage. Here’s what went down Thursday, October 6th. Aaaaaaand HERE WE GO!


Much like last year, to get to the panels on the stage you had to sign up for it really in the morning to get in. Last year they gave you colored wrist bands, this year you just had to tap your badge. The con started at 10:00 but they tapped our badges at 9:00 AM since we were there super early! Plenty of time to head to another building, the Hammerstein ballroom the Ash vs Evil Dead panel at 11:00!

We got a FREE Ash vs Evil Dead Chainsaw foam finger word! The entire cast was present including Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless AKA Xena, Ted Raimi AKA Joxer and Lee Majors AKA The Six Million Dollar Man and Fall Guy!

Bruce let us know that if you wanted to watch Ash vs Evil Dead FOR FREE all you have to do is download the Starz app on your smart phone and get a FREE trial. YOU GOOOOOOOOD! And yeah Bruce said do whatever you have to do to support the show since they have not been approved for a third season yet. What the hell Starz? GET ON THAT!

First time seeing Ted Raimi. He’s really funny! He did an amazing Lee Majors impersonation. His impersonation was of Lee Majors constantly praising Ted Raimi ha ha! Then Lee Majors did a spot on Ted Raimi imitation ROFL!

Someone asked for Lucy Lawless to do the Xena chant, you know “Eh-ye-ye-ye-ye,” and she did! The panel host joked that the person asking for her to do the chant would go tell his friends later that he made Lucy Lawless squeal LOL!

Then we got to see the second episode of season 2’s Ash vs Evil Dead before anyone else! Bruce promised we would see something that has never been done in the history of TV and he was right! PS don’t eat anything while you are watching the episode if you have a weak stomach oooh… x_X In other words IT WAS AWESOME! :slight_smile:

Back to the Javitz Center in time for the Crunchyroll panel. The Funimation panel was right before so we just missed it. If you’re not aware, Funimation and Crunchyroll are working together now and not really competing to acquire anime shows. Crunchyroll is moving to have all subbed content and Funimation is moving to have all dubbed content, even simulcasted dubs AKA simul-dubs. Personally I have nothing against dubs but I’m a subtitle guy so rollin’ with Crunchyroll yup yup!

So before the panel I joked that since Funi and CR are BFFs, and their panels are back to back in the same room that the Funi guy would just take off his shirt and put on a CR shirt for the CR panel. And when we went in THE FUNI GUY I SEE AT THE CON EVERY YEAR WAS WEARING A CRUNCHYROLL SHIRT! Called it LMAO!

Seems like Crunchyroll hired him away from Funi. Is he the Funi plant? Whatevs. It’s all good!

They had a preview footage reel of a lot of the anime they carry like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Berserk and PHOENIX WRIGHT! Hooray, my first Capcom related thing for the convention! MY CONVENTION HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!

They showed off a lot of anime that was premiering this season but did not show the Capcom related one Monster Hunter Stories even though the first episode already came out man what the… AWWWWWW HELL NAWWWWWW! Ha ha I think it was a late acquire since it was originally supposed to be a Funi exclusive. I mean they literally announced the were getting it days before the anime aired. Okay Crunchyroll I forgive you. #YesPeopleCareAboutMeForgivingAnybody :stuck_out_tongue:

We did get to see an extended trailer of the anime Drifters from the same people behind the Hellsing Ultimate OVA and it looks EXACTLY like the Hellsing Ultimate OVA! How dey dood it? Lol the first episode airs today on Crunchyroll so if you have premium go check it out. After you watch the Phoenix Wright anime and the first episode of Monster Hunter Stories, obviously! ~_^

At Crunchyroll’s booth since I’m a premium account holder the gave me a FREE oversized Berserk tote bag! Here’s what you need to know about Berserk. The Capcom video game Dragon’s Dogma was skins for Berserk characters Guts and Griffith and you can also get their weapons. Yup this is all you need to know about Berserk. Heh heh! Seriously though, I’ve always been a big fan of the Berserk anime and manga so it was cool getting a free bag!

Capcom’s booth was way too crowded by the time I got there but they did have a Resident Evil 7 demo available for play and all of the Street Fighter V Halloween costumes and Halloween stage! That’s a double dose of Halloween from my favorite video game company! I wish they did have some panels this year to attend but it does free my time up to check out other stuff. So it’s all good. There’s soooo much stuff to do this year to do it’s freaking crazy!

Also saw some Tekken 7 gameplay. Gouki AKA Akuma was in THE HIZOOOOUSE! You know I finally feel like buying another Tekken game. I have no idea why though. ^_^;

Lastly, we got to see the Batman '66 animated movie with Adam West in the audience! MAH CHILDHOOD YOS! The movie was HILARIOUS! If you loved the old TV show you’ll love this!

At the end of the panel they teased that they are making a sequel! It will feature a character that had never been featured in the Batman TV show. Two Face. And guess who’s voicing Two Face? William Shatner! OH SNAP! NOICE!

That about wraps up my Day 1 coverage. Day 2 coming soon!



Started off today at Madison Square Garden for the Resident Evil / Underworld movie panel! They are not clearing the room and it’s the second panel. Have to sit through a Doctor Who panel first. I’ve seen it a few times but not a Doctor Who guy really. Not Capcom related enough for me of course. :smile:

They don’t let you bring in food inside MSG so while we where waiting to get inside someone got us all boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts, FOR FREE! Breakfast on MSG WORD!

Saw Dan Slott, the writer of The Amazing Spider-Man comic going to the Doctor Who panel! I guess he’s a Whovian. Now if only he was a Spider-Man Married To A You Know Whovian…

The Doctor Who panel was really a BBC America panel. We saw the first one hour episode of a new series, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Elijah Wood from Lord of The Rings is in it. It was weird, made no freaking sense and I have no idea what that was about. In other words I liked it! Like Twin Peaks but with comedy and mystery. Most of the cast showed up except for Elijah Wood. Pretty cool!

Next we saw a trailer for a Doctor Who spin off called Class. Doctor Who cameos in the first episode. Most of the cast was present, but not the Doctor.

Someone asked the cast of Class which Pokemon are in Coal Hill, the school where the show takes place. They were all able to answer! Lots of Pidgeys and Charmanders. EVERYONE IS PLAYING POKEMON GO I SWEAR!

After a Doctor Who trailer for 2017’s new season, Doctor Who’s actor came out along with his new Companion! No real idea who these people are but I guess I better learn before they show up in a Marvel movie or TV show…

They showed a bit of the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special. The actor who plays Jimmy on Shameless is in it as a Super-Hero of sorts. Full costume and everything. Comedian Matt Lucas who is also at the panel is in it too.

Screen Gems panel! The next Underworld movie and the next Resident Evil movie! CAPCOM RELATED! WINNING!

First up was we got to see the new Underworld movie trailer before anyone else! Kate has some super speed Viewtiful Joe fast forward powers now, moves so fast you can’t even see her. Oh and Kate Beckinsale was in the hizouse! BOING! Kate said her favorite moment in the Underworld franchise was in the first movie when shot that hole around her feet and fell through the floor. Very Devil May Cry-ish. Hey it’s me, so you’re gonna get Capcom references for everything. That’s how I do!

Next up was the next Resident Evil Movie! Mila Jovovich! Ali Larter! BOING OING OING OING OING! <3

Funny anecdote about the Resident Evil panel. There’s a Latino actor who is new to the franchise ----welcome to TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM CAPCOM BTW from me the number one annoying Latino Capcom fanboy, if I slept more than 25 minutes in the last two days I would remember his name sorry… ---- and there’s a part where he is on the roof and he has to say to Mila / Alice and Ali Claire Redfield to “Blow me!” Since English is not his first language he did not understand what that meant. So they explained it to him and he really didn’t get it so he didn’t say the line while filming. So when he missed the line the director Paul Anderson yelled “Cut!” Then he yelled at the actor “BLOW ME!” ROFL!

From the Screen Gems panel I got FREE posters for the new Underworld movie and the new Resident Evil movie once I left Madison Square Garden. Then I got some FREE candy from someone outside. PS I like FREE STUFF!

I saw Jessica Nigri on the show floor at Javitz! She’s a cosplayer of Super Sonico (featured in the fighting game Nitroplus Blasterz) that got hired to dub her in the anime! She’s also the voice of Cinder Fall in RWBY. When I saw her she was surrounded by guys, so at best all I could do was yell “Jessica you’re awesome!” She smiled and waved back at me Queen Elizabeth style. Whelp since I’m not paying $$$$ for a picture or a photo WE GOOOOOD!

At the Infinity Gauntlet panel with Jim Starlin! OH SNAP! Finally some news about TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM MARVEL! CM Punk moderated WORD!

Starlin spoke about creating Thanos, as someone who represented the darkness in mankind. People always accuse him of ripping off Darkseid, but he says Thanos is more of a rip off of Metron actually. When Thanos first appeared in Iron Man’s comic, his frame was much smaller. Roy Thomas, the editor at the time kept telling him to bulk him up. Darkseid’s frame was a lot smaller too, but whoever on DC’s side wound up bulking him up over time. It was just one of those things.

Another fun tidbit with Starlin, at Marvel he became the death guy since he killed lots of characters. It got to a point where they would come to him and offer Starlin characters to bump off! He was asked if that’s how he got involved with Jason Todd Robin’s death in Batman Death in the Family and Starlin told that story.

Starlin hated Robin, he felt Batman using a kid to wage his war on crime was basically child abuse. So he used Robin as little as possible, only when editorial forced him to.

At one point, DC wanted to give a character AIDS and kill them off so they had an in house poll to decide who should get AIDS. Starlin kept putting Robin’s name in the ballot box several times, but they could tell it was his handwriting so that didn’t work. So Jimmy Olsen wound up winning the poll and he was about to catch AIDS and die!

Then the actor who played Jimmy Olsen in the Superman movies revealed he was gay! So they never gave Jimmy Olsen the disease ROFL! This whole thing wound up evolving into the fan poll that killed Jason Todd and the rest is history.

The other funny story he had was that he wrote a story where Nick Fury was secretly embezzling SHIELD money to fund another Super Soldier Formula! Stan Lee stepped in and told him to drop it and Marvel will never reference or mention that story ever again HA HA HA!

On recent stuff, Starlin said he enjoyed Thanos Rising, the retelling of Thanos’ Origin. With regards to his newer Thanos stuff contradicting stuff in other comics, he says his recent stuff is mostly outside of 616. Marvel is not so strict with contrinuity these days.

Finally, we saw the Gundam Thunderbolt movie, in English for the first time ever! Great dub. Johnny Yung Bosch voiced Darrell. Most people know him as Ichigo in Bleach but he also played Nero in Devil May Cry 4, Zero in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Yukimura Sanada in Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes for Capcom! Yes, had to mention Capcom one more time to close out day 2!



Got to play some Street Fighter V today and selected the Halloween stage WORD! Chun-Li’s my main but later for the Halloween stuff. I haven’t gotten her swimsuit outfit yet so today was my chance! <3 Perverted-ness > Halloween. AND YOU KNOW THIS MAAAAAANG! My opponent picked Ryu, my secondary main and I got to see his Halloween outfit! He looks like… um, ugh, errrr… some kind of undertaker? Man I love SF but they have some weirdo outfits sometimes. Give Ryu a Demitri outfit Capcom IT AIN’T HORD!

All up in the Gotham panel! The moderator said that this Gotham panel was special because it was taking place in New York, which is Gotham! Okay the moderator is crazy. This is Metro City. You know, where Final Fight takes place. PLAY A CAPCOM GAME GAAAAAAWD! :stuck_out_tongue:

David Mazouz AKA Bruce Wayne, Robin Lord Taylor AKA Penguin and Erin Richards AKA Barbara were there! Erin showed up pretty late, thanks to traffic. She spoke with what sounded like a British accent. Wait a minute, she’s not American? DESE DERN FOREIGNERS TAKIN’ JOBS FROM HARD WORKIN’ 'MERICANS! THEY TOOK UR JOBS! TOOK UR JRRBS! TKRJRRR! - Sorry old South Park joke.

David talked about playing Bruce Wayne and a clone of Bruce Wayne at the same time. He said he liked playing with himself. Of course the crowd laughed at that ha ha! Later an old woman from the audience said “David, I’m a grandmother and I heard what you said about playing with yourself…” David and Robin put their heads down like they were embarrassed. We all laughed like crazy! Then the woman said, “I’d hate to see Batman grow up to be Daredevil!” OMG NO SHE DIDN’T NO SHE DIDN’T ROFL! We all cracked up and the moderator had to say, “This is why we love New York!” :slight_smile:

There was a lot of talk of how Penguin’s run for mayor on Gotham is like a parallel to Trump running for President. Robin said some of that was intentional, some of it was coincidence and some of it was just how comics reflect the times they come out in (he mentioned Spider-Man being created during the Viet Nam war era specifically) and Gotham has a bit of that. Erin chimed in that Trump running for President is embarrassing, commenting what he said about women on Friday was disgusting. PS I have no idea what he said. I’m at New York Comic Con. What be this real world news you speak of? Anyway she urged us all to vote for Hillary since she can’t vote, not being a US citizen and all. Most of the crowd cheered but there was a couple of boos in there. Probably people from upstate or Jersey…

Okay Erin is cool. She can stay and take our jobs! Take er jerbs! TKRJRRR! #WhateverItsStillFunny

The subject of pets came out and David mentioned his dog Starlight was here dressed in a Robin costume! Everyone started screaming for him to bring the dog out and he did! The dog looks just like Miss Lion from the cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Just wearing a Robin outfit backwards. Starlight loved attention and almost took over the entire panel awwwwww!

Robin mentioned that on the episode that his TV father, Paul Reubens died Robin’s father in real life died. He wanted to keep filming because really how often is it that there’s a chance to act something out that’s happening to you in real life. So his tears that episode were real tears. Robin said that was his favorite episode of Gotham, but he would never watch it.

Got in the One Punch Man anime and manga panel! ONE PUUUUUUUUNCH! And I got a FREE One Punch Man poster! Hey I thiiiiink I have a wall I can hang that poster up on. Well at least I think so. I just have ONE HUUUUUUUUUNCH!

We were there with some of the English voice cast for the One Punch Man dub! They did a bit of trivia and the actor who plays Genos, Zach Aguilar asked if anyone can remember the scientist that built Genos. People in the crowd yelled out “Doctor Light!” “Doctor Wily!” HELL YEAH people remember some Capcom scientists from the Mega Man franchise over some weird old anime dude YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE FOOLS!

Someone in the audience asked if there was any character they could voice who would it be. Eric Kimerer voices Sonic in the anime One Punch Man who in Japan is voiced by Yuki Kaji (Yuki Kaji also voices the Japanese Phoenix Wright in the Ace Attorney anime, there’s my Capcom mention of course).  Anyway, for some reason Eric Kimerer is always getting the same roles of characters that Yuji Kaj voiced in Japan. So Eric said the one character he would like to voice is Link from The Legend of Zelda but thanks to Nintendo of Japan disliking the American 80s Legend of Zelda cartoon they will never dub Link’s voice in English ever again! Then he said that in Hyrule Warriors they did cast someone in Japan to do Link’s grunts. And the irony was THEY CAST YUKI KAJI! D’oh! LMAO! Eric did give us a great “HA” though and he sounded just like Link.

At the Sunrise panel! They mentioned all of the new anime shows they are streaming right now. One caught my interest, Classical Loid which began airing today on Crunchyroll. It’s a comedy about classic musicians like Mozart being teleported to our time. Why do I care? Because Makoto Tsuchibayashi who did character designs for the original Devil May Cry and the entire Sengoku Basara franchise for Capcom is working on it! OH SNAP! HA HA HA he designed all of those Sengoku era heroes into all those crazy characters and someone let him design classical musicians? My old music teacher just had a heart attack! SHE DONE SON! Oh and TM Revolution is doing music for it, I think the intro song. Because they do all the intro songs for Sengoku Basara so if Tsuchibayashi is working on it I guess Sunrise figures why not keep them together ROFL!

They talked about the upcoming Tiger & Bunny Hollywood movie. The anime will remain on hiatus because they are focusing on the movie. Sigh… But this is an anime I can see working as a movie since it’s about Super-Heroes. Anyway, they found a script writer and Ron Howard’s production company is making it. It should come out in 2019 or 2020 roughly. Double sigh… Please don’t suck.

The Escaflowne anime and the OVA are getting Blu-Ray releases and new dubs! Code Geass is coming to Blue-Ray and so is its newer interquel series that takes place between seasons 1 and 2 of the original.

A whole lot of Gundam! Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin part 4 is coming in November. Next year we are also getting Blu-Rays for Char’s Counterattack, Reconguista in G, Turn A Gundam and GUNDAM WING GETS A BLU-RAY RELEASE ABOUT FREAKING TIME! Next we saw the trailer for Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans season 2. Daisuke has episode 1 and Crunchyroll will get it tomorrow.

Off to the Iron Fist panel! Boy Iron Fist has sure become famous ever since he appeared in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Good looking out Capcom for hooking him up. J/K

Jeph Loeb hosted and the… final boss from the Luke Cage series paid us a surprise visit! Best I don’t say who it was just in case people haven’t caught up yet.

Then we met the entire cast of Iron Fist, INCLUDING ROSARIO DAWSON AKA CLAIRE TEMPLE AKA NIGHT NURSE! She got a standing ovation naturally.

We saw a few trailers and clips from Iron Fist. Wow it looks like a face paced Hong Kong Jet Li Kung Fu movie! It’s gonna be insane! Iron Fist’s fists were going all yellow! WE GOT CHI IN THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE WORD! Once Luke Cage throws a Shinkuu Hadouken uh oh FING FANG FOOM YOU DOOOOOOOOOMED!!!

We met Jessica Henwick who is playing Marvel’s Colleen Wing. Super cute Asian actress! The showed a clip of her in Iron Fist and she kicks ass!

More surprises! Jon Bernthal who is playing Punisher in the upcoming Netflix series stopped by! Boy he sure has come a long way since the Punisher arcade game made by Capcom so thanks again Capcom for putting him on the map! #NextYearIwillThankCapcomForInventingFire

Then we saw Karen Page AKA Deborah Ann Woll from Daredevil who joined Punisher on stage! She’ll be on Punisher’s TV show too!

More surprises! Iron Fist’s actor was joined by the actors for Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil! I MET ALL THE DEFENDERS YOS!!!

And the biggest shock of the night. We met one more actress. The lady who will play the villain in Defenders! IT WAS SIGOURNEY WEAVER!!! WE ALL STARTED CHANTING HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! OH MY GOD!!! WE GOT SIGOURNEY WEAVER ON TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM MARVEL! OH SNAP!!! THEY FREAKED IT!!! MAHVEL BABY!!!

("…Sano nerdgasmed so hard he passed out so he may not cover day 4. The excitement was just too much." - Insane Asylum Doctor… Doctor Wily. Yup that’s easier to remember than my real name actually.)



At the Robotech panel! They talked about the upcoming live action movie. Sony has the rights and the producers are looking at the final draft of the script. James Wan (Conjuring, Aquaman) will be directing. Any future Robotech animation is on hold since they are focusing on the movie. Please don’t suck…

Titan will put out a new Robotech comic and the original comic from Comico will be re-released. Pretty cool!

FREE Robotech poster! Love getting FREE stuff!

RWBY panel time! Viz is going to release the Japanese manga in the US that serves as a prequel to the series.

They talked about the PC RWBY game too. IT’S COMING TO CONSOLES SO HOORAY I CAN FINALLY PLAY IT! Digital download for PS4 and Xbox One. Later this Winter!

Then they showed us the new intro for season 4 before anyone in the world. It’s awesome! The new season is coming soon!

At the Jon Bernthal panel word! Really fun and funny guy. There was lots of Q&A with the audience. He told a story about how when he was young he was a thug who always got into trouble. He got into acting thanks to a teacher and really enjoyed it. He asked her what he should do to pursue acting and he went to Russia! So he did just that and next thing you know WABAAAM! He’s The Punisher! Good job Zangief training Punisher how to act in between wrestling matches yup yup!

He said that teacher (sorry the name escapes me) became a minister and even married Jon and his wife. The teacher passed away a while ago and Jon says he owes everything to her and he carries her in his heart.

A few people told Jon that at The Walking Dead panel last night that Robert Kirkman told the audience that Shane is the father of Judith’s baby! Jon said something like “If the baby grows up to have a big nose and big ears you know why.” About Robert he said “Yeah that guy’s a liar he’ll say anything.” ROFL!

Jon had a long black beard, not sure if it was for a movie he’s filming. His wife hates his beard. He was also wearing a wool hat that a fan gave him at San Diego Comic Con. He says his wife hates that hat too. It was almost a competition between which one she hated more, the hat or the beard ha ha!

When asked who would be better at surviving the zombie apocalypse, Shane or Punisher, he said Punisher. WELL OF COURSE PUNISHER WAS IN A CAPCOM GAME AND EVERY CHARACTER DOWN WITH CAPCOM GETS BASIC RESIDENT EVIL STYLE SURVIVAL TRAINING YUP YUP!!!

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap! Pics coming soon. THE CON WAS AMAZING!!! Had a great time. Thanks for reading. Be safe!


Took a while since I’ve been so busy but my pictures for this year’s con are up on Facebook. Hopefully this link will work if you have an FB account but if not let me know.


Got my Thursday, Friday and Sunday tickets for NYCC during the pre-sale and got my Saturday ticket today so I’m good!

I might do AnimeNext next month since Capcom Live is performing. I will probably only go on the day they are playing, which I hear will be Sunday. Basically waiting for the official schedule so I can plan around it.

Definitely heading to the Liberty City Anime con in August and Anime NYC in November since I got tickets for those a long time ago. Fun times ahead!


Went to AnimeNext to see Capcom Live perform. Had a great time!

While lining up to get in someone on the line was blasting Capcom music. I heard Guile’s theme, Snake Man’s theme from Mega Man III, Doctor Wily’s stage from Mega Man II and the Moon Theme from Duck Tales, both the original version and the remastered version. And I’m not even at the show yet! Go fans entertaining fans!

The Capcom Live Band spun out of Video Games Orchestra. Video Games Live if you don’t know what that is, well it’s a show that plays music from lots of different video games from Video Game Orchestra. I’ve seen them perform twice in New York. If they ever come to your town check them out! I know they are performing in New Jersey later this year but just me I’m good with having seen Capcom Live in 2017 heh heh!

The Capcom Live Band is a band that originates from Boston. They made the Chrono Trigger song that was performed at Video Games Live and is available on one of their CDs, I think it’s the second one. Well they have broken off into their own thing just to perform Capcom music, but they will still get down with Video Games Live when the occasion arises.

And on to the performance! First up was an arrangement featuring a lot of Capcom games while they displayed video footage of said games. The first one was Commando, the first Capcom game I ever played in an arcade a looooong time ago! Followed by Trojan, Sonson, 1942, NES Bionic Commando, arcade Strider and wrapping up with Ghouls 'N Ghosts! There was a problem with the feed so it stopped after Strider and we didn’t see Ghouls 'N Ghosts footage while the music played unfortunately. No worries Arthur, I’ll catch you in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. WE GOOOOOOOOOD!!!

On to Street Fighter! They played the intro song from Street Fighter II. You may be more familiar with it as Ryu’s theme in Marvel vs. Capcom 1 or the intro song to the American Street Fighter cartoon. “Ba Da Da Da Daaaa Da Daaaa!” You know that song! Next up was the same Street Fighter II arrangement featured in Video Games Live. Ryu, Guile and Ken’s themes meshed together as a rock song. They even showed the same footage Video Game Live displays when they play that song. Street Fighter II gameplay and “Udon” Street Fighter II gameplay basically. Now something new! They played the music you hear in Street Fighter V when you are on the mode select screen or waiting for an online match. You know, I never really gave much thought to the Spanish guitar that comes on in the beginning of that theme, until I heard it live. The Latino in me woke up WORD! What was cool is that a performer who looked kind of like Reuben Langdon (AKA Dante of Devil May Cry) just with longer blonde hair and a smaller frame sang English lyrics to that Street Fighter V song! AWESOME! The artist’s name is David Vives BTW.

So yeah we got the Dante look alike IN THE HIZOOOOUSE so OF COURSE he’s going to sing something from Devil May Cry yup yup! We heard “We Shall Never Surrender” from Devil May Cry 4, the full song that you hear once you finish the game. I sang along with him since I knew like every word! Yeah the reason why it takes me forever to finish a lot of video games is I’m playing waaaaaaay too much Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. Vergil in Bloody Palace mode FTW!

On to Phoenix Wright! Once again we got the same arrangement from Video Games Live and they showed the same footage. Some of it shows Phoenix Wright in Smash Bros., from a mod somebody did. Because OF COURSE we get to see Phoenix Wright beat up Link and Kirby AKA what would actually happen if he was in the game ha ha! Those who know me are well aware that not only am I down with TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM CAPCOM but I am also down with TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM MARVEL so I was happy that they showed Phoenix Wright in some Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 footage. SPIDER-MAN AND HULK IN THE HIZOOOOOOOOOUSE! They also showed footage from the live action Japanese Ace Attorney movie that I still haven’t checked out. Kind of on purpose because the director is hot and cold me. His Yatterman movie was extremely WTF. There’s a mecha sex scene in it! WHOA…

We got a new arrangement for the newest game, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice! With footage from the game accompanying the music, including some of the anime cut scenes from the game! Cool!

I don’t recall exactly when this happened in the show, but there was a moment where the band leader introduced the other members and gave them a chance to shred with the instruments they were playing! And in this way we got some non Capcom BONUS TRACKS! We got some Castlevania, some Final Fantasy and some Super Mario yup yup! It’s all good. Castlevania’s Simon Belmont chilled with Mega Man on Captain N The Game Master. There’s Final Fantasy costumes and items in Monster Hunter Generations. And Super Mario… Um… Ugh… Errrrrr… In Japan Capcom made some Super Mario Bros. pachinko machines. I’m dead serious. SCREW KEVIN BACON IT’S SIX DIGREES OF CAPCOM YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE FOOL YA FOOLS!

The band leader asked if there was any Monster Hunter fans in the audience and the crowd went nuts! Someone even had a plushy of the Meat Ration you eat in the game! He was surprised since Monster Hunter is way more popular in Japan. Anyway, we got a rock medley of Monster Hunter tracks!

For Video Games Live there is a Mega Man arrangement that features the intro song from Mega Man II, the intro from Mega Man III and Doctor Wily’s Mega Man II stage. We didn’t hear that, but we got a brand new track based on Cut Man’s stage from Mega Man I! Naturally they showed footage from Cut Man’s stage on the screen and I had flashbacks of dying a bunch of times as a kid. Well hey at least it wasn’t Guts Man’s stage. “THOSE PLATFORMS!!! UGH!!!” - Sano as a little kid. I’M OOOOOOOOOOLD! :open_mouth:

Resident Evil VII was up next and the Reuben Langdon clone AKA David Vives sang the “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” song! He was so good at imitating the female’s voice who sings that song that later that day someone asked me if he was the original singer from the game! I was like “Nah man he’s a cover. He was really good though!” - Sano as an adult. Last Sunday. YOU KNOW TOO MUCH!!!

Okami was next while we saw footage to the game! David Vives sang English lyrics to the music! Okay I know that’s not in the game since everyone in Okami speaks Gibberish. Cool!

Since we were at an anime con, we got some more non Capcom BONUS TRACKS! They usually only play Capcom music, but did some anime covers for anime fans at the event. David sang an English cover to the first One Piece intro! I don’t know the English cover’s lyrics but the Japanese version already had “Engrish” words in it and those were the same. “… Do You Wanna Be My Friend? We Are! We Are! On The Cruuuuuuuuuise! WE ARE!” I at least got to sing along to those parts. And what’s the Capcom connection? Um… ugh… Errrrrr… Luffy is usually seen eating a piece of meat that looks exactly like the Meat Ration in Monster Hunter yup yup! SIX DEGREES YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE FOOLS YA FOOLS!

David mentioned that he was feeling a bit cold. So he put on a light brown jacked. It was the jacket the soldiers wear in Attack on Titan! THEN HE SANG THE FIRST ATTACK ON TITAN INTRO SONG IN STRAIGHT UP JAPANESE OH SNAAAAAP!!! Ha this Capcom connection is easy. Capcom made a Japan only arcade game for Attack on Titan. I’LL OUT CAPCOM FANBOY EVERYONE FOR FREE!!! Lol!

Back to Capcom. The final track was Resident Evil 6 with English lyrics attached to the song that plays at the end of the game. Yeeeeeah not my favorite Capcom game but the song they sang was really good!

They had a meet and greet afterwards but it was an actual meet and greet. I was hoping it was a panel of sorts. I didn’t want to actually meet and greet them. Because I’m just weird like that. See this long post… So yeah grabbed my FREE poster and I was on my way.

As for the rest of the con I thought it was really well organized. I didn’t do much else because I only came to see Capcom Live perform. I swung by Anime NYC’s both and grabbed a FREE poster from them. I’m going to their con later this year, I already purchased my ticket for it so that’s a lock. There was very little cosplay but I mean it’s Sunday and that’s usually the case. I took a few pictures but I will probably just combine them with my New York Comic Con pics later this year.

Capcom Live on Facebook said they want to come back to AnimeNext in 2018! I just hope they announce this much earlier than they did. This was announced almost as a last minute thing, so much so that I couldn’t get any of my friends to go with me (other supposed hardcore Capcom fans. I HAVE OUT CAPCOM FANBOYED ALL OF THEM FOR FREE!!! Well… Not for free… I did have to pay money… I outfanboyed them for a FREE POSTER? Yeah let’s go with that…) so it was a solo trip. Still I always make the best of it and talk to whoever is there about Capcom games, anime and Gundam stuff. That’s what I love about cons. You get to hang with people who are into the same stuff 24/7. For me it’s almost like visiting another planet for a little while. And this time it was an 1,000% CAPCOM PLANET! Can’t beat that! :slight_smile:

Next up for me is the Liberty City Anime Con in August. I hope it’s bigger than last years. But the entire con cost like 20 bucks. Just show me some anime and we’re cool.

As always thanks for reading. Take care! And go play some Capcom games M’KAAAAAAAAAY! ~_^


Attended the Liberty City Anime Convention this passed weekend! I’ll write about my experience later at some point, but for now here’s some pictures!



So here’s me talking about my experience at the Liberty City Anime Con a few weekends back. This write up comes a lot later than I would have preferred due to me being busy and fighting a nasty Summer cold. Well anyway, here goes!

The hotel, the Marriot Marquis was amazing and much bigger than last year’s hotel. The screening room for anime was also gigantic! I know that the con had an issue with the hotel over spacing and the Marriot broke their contract. So some of the events took place in another building, which I didn’t go to. Honestly, I hope the con peeps eat their pride and come back to the same spot next year. It’s a convention in Manhattan! Everyone gets jerked for space. If it happens to New York Comic Con it happens to everybody. Ultimately the only thing you really need is the big screening room for anime and YOU GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

I attended maybe half a panel last year and mostly watched anime. This year, most of the anime they were showing I’ve seen already so I spent a lot more times with the panels. They had over 200 submissions for panels and pretty much allowed anything to get through, related to anime or not. The only times they drew the line was when people requested to do panels on the Alt Right Movement or Black Lives Matter since that stuff is a bit controversial and less fitting with the theme of the con. So this lead to some… interesting panels to say the least! Anyway if you are in the New York area and want to do a panel on, pretty much anything submit your idea next year. Chances are it will get green lit.

The first panel I tried to get into on Friday was for Video Game Jeopardy. That room was filled to capacity and I couldn’t get in. This was the only time this happened at the con. I actually think Friday was the most crowded day for panels. Definitely not New York Comic Con where you have to show up to everything super early. Oh and you could go to the bathroom like whenever you wanted to. No lines! “Yay for smaller cons!” - My bladder; 2017.

Locked out of that room, I was in a panel for the musical Heathers. It’s a musical based on that Wyona Rider movie. You know, the one where Goth Christian Slater goes nuts and kills a bunch of people. Um, no idea what this has to do with anime… but the actors showed up in costume so it was kind of like cosplay? Ah well. They had fun and joked around with the audience. Some people knew what the panel was about and went there on purpose but there were a few “Uuuuuh what’s Heathers” peeps in the crowd.

Entertainlynx did a panel. They’re a podcast that talks about movies. So they, talked about movies. For fun the host asked some anime questions for trivia and prizes but it involved “What year…” questions. Note to, EVERYBODY. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT YEAR ANYTHING CAME OUT ANYMORE BECAUSE WE HAVE WIKIPEDIA ON OUR PHONES MAAAAAANG! So remove those questions from any and all of your BS quizzes M’KAAAAAAAY! So the questions were like “What year did Ninja Scroll come out?” “What year did the Fatal Fury anime come out?” SNK REPRESENT! But… these questions were addressed to peeps that were born in like 2000. GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT! Yeah pretty much the host was showing his age and didn’t know anything about current anime. GET ON THAT ATTACK ON TITAN YOS!!!

Non anime related but they had an interesting mock debate on which movie was better. Spider-Man Homecoming from TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM MARVEL (*Fireworks heard in the background while elephants breakdance) or Wonder Woman from team dc (zzzzzzzzz… oops sorry fell asleep there for a second). Spider-Man Homecoming won the debate! HELL YEAH US MARVEL FANS WON THE LIBERTY CITY ANIME CON YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE FOOL YA FOOLS! Lol but the overall consensus was that Wonder Woman was good too and at least team dc finally had a good movie.

Just for attending this Entertainlynx discussion I got 2 FREE tickets to see the new Ninjago movie before anyone else and another 2 FREE tickets to see the movie It before anyone else! The Ninjago tickets I gave away but I’m going to see It next Tuesday! First come first serve so no guaranty I’ll get in. Oh well it’s something.

This YouTube guy named Cosplay Joe in the next panel showed up and we saw intros of lots of anime shows past and present. Starting with the original Japanese intro to Astro Boy AKA Tetsuwan No Atom and moving onto more current stuff as we went from the 60s to present day. When he played the Pokémon song in English everyone in the room sang along! “I WANT TO BE THE VERY BEST…” And then Cosplay Joe played the song in Japanese but only a few of us could sing along! HA HA I was watching fan subs of Pocket Monsters on VHS way back when before Nintendo hired ninjas and wiped out anyone showing the original Japanese version of the show for free so you betta recognize FOOL YA FOOLS! Lol the guy hosting the show Cosplay Joe was funny throughout and cracked a lot of good jokes! I saw that he was doing a comedy special the next day so I decided to attend that. More on that in Day 2 coverage!

Next panel I attended was about why translations from Japanese to English were so weird when anime is being subtitled or dubbed hosted by Kelly Bergin. This was really interesting!

Then I watched anime in the screen room for the rest of the day. Can’t remember everything saw but I caught a few shows I’ve never seen before and things I’ve seen a bunch of times. At midnight they screened all 6 episodes of an anime called Golden Boy which was new to me! It was a bit on the adult side, about 1980s rated R level. It was about a guy who travelled Japan, learned things from every job he took and every woman fell in love with him but he bounced before he could do anything with them. Kind of like the old Hulk live action TV series if Bruce Banner tripped and fell into a girl’s breasts every episode or something lol! It was cool but not my thing. I was out after 3 episodes.


So remember before when I said that they let anyone host a panel? This one woman had a panel talking about mental illness. WHAT THE… I mean no offense to anyone dealing with mental illness or who has family members dealing with it but I CAME HERE TO TALK ABOUT MOBILE FIGHTER G GUNDAM YOS!!! The strangest part about this panel was when they opened up the Q&A someone asked the panelist a pretty basic question. What were her credentials for speaking on the subject. Fair question right? Her response was “I like to keep that information on the down low.” DOUBLE WHAT THE… That was super odd…

Went to a panel with Heather Walker as the guest! She voices Mary Hughes in the English dub of Fairy Tail!

The mental illness panel lady came back but this time she was talking about how close we are to people controlling robots with their minds! ABOUT TIME BECAUSE I CAME HERE TO TALK ABOUT MOBILE FIGHTER G GUNDAM YOS WHEN CAN I GET MAH GOD GUNDAM ON AND START SHINING FINGER PEOPLE IN THE FACE YOS??? “I like to keep that information on the down low.” What the what? AWWWWWW HELL NAWWWW!!! Nah just messing around she didn’t do much Q&A with this panel LOL! At least this panel seemed to fit the theme of an anime con more.

Soon after that there was a panel called Voice Actor Radio Show Live! Heather Walker was there along with her husband Tyler Walker, Quinton Flynn who voices Raiden in Metal Gear Revengeance and a few more actors! They read old 1935 Flash Gordon scripts back from the radio days. Quinton played Ming and Heather got all of the female roles. If you’ve seen the 80s Flash Gordon movie well it started off close to the same way the movie did, with Flash and his girl piloting a spaceship to an alien world. They even played a bit of theme song from the 80s movie before they read the episodes! You know, “FLASH! OH OOOOOOOH!” Anyway this was really funny hearing them perform those old scripts live! “CAPTURE THOSE WHITE MEN!” ROFL!

Quinton Flynn, who also plays Kon, the stuffed teddy bear in Bleach was there for a Q&A, but he mainly did stand up comedy while he did lots of voices and impersonations. Hysterical!

Some more panel weirdness! Walked into a panel called “Be Excellent To Each Other!” This panel was two women reminding everybody that cosplay is not consent. Everything was cool until a man came in wearing a woman’s maid outfit and said he wanted to put an end to feminism. HUH??? The panelists started yelling at him (um… her? Not sure how he / she identifies) and almost got this person thrown out of the panel! The two women argued about wanting to create a safe space for people to go to if they feel they were treated unfairly for cosplaying, and the dude in the maid outfit was against safe spaces too! They argued for a good 10 minutes and that took up the entire Q&A time. SO BIZARRE ha ha!

Back to Cosplay Joe! Turns out he used to be a comedian who made jokes about anime. Then he dropped out of comedy to be a YouTuber. Well tonight was his grand return to being an anime comedian and… You remembered I told you he was funny right? Well… for this comedy routine HE BOMBED SPECTACULARLY! OMG this was hilarious at how badly he bombed! Again, when you’re doing anime you gotta keep it current. He was referencing Slayers. Come on man, these kids don’t know Slayers. Start talking about Yuri on Ice! NOT SLAYERS GET GAYER!

The next panel was 18 and over so they yelled at everyone to clear the room, regardless of your age. Not in a nice way. Man at this time, people attending panels was really bare bones. I have no idea how their panel did but forcing like the 5 people to get out that sat through Cosplay Joe, three that were obviously adults may not have been the best idea. There’s no reason to yell at strangers at a con for any reason at all. Calm the hell down and watch some hentai man I dunno!

Speaking of, the late night anime viewing was actually hentai! LMAO they didn’t say what it was so I was out. I wouldn’t mind laughing at some Legend of the Overfiend again but there’s worse stuff out there, FAR WORSE and I was scrrrred. PEACE OUT!


Really quiet day but it’s the last day of the con and that usually tends to be the case at cons.

Went to another panel with Carrie Savage. She voices a character on Fairy Tail. Her speaking voice is like that of a little girl so she had a tough time getting acting roles for adult parts, so she became a voice actress. Keep at it Carrie Savage! One day you’ll hit it big and voice something for TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM CAPCOM! Oh come on if I don’t mention Capcom once you’ll think this was written by a Skrull. AND YOU KNOW THIS MAAAAAANG!

Watched anime in the morning, another mix of new and old stuff for me. Later I attended a panel that show you how to make a video game yourself. One of the panelists asked if anyone liked Zelda games. He then said that Zelda II The Adventure of Link was his favorite Zelda game. I yelled “ME TOO!” Bonding moment OH SNAP! He created a 3D version of Zelda II and even included the Moon from Majora’s Mask as the actual Moon WORD! That was pretty cool!

The final panel was hosted by Peter Jimenez for Super Mario Maker. He won a contest before for the level he created and he played through the level for us. Then the entire audience participated in creating a level! This panel was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time. Nice way to end the con!

Overall I had a fun time. It was weird here and there but it was a fun experience. I have no idea if I will be back next year since this year there was a video game convention going on at the same time a few blocks away! If both happen at the same time again I’m definitely doing the video game con to see what that’s about. If not and there’s no conflict sure I’ll be back for more weirdness. While piloting a Gundam! " “I don’t like to keep that information on the down low.” Just so you know. SHINING FINGAAAAAH!

NYCC is two months away WHAT WHAAAAAT!


Like every year, here’s my NYCC coverage!


First thing I did was hit up the Capcom booth WORD! I got to play Sigma and Monster Hunter in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite OH SNAP! Both were fun but I enjoyed Monster Hunter more because the sword combos were insane. Then I did Black Panther and Dante. Black Panther plays like Wolverine with his claw strikes. Cool to use! Anyway I used the Soul Stone both times and won both of my matches! Gotta do proud as one of their mods lol!

I also got to play the new Super Puzzle Fighter II for Iphone and Android OH SNAP! Looks like the character you use are preset so I was playing as Resident Evil 5 Jill Valentine against Mega Man X! What’s new in the game is you get a super button you can press to unleash a super! By using my old school Puzzle Fighter skills I beat X before pressing it ha ha! You slide the gems with your finger this time around. Easy to play if you’ve messed with it before.

I got a Street Fighter V Arcade Edition poster and my PS4 copy of Street Fighter V signed by Yoshinori Ono of Capcom of Japan! Ono said he liked my Street Fighter II T-Shirt and my Street Fighter lanyard ha ha! Reppin’ strong!

Over at the Bandai Namco booth! The line to play Dragon Ball FighterZ was around the universe so didn’t mess with it. It looks AMAZING in person though!

Went to the Bloodstained area and got Iga to sign a Bloodstained poster! Then I beat the demo. It plays EXACTLY like Castlevania Order of Ecclesia. I mean there’s floating knight helmet heads instead of Medusa heads… I honestly have no idea how these Kickstarter projects don’t get sued to hell and back but WHATEVER I get to play another 2D Castlevania! HOORAY!

Swung by Funimation and bought Yatterman Night since it’s been sitting in my Amazon Prime cart for like a year already lol! Once again Crunchyroll was giving out GIANT bags if you signed on to your Crunchyroll account at show. I got a giant Boruto bag! It was funny because an old and SNK-Capcom forum member Capcom Fan was working the Crunchyroll booth. Ha I haven’t seen that guy in years! NYCC REUNIONS YOS!

At the Tara Strong panel! She voiced X-23 in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and she also did a bunch of other stuff no one else cares about. Nah lol she’s Batgirl, the second Harley Quinn, Raven on Teen Titans, Ben 10 and too many roles to list! She said she’s doing an upcoming role for a character that’s been around for a long time but she wouldn’t say who it is. Hmmm the Ben 10 people are making the new Mega Man cartoon, she’s Ben 10, Mega Man has been around for a while, I figured it out! SHE’S MEGA MAN! Oh and I heard George Clooney is auditioning for a new gig so I naturally assume he’s voicing Rush yup yup! :stuck_out_tongue:

First time for me seeing Todd McFarlane in person! He talked mostly about the formation of Image and how now is a great time for people to create their own comic book. Also talked a bit about the upcoming live action Spawn movie. Funny guy but he talked so long there was only five minutes left for questions! I never got to ask him about bringing the Capcom game Spawn in the Demon’s Hand back. I STILL fire up my Dreamcast now and then to play it.

After that it was off to the live stage for some speedy 15 minute interviews! We saw Carl Weathers! Vivica A. Fox! John Leguizamo! Jim Cummings, the voice of Robotnik, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger and Darkwing Duck! Looks like Troy Baker couldn’t make it but the dude who played the first Red Ranger on Power Rangers stopped by WHOA! DRIVE THRU INTERVIEWS FTW!

And that’s it for day one. Day two tomorrow!



At the Capcom panel! When I got there someone yelled out “CAPCOM RULES!” And it wasn’t even me! I’M AMONG MY PEOPLE YOS!

We started off with Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and some Black Panther, Sigma and Monster Hunter gameplay. They showed us the Funko toys for Black Panther and Monster Hunter and through those we saw their premium costumes that we are getting Tuesday! Black Panther has some armor from the comics and Monster Hunter has a different armor from Monster Hunter. Too much information! YOU KNOW TOO MUCH!

They also talked about the MvC I tournament they have going on involving the Infinity Stones. The winner of each tourney wins an Infinity Stone that you can use in the next event. So with the Soul Stone if you lose a match it will take away the loss. With the Space Stone if you’re in a bracket you don’t like it will switch you to another bracket. Noice! Next we saw the final match of the Soul Stone tourney. A team of Dante and Dormammu with the Soul Stone made a huge comeback after almost losing. Ha I use Spider-Man and Dante with the Soul Stone so it was really fun for me to see some of the things I’ve done. Just a lot better lol!

Onto Street Fighter V Arcade Edition! This is a FREE update if you already have Street Fighter V, but if you don’t and wish to buy SFV for the first time it will go for 40. The arcade mode will have 6 different routes for each character! Like one for Street Fighter I, another for Street Fighter Alpha 3 and so on. So if you pick Street Fighter 1 you will fight characters that were in that game and it works like that. The artwork you see at the end of the mode will be based on the route you pick. There will also be special costumes that dig into Capcom’s legacy of characters and whoever is the best at clearing those modes each month since you’ll be ranked online will win that costume! Yo I’ve been wanting a Devil May Cry Dante outfit for Ken for while now so GET ON THAT!

Next they showed off Monster Hunter World and the graphics look insane! There was an FMV intro and the characters were speaking English, not gibberish like they do in the other games where you have to read what they are saying to understand it. That will be a cool feature for people jumping into the series!

Saw some Okami HD footage. That’s looking really nice too! Me personally I would not play it again because it’s reeeeeeally long but if you haven’t played it before this a good time to play what is as close to a perfect game as you can get. A perfect looooong game lol! Still an amazing experience.

We saw footage of Dead Rising 4 and the Capcom Heroes mode. Not only does Frank dress up like Frank from Dead Rising 1, Cammy (yes Cammy…), Mega Man X, Dante and DAMN SISSEL FROM GHOST TRACK OH SNAP - these are not just costumes. When he wears these costumes he plays like the characters! So Dante used Ebony, Ivory, Rebellion and even Pandora from Devil May Cry 4! ZOMBIES DEEEEEEAD! Sissel from Ghost trick had appliances he could manipulate! I’M JUST HAPPY I GET TO TALK ABOUT GHOST TRICK! If you already have Dead Rising 4 for Xbox One this will be a FREE update. Us PS4 peeps will get everything on December 3rd.

Lastly we saw some footage of Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 for the Switch and THEY REVEALED SOMETHING NEW TO US FINALLY NYCC EXCLUSIIIIIVE I HEARD IT THERE FIRST!!! Basically there’s some bonus 8 bit games that are reminiscent of Capcom classics. One is a plane shooter type game like 1942 or like any of Capcom’s old shooters. Another is Ghouls 'n Humunculis which is obviously based on Ghouls 'n Ghosts. 8 bit Barry is playing Arthur. HA HA HA THAT’S BRILLIANT!

…I still wanted the reveal to be Devil May Cry 5 but ah well. Next year hopefully. GET ON THAT!

Back to the Live Stage for more drive thru 15 minute interviews. Bruce Timm talked about their new Batman animated movie Gotham Gas Light. They actually showed the movie at the con but I had a conflict with another panel so couldn’t make it. Then Ono talked about Street Fighter V and Marvel and Capcom peeps talked about… well Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite! We didn’t learn anything new at the panel but we were the FIRST to see the Black Panther and Monster Hunter Funko toys in person! ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE! Man I don’t even want a Devil May Cry 5 announcement anymore. I’m good!

…But I hope Capcom surprises me at the SHIELD panel tomorrow and announces Devil May Cry 5 anyway. Put Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider in it man I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got Ono to sign a Street Fighter Anniversary poster! Oh and since I actually lost the Street Fighter V Arcade Edition poster he signed for me yesterday because I was too worried about keeping the signed SFV game safe and let the poster fall to the ground somewhere like a dummy, Ono signed another SFV Arcade poster for me. He actually remembered me from yesterday, he said in English “Hi again!” WE’RE BFFS NOW WORD! All I’m saying is that if Ingrid ever gets into Street Fighter V that’s solely because my BFF Ono hooked me up yup yup! :stuck_out_tongue:

Went to the Zelda manga panel featuring the artists Akira Himekawa! Even though they go by one name, they are actually two women, both who draw and write. They’ve done manga for Zelda games that Capcom made like Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons and The Minnish Cap! They also made Zelda manga for Zelda games Capcom didn’t make but no one cares about those. Lol! They are doing a manga for Twilight Princess right now and it’s going to be six volumes total as it is still ongoing. Two volumes are out in English.

Akira Himekawa spoke about how dark the Twilight manga is compared to their previous works. Seriously, there’s loss of limbs, flesh being peeled off, people getting cut in half, WHOA… They said that the other works were geared towards children and this one is for adults. I’m an adult so THANK YOU BFFS AKIRA HIMEKAWA FOR MAKING THE MANGA FOR ME AND ONLY ME AND NO ONE ELSE BUT ME! Wow making a lot of friends today ROFL!

That about wraps up day two. Day three tomorrow!



Went to the Hammerstein Ballroom for the Hiro Mashima panel! Here’s what you need to know about Hiro Mashima. He created a manga based on the Capcom game Monster Hunter called Monster Hunter Orage which is available in English! Because of that he also got to create weapons and armor for Monster Hunter Generations! Oh and he created the manga Fairy Tail which is important because you can get a Palico outfit for the character Happy in Monster Hunter Generations! Yup these are the only things you have to know about Hiro Mashima yup yup! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for attending the panel we got a FREE password so we can read the first 5 volumes of his previous work Rave Master digitally! Also a FREE pin of Happy!

The Fairy Tail manga has been running weekly for 11 years and Hiro has never taken a vacation during that time! Now he’s finally on break and coming up with ideas for his next work. The anime will be airing the final season next year.

My favorite part of the panel was when they asked if any part of Fairy Tail was like his real life. He responded that whenever the Guild was together and went all wild and crazy partying that was like his college day parties! There would be a woman like Cana who could outdrink everybody! Another woman like Erza who kept everyone in control by constantly yelling. And a guy like Gray who was always randomly taking off his clothes. That guy was Hiro Mashima ROFL!

Went to Madison Square Garden! Sat through a Shadow Hunter panel even though I’ve never seen the show. I got FREE Fortune Cookies for attending the panel! The fortunes were plugs for the show of course lol! Some emotional moments there. A fan that attended the panel last year got hit in the face by the crowd and got nine stitches! An actor from the cast gave her a free hat and a hug. Another woman said Shadow Hunters was her favorite show and one of the female leads being brave gave her courage to endure brain surgery next week! So she got a free shirt and a hug from every actor at the panel! YEEEEEAH that’s all good Shadow Hunters but you know my homeboy Demon Hunter Dante from Devil May Cry from TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM CAPCOM would’ve had The Sex with both of them right? Just sayin’. Lol! Seriously though that was super nice of the cast!

Next up at Madison Square Garden (MSG for short) I saw the entire cast of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD for TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM MARVEL! Okay that’s the last of me writing TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM for today ha ha! Was happy I made it since I’ve always had conflicts with other things and have missed SHIELD’s panels every single year but not today! Jeph Loeb and Clark Greg AKA Coulson, Chloe Bennet AKA Skye/Daisy/Quake, Ming Na AKA Melinda May (Also Chun-Li in the first Hollywood Street Fighter movie CAPCOM REPRESENT WHAT WHAAAAAT) and the actors who play Fitz, Simmons, Mack and Yo Yo were IN THE HIZOOOOOUSE!

They revealed that the show would be returning on Friday December 1st and they will have a two hour premiere starting at 8:00 PM Eastern. After that 9:00 PM will be its regular time.

Then we also saw the first twenty minutes of the new episode! We still don’t have a lot of answers regarding where the show left off. There are Aliens living on Earth and they ported the cast to a space station that had Aliens like the Brood, but they are not the Brood because then they would have to write Fox a check. There was a hint that they were sent to the future, but we’re not sure yet. Ask me again December 1st! ^_^;

At one point a fan at the panel asked for Fitz and Simmons’ actors to kiss. Skye chimed in that she would rather see Fitz and Mack kiss! And somehow that all turned into Fitz killing Jeph Loeb in the mouth LMAO!

A child asked Clark Greg who would Coulson side with during Captain America Civil War, Cap or Iron Man. Coulson said he met Tony Stark first and he’s friend-ish kinda with him, but he likes Captain America more, but the Super-Heroes are getting kind of out of control and Coulson likes order… In the end Clark didn’t answer a question and gave the child a gift. Best response!

Now I had to sit through a Star Trek Discovery panel to kill time. Yeeeeeah no offense to Trekies but outside of the original series I am not a Star Trek fan. So took the time to grab some food and drinks at Madison Square Garden. A box of popcorn, a beer and a large vodka cranberry to get through that panel. Someone actually asked about the Black Klingons on the show when it takes place before the original series. They said “It represents something bigger. You’ll see lots of Klingons!” Dude THIS is why I had to turn to alcohol to get through it. BLACK KLINGONS ON THE SHOW MAKE NO FREAKING SENSE STOP PUTTING THEM IN PREQUELS UGH… I will point out that the host of the panel was an African American lady that actually went into outer space as an astronaut so that was cool. Props to the Star Trek peeps for that. I’m still not watching it though. But good to see Sasha from The Walking Dead in person! :slight_smile:

There was supposed to be a panel on the Netflix Punisher series but that was cancelled because of the recent Las Vegas shooting. Instead we saw a video interview of Joe Quesada interviewing Stan Lee back in April. This footage was never seen before so that was really cool! Some interesting bits were Stan Lee spoke about how he met his wife, which in retrospect was beautiful and a little sad since she passed away after the interview. RIP. He also confirmed the story of him and Steve Ditko having a fall out on The Amazing Spider-Man regarding the Green Goblin’s identity. Stan wanted it to be Harry Osborn’s father while Ditko wanted it to be someone you never heard of. Stan had his way and this eventually lead to Ditko leaving the book. For what it’s worth a while back Ditko denied the entire story. Just me I think with most of these stories, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

The Walking Dead panel! Before it started they had a bunch of Negan cosplayers line up on stage. Someone had an eye ball on their bat Lucille OOOH… Then they made them all dance to that “Easy street” song Negan tortured Daryl with last season ROFL!

I’ve missed The Walking Dead panel every year because it is either too crowded or I attended something else at the same time so this was my first time getting in! I saw Chris Hardwick, Robert Kirkman, other writer and director peeps along with the actors who play Rick, Negan, Carol, Morgan, Dwight, Enid, Jesus and Daryl! Wait, no Maggie? AWWWW HELL NAH! I knew should have attended this panel the last seven times they had it. D’OH!

The show will return on October 22nd with a two hour Talking Dead special following right after. We saw some footage from the premiere episode! Carl was walking around an empty parking lot and someone started yelling at him. Carl drew his gun and… TO BE CONTINUED OCTOBER 22ND DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!

Someone asked JDM, the actor who plays Negan why fans liked him so much. Someone in the audience screamed “Because you’re a sexy asshole!” This was misinterpreted as the fan saying he had a sexy asshole. Which became a running joke at the panel lol! Fans also brought up Sam and Dean from Supernatural and JDM’s work on Grey’s Anatomy. He was like “Are you sure you guys are at the right panel?” HA HA HA!

Robert Kirkman said that in the future either a character from The Walking Dead will appear on Fear The Walking Dead or vice versa or a character connected to The Walking Dead will appear on Fear The Walking Dead or vice versa. I KNOW TOO MUCH!!!

That’s a wrap for day three. One more to go!



Went to the worldwide premiere of the Batman '66 animated sequel, Batman vs. Two Face! Me personally on the animation side I thought the first one felt a little rushed in some parts but this one looked great throughout. The story still had camp but it was kind of dark in some parts. After we saw the movie the director called it camp noir ha ha! King Tut was in it! Also some characters from Batman The Animated series. William Shatner played Two Face so they made Harvey Dent look like William Shatner, as if he was a guesr star on the old Batman TV show. Loved the film!

The movie was of course dedicated to Adam West. I saw him at NYCC last year when we watched the previous animated movie. He was so full of energy it’s hard to believe he’s gone. RIP.

Then we got to meet Burt Ward who I’ve seen before, but also William Shatner! You know the guy from the only Star Trek series that counts. At least according to me ha ha! That was fun!

At the Sonic The Hedgehog IDW panel! They announced that IAN FLYNN IS GOING TO WRITE IT OH SNAP! While it will be a new continuity and we don’t know what characters are returning IAN FLYNN IS STILL WRITING IT OH SNAP! I really loved his Mega Man comic too. IDW is allowing him to create a Sonic universe from the ground up, the way he always wanted to shape it. Interesting! There will be an issue every week in April 2018 and then it will go monthly. Tyson Hesse will be drawing it. Oh and did I mention IAN FLYNN IS GOING TO WRITE IT!!! Hype!

At the Women of Marvel panel! Or as I like to call it the Women of TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM MARVEL panel WORD! They only talked a little bit about adult Jean Grey coming back to life. JEAN GREY IS BACK HOORAY! The editor read the scripts for the upcoming limited series and she said stuff was happening like an explosion on the Moon and the sun turning into a big phoenix! Then a waitress came out of a diner and was like what’s up with that? The waitress had a name tag that said Jean on it. WHAT THE… That’s where she’s been all this time? Well working as a waiter or waitress is kind of like death sometimes ha ha! The first issue drops the last week of December.

Kathreen Khavari, the voice actress for Ms. Marvel AKA Kamala Khan was there and they showed a clip from the Avengers Assemble cartoon that featured her origin story. Cool! The character is RUMORED to be included in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite as DLC so who knows Kathreen might voice the character in the game and I can say I met her OH SNAP! NEWS ALERT: I may have met somebody who may or may not do something in the future with TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM CAPCOM! TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!! Lol!

Finally the last panel I attended at the con was one celebrating the 25th anniversary of Batman The Animated Series! Wait 25 years? I’M OOOOOOOLD!!! Whelp enough about my old ass. On stage was Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Tara Strong and Kevin Conroy!

An interesting tidbit we learned was how they got Shirley Walker to do the music for the show. They wanted something that sounded like Elfman’s score in Tim Burton’s Batman movie, but there’s no way they could afford Elfman. Bruce saw CBS’ Flash TV series and thought the music she did for that show had an orchestral vibe to it, and they probably could afford Shirley Walker. It turned out that she also worked on the Batman movie and helped Elfman with that score. It’s funny how all of that worked out so perfectly.

Kevin Conroy said he had a tough relationship with his father and he used that in his portrayal of Batman. Particularly in Mask of the Phantasm when he pleaded with his parent’s grave to let him out of his vow. Kevin said when you act you bring all of your life experiences into your performances.

A fan from Mexico said his favorite episodes were the two parter called Robin’s Revenge. The audience corrected him saying that those episodes were called Robin’s Reckoning. The fan said that he saw those episodes in Spanish and they called them “La Venganza de Robin.” Which translates to “The Revenge of Robin.” Translators lol!

Will close things out with a bit of levity. Kevin Conroy sang to us just like he did in that Justice League episode! Oh and a fan brought up the elephant in the room, the sex scene between Batman and Batgirl in The Killing Joke animated movie ooooh… Tara Strong who played Batgirl and Kevin Conroy joked around that didn’t have a problem with the scene, started flirting with each other and it ended with Tara saying “Call me!” ROFL!

That’s it for my coverage. Had an amazing time! Pics coming soon!


I’m attending Anime NYC so like always here’s my coverage of the event!

Day 1

All up in the con! Got my FREE golden Anime NYC pin to commemorate the innagural show! Us Crunchroll premium members get first access to the floor and a giant sized bag! At NYCC I got the Boruto bag so this time I got the Dragon Ball Super bag. GOTTA CATCH’EM ALL GOTTA CATCH’EM ALL!

On to the show floor! Some interesting stuff like all of the vendors and panels rooms are on the same floor and level. There’s two bathrooms on the floor, one for men and women but both have been marked so both sexes can use both. The Tokyo Arcade section had Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite available for play so CAPCOM REPRESENT! And they had chairs OH SNAP!

The first panel I went to was run by fans and was about super robots, like those seen in the Super Robot Wars video games! Gundam! Evangelion! Gundam! Armored Trooper Votoms! Gundam! BTW did I mention Gundam? Because GUNDAM!

The panelists discussed what would be a good show to introduce people to the super robot genre. Turn A Gundam was brought up, because it was the closest to a Gundam anime done by Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli fame. Well not exactly, but the closest. Um, ugh, errrr, I mean I like the show, but that’s the one that brought in Syd Mead of Blade Runner fame to design the Turn A Gundam, and it is the worst looking Gundam of all time! The Gundam with the mustache! AWWWWW HELL NAWWW! I say start off with Mobile Fighter G Gundam instead BECAUSE GUNDAMS GET PUNCHED IN THE FACE! Now that’s the stuff. HOSTESS!

Mobile Fighter G Gundam was directed by Imagawa, who has a very stylized way of doing things. Interestingly enough his name came up during the panel again when discussing what super robot show should be done by him and receive the “Imagawa treatment.” Turn A Gundam, came up again too. Turn A Gundam was the show that merged all of the Gundam shows into one timeline (well, if it did or it didn’t is best left up to the viewers at this point) and they said the original plan was to merge all of Tomino’s shows and all of Sunrise’s shows. IMAGINE COWBOY BEBOP IN THE SAME UNIVERSE AS CHAR AZNABLE WORD! That’s not what happened though so I can’t get my THE REAL RED COMET BLUES outro song on D’OH! Anyway, a panelist was all for Imagawa taking on that project! HELL YEAH BECAUSE THAT WOULD MEAN THE MUSTACHED GUNDAM WOULD GET PUNCHED IN THE FACE! Fund it. ~_^

Went to the Funimation panel and they advertised some of their biggest hits. Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, stuff like that. They said they acquired the rights to Nichijou. Subtitles only, no dub. When they asked the audience if they could show a clip of any scene from the show what would it be, and they said the deer scene. Well that’s what we saw and it was really funny! It was a school principal fighting an actual deer. And there was a lot of blood! WHAT THE… Well really funny like I said lol!

There was a panel based on a live action Gundam movie. No, not G-Saviour. After the original Mobile Gundam aired Bandai reached out to Hollywood to make a live action movie back in 1983. This was way before even the sequel series, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. So for the movie Syd Mead, the same dude who designed that Turn A mustache Gundam ugh… designed the Gundam for the movie. And GASP… It looked good? SO HOW DID MUSTACHE GUNDAM HAPPEN? Anyway, he also designed the Zaks. Yes Hollywood called the Zakus the Zaks.

More on the script. So on the Colony named O’Neil 7… Amuru, no not Amuro, Amuru… lived there with Sha… No not Char… Sha… Sha was Amuru’s little brother who used glider wings to fly around for fun, making him look like a bird. So the Zaks attacked, sent by the corporation named Zeon. Yes, Zeon was a corporation. This was fairly close to the Empire in Star Wars. Anywho… Zeon captured Sha and brainwashed him to fight Amuru. Amuru then teams up with Sara… no not Sayla Mass… Sara and five random mecha pilots to help them out, just like the movie Seven Samurai…

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT!!!” - Me; 2017. Also Sunrise; 1983. ROFL so basically the movie never happened. If only Sunrise stopped the Netflix Death Note movie too… Ha ha! The real reason the movie was stopped was because Sunrise had a USA division and Bandai was doing this without their consent. THANK YA JEEZUS HALLELULER!

Caught the tail end of the Crunchyroll panel and found out that they got the rights to stream Yu Yu Hakusho! OH MY GOD! Ha ha in joke if you’ve ever heard the full song to the first ending. SON OF A GUUUIUUUUUN! Rolling Dream… <3

Of course what’s an anime con if I can’t sit around and watch FREE anime? I saw the first episodes of Hozuki’s Coolheadedness and
Himouto Umaru-chan. Himouto Umaru-chan showed a bedroom with a fake Street Fighter IV poster called “Stream Fighter IV.” She also played a fake version of Resident Evil. Umaru-chan was also a fan of the manga Junk Piece and the reindeer was her favorite character. Which of course was supposed to represent One Piece. A lot of fun nods! Saw the first episode of Infini-T Force which I’ve seen before LEGALLY AND FOR FREE on, but it’s always cool to watch something on the big screen with fellow Tatsunoko fans!

The last thing I did was I attended a One Piece fan panel that celebrated the franchise’s 20th Anniversary! We saw lots of cool stuff, like images of an actual One Piece restaurant in Japan! A man dressed as Sanji is one of the servers. He is very kind to women, he flirts with them and places heart shaped cookies on their meals! But he is aggressive towards men! He takes that same cookie and with one hand he crumbles it over their meals. So just like the real Sanji would heh heh! They showed us some funny ads too. There’s an animated one where the entire crew is drinking bottles of Coke instead of mugs of beer. Another one where they are selling razors for shaving. Wait why does Luffy have to shave? A well. It’s not like I understand why Snoopy needs to sell Life Insurance to the little kids of the Peanuts gang or why Barney Rubble can’t just go buy a box of Fruity Pebbles.

They also brought up the One Piece symbol seen on the bomb in the Jinchuu arc of the Rurouni Kenshin manga. That I knew about but I did not know that it was put there by Oda himself back when he was an assistant on Rurouni Kenshin! Even though One Piece wasn’t published until Oda was 23, he has been working on the concept on his own since he was 17! We saw early sketches of the crew. Everyone looked more or less the same but Chopper looked more like a walking talking tall reindeer. Who smoked!

Yeah this was a fun panel for One Peice fans, and as spoiler free as possible. Happy 20th One Peice! BUT PLEASE DEAR GOD DON’T GO ANOTHER 20 I MEAN 87 BOOKS AND OVER 800 EPISODES WHO THE HELL CAN KEEP UP LAAAAAAAWD HAVE MERCY!!!

That’s it for Day 1. Continuing tomorrow!



I had every kind of train problem in the world today but I STILL managed to make it in time for the first panel I wanted to go to, the Sentai Filmworks panel. THANK YOU ANIME GODS!

Caught the tail end of the Kodansha panel. I have no idea what they were peddling since I only showed up late and got there just in time for Q&A. Lots of interesting questions and answers though. Kodansha has discovered that readers who read manga digitally and those who read manga in print are completely different audiences. What does well in one format doesn’t always do well in another. Bit by bit the industry is figuring out how to approach both audiences.

Certain people asked about the differences on how manga in Japan comes shrink wrapped and in book jackets while ours do not. The shrink wrap is because in Japan the manga companies decide what the content is and in the US it’s the retailers. The retailers like the books to be open so people can thumb through them and decide if they want to buy. They do shrink wrap books if there’s adult content so children don’t see them. Also the books that don’t sell they can sell back to the publisher, which also doesn’t happen in Japan. Regarding book jackets, Japan is a lot smaller than the US so they can keep the books in good condition when shipping. But here they don’t travel well since they have to to go longer distances. They also rub against each other in boxes while being delivered and get banged up that way too. Kodansha says whatever material is in the book jackets in Japan such as comics and things like that they reprint and put in their books so you’re not missing any content.

Ha that all turned out to more interesting than Sentai’s panel, go fig. I thought they would bring out more sentai shows like they used to, like Gatchaman and Casshan, but nope none of that. Guess Sentai is just a name now sigh… They did show a bunch of shows and asked for people in the audience to cheer for their favorites. Food Wars got the loudest reaction. Oh and I was the only one who cheered for ClassicaLoid! Like really? I mean it’s the character designer from the Capcom game Sengoku Basara, Makoto Tsuchihayashi and this time he’s designing Beethoven, Mozart, etc. How can these people not watch this? THIS ANNOYING CAPCOM FANBOY HATES EVERYBODY HERE! Lol! Oh and they played a “Who’s That Pokemon” type game except it was “Who’s That Anime Character.” On screen they showed a Sentai Filmworks character in a black silhouette and if you guessed who they were you got a prize. One of them was the demon Tora from Ushio and Tora. The fan incorrectly guessed Blanka of Street Fighter fame OH SNAP! Ha of course he was wrong but THIS ANNOYING CAPCOM FANBOY DOESN’T HATE THAT GUY! :slight_smile:

Aniplex panel! They talked a lot about the Fate/Grand Order cellphone game and also the Fate/stay Night Heaven’s Feel movie. Which I’m going to see on Monday IN A MOVIE THEATER OH SNAP! This isn’t connected to the con or anything, I just got my ticket a long time ago cuz THAT’S HOW I DO! One funny moment at the panel was they showed and image of Rin, Sakura and Saber. They asked people to cheer for their favorite and Saber won. They said Saber always wins. BEST WAIFU! Who obviously became famous after the Capcom peoduced PSP game Fate/Unlimited Codes because no one knew who Saber was before that. Not even Saber herself yup yup! Oh and the women at the panel joked that Saber, Rin and Sakura were the Femme Fate-al. Get it? Fate? In their words “These are the jokes people!” Yes no one laughed at the dad joke. THAT’S HOW THEY DO… or DID!

At the Infini-T Force with the Japanese producer of the show. And he speaks English hooray! He said that a lot of people know about the characters from Capcom vs. Tatsunoko and the crowd cheered! CAPCOM MENTIONED AT THE CON HELL YEAH! He did say it wrong though. It’s Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and not the other way around. It’s cool if you want to say Capcom’s name first though. ~_^

We all got FREE posters and we saw a trailer for the Infiniti-T Force movie, the same trailer that’s online now. They announced that it will be in movie theaters in the US! I’m sure it will be a limited run, like on Sunday morning or Monday night only like we tend to get these anime movies… blarg… but still cool. We also saw a clip from episode 9 which hasn’t even aired yet. Two villains were fighting each other! The smart money is on one villain defeating the other villain. I’VE SAID TOO MUCH!

Speaking of the baddies, this is something I never even thought about while watching the show. The show has four heroes and that’s why there are four villains, and each of them is a contrast to an individual hero. Guess I never gave it much thought but that makes sense.

There was some talk about how Tatsunoko wanted to do something special for their 55th anniversary and that’s why it’s CGI instead of hand drawn. So the show is storyboarded in Tatsunoko, then it’s sent to Digital Frontier and they animate it, then it goes back to Tatsunoko and they add the voices and music. They mentioned other things that Digital Fronteir has worked on. They did the Appleseed movies and also the Resident Evil CGI movies. CAPCOM REPRESENTING AGAIN! #AnnoyingFanboyReportingYos

LeSean Thomas panel! He’s from New York originally, born and raised in South Bronx. So he was happy to come to a big anime con since we haven’t had a big anime con in years. And naturally thrilled to be a guest of honor! He worked on Boondocks and Black Dynamite. He also created Children of Ether for Crunchyroll. No word from him when / if more episodes of Children of Ether are coming. But he is turning his Cannon Buster comic book into an animated series on Netflix! Making moves!

At the Gundam Thunderbolt panel! The main composer was there! He said he’s been playing Jazz for 40 years. He’s not into manga, anime or video games himself. So it’s quite surprising that something like Gundam made him visit New York for the first time ever and not his musical carreer ha ha! Tomorrow we will see the premiere of the dub for the Gundam Thunderbolt sequel, Bandit Flower. And his band will perform music for the movie while we watch it! A GUNDAM CONCERT! I’ve been to a concert like that for the first Lord of The Rings movie where an orchestra played the music while the movie played. It was so much fun! Tomorrow’s gonna rule! :slight_smile:

Swung by Artist Alley really quick. They were doing some cool stuff having drawings of characters on T-Shirts and caps! My broke ass almost brought something. Almost! Put a Capcom character on one of those and my wallet is DONE SON!

More Gundam! At the Iron Blooded Orphans panel (another FREE poster WORD) with the producer and Robbie Daymond who voices Gaelio! Robbie Daymond also voices Spider-Man in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite! I guess he voices Spider-Man for the new Spider-Man cartoon, but that’s horrible don’t watch that. Definitely play Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite though. That’s your only homework assignment for today yup yup!

The producer said that when the mecha pilots piloted the Gundams shirtless, fans in Japan thought they were just trying to show off beefcake. No, they were just trying to show that the kids were poor. The studio was surprised that the audience misunderstood the intent.

There was a fun moment when they asked the panel what mecha everyone at the panel would pilot if they could in real life. Robbie picked the Tequila Gundam from Mobile Fighter G ROFL! Eren’s voice actor picked Sandrock from Gundam Wing. The producer picked Barbaros from Iron Blooded Orphans. I forget which one but one of the female voice actresses picked the Nobel Gundam from Mobile Fighter G since it was all pretty and Sailor Moon like ROFL!

Attended two more panels. One about women in Gundam, particularly the original series and how the director Tomino was not as sexist as some people claim. There was another panel discussing dystopian works that compared Attack on Titan to The Walking Dead comic book and the prose book Farenheight 451. All very interesting but I’m super hungry and can’t be funny about it so I’ll end my coverage here. Quick reader insert a dad joke or something STAT! “These are the jokes people!” Now off to eat at Arby’s. :slight_smile:

Day 3 coming up!



At the Gundam Thunderbolt Bandit Flower premiere WORD! Turns out that it wasn’t what was said yesterday, a concert that plays while we watched the movie. We watched the movie dubbed, then after that the band played music while footage from Thunderbolt 1 and 2 played on the screen in the background. So it was more like a Video Games Live performance. Also, two women came out to sing the songs from Thunderbolt 1 and 2! One woman even sang a song in Japanese and then she sang it English! It was like a having a five minute delay on a Universal Translator implant which we are all going to get so we can stop waiting for dubs! Probably far into the future, like December 2017 or so. YOU READ IT HERE FIRST! They also simulated Io Flemming’s drum and piano band session from the movie with the actual male a female drummer and pianist who played the music for the movie! Then it ended with the two female vocalists doing a duet and singing the song that plays at the end of the movie we just watched! AWESOME! It was like a FREE concert! I mean I paid to go to the con but still, it felt free lol!

At the Crunchyroll Simulcast panel! They showed clips and ads of a lot of shows they are streaming. It was all good even though they didn’t convince me to watch anything new because THERE’S 800 ONE PIECE EPISODES LAAAAAAAWD HAVE MERCY! Well hey those are on Crunchroll too!

At the Satoshi Kon panel! The director behind Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers and Paronia Agent. He passed away in 2010 so RIP. Found out some of his influences were Space Cruiser Yamato and the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime. OH SNAP! Those were big influences on Capcom too. The giant beam the Yamato fires inspired the Hadouken. Capcom is of course made up of big Gundam fans. They used to ghost make the Gundam Versus series for Bandai and after Bandai merged with Namco they hired all of those Capcom employees to continue the Gundam Versus series, and the newest entry is available on the PS4! So CAPCOM HAS THE SAME INFLUENCES AS AN ANIME LEGEND SATOSHI KON SO YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE FOOL YA FOOLS!

Ha and that wraps up my coverage. Had a great time! I have all my pictures in my digital camera and my NYCC pictures are STILL in there ugh… I’ll upload everything after the Thanksgiving Holiday or so. Thanks for reading! Now go watch some anime!