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Both Red and Blue when plugged into PC or PS3.

Try a shorter/different USB and see if that helps

I’m trying to build a stick for my dreamcast and Joey from focus attack send me here. I’m new at this to be honest. I asked for the Ps360+ and he said that akishop is no longer producing it and my only option would be Cthulhu.

He said that I’ll need a little bit of soldering which I can do (practicing right now). I have no guidance on how to make a fighting stick work for a dreamcast or the things besides the PCB to make it. Any advice will be appreciated.

I wanna use Sanwa jlf and button. Ps360+ or Cthulhu instruction would be appreciated thanks!

plenty of posts about that, bud

please search

I researched and most of the links that seem to have good information are broken or they take me to the main forum page. We are in page 207 and I already backtrack a lot of pages and most of the talk about last gen and current consoles.

I can’t find anything specific to dreamcast. I learned that I need to solder the controller’s cable but don’t know to which hole. Or if is possible to removed the USB and replace it with a RJ45 and buy a RJ45 to dreamcast plug.

I know my questions sound minuscule, but would help immensely if somebody could point me out to the right tutorial to do this. Thanks!

Thank you guys, that’ll help!

Is it possible to use a dual PCB mod where you have a Toodles MC Cthulhu and a Brook Universal linked together? if so, would I need a Chimp? A friend and I are considering to do just that to a gutted stick we have.

If something like that were possible, every major console ever released for the most part would be compatible with this stick.

You should not… you should need another RJ45 Port and just 1 USB output (Brook UFB for USB output and Rj45 port for MCCthulhu outputs)

If you’d just want 1 RJ45 Output for all the consoles, then you might want a IMPv2.

So if I use an Imp version 2, that would work? interesting. I thought that the Toodles MC Cthulhu had a built-in Imp switch. Guess I was mistaken.

Which would you recommend, the single RJ-45 with IMPv2 or the double port method?

On that topic, I’m considering to gut and reconstruct my Hitbox because the RJ-45 on it is likely a defect. Recent online research and me using 2 different RJ45 Akishop Dreamcast cables are my evidence. I honestly didn’t know for over a year because I didn’t have a Dreamcast chord.

I’m interested in doing the same mod myself. I’m wondering if getting an IMP board is the only way to output both through the same RJ 45 port? If you were to daisy chain the UFB and the MCC via the 20 pin connector that would not work?

I feel like the two ports would be easier IMO but kinda ugly and wasteful when you can just have one

Well, I finally discovered that my MC Cthulhu does in fact work on SOME SNES games. On Donkey Kong Country it doesn’t work at all, on Mario All Stars only the Dpad and start button work, and on Castlevania 4 everything works. Anyone have any ideas on what the issue could be?

Yup RJ45, typo. Does your MC Cthulhu work on Donkey Kong Country? For some reason mine works perfectly on Castlevania 4 and not at all on DKC.

I just plugged it into my PC to test it, according to the USB controller settings all the buttons and the joystick function properly.

Hey guys,

I’m building a hitbox and am planning to use the ChimpSMD for it. Living in europe, my options are pretty limited, PCB wise. The only other board I could get, would be the Brook Universal Fighting Board, which would cost almost 3x as much as the Chimp.

For the time being, I will only play SFV on PC, so I don’t see any reason not to go with the Chimp. It has SOCD cleaning and supports the PC, so I should be all set.

Am I missing something? Is there a difference in input lag between those two boards?

ChimpSMD is fine but… what about XInput games as SFV (tho it now supports directinput but is a pain in the ass)?

Maybe Brook ps3ps4fighting board would be better for you!

Sorry, I’m not completely familiar with the difference between XInput and DirectInput. I did a quick Google search, and from my understanding XInput is Microsofts current input API, and DirectInput is the predecessor. Is that correct? And you’re saying the Chimp only supports DirectInput, Streetfighter V supports both, but the DirectInput support sucks in some way, right?

Edit: I can’t get the ps3ps4 Fighting Board here in Germany unfortunately. The only shop I could find, that is carrying this stuff, only has the Universal Fighting Board.

You can order the PS4/3 Brook boards on Ebay.

Hori Fighting Commander for PS3/4/PC is your best padhack if that’s an option for you. No SOCD cleaner but outside of vanilla MvC3 you won’the need one…

Oh, you’re right. Thanks for the hint! I’d appreciate it, if someone could clarify that/why the ChimpSMD isn’t an optimal choice though.

I’d prefer going with a fresh PCB over gutting a controller. Also, to my understanding, the SOCD cleaner does make a difference in SFV. Correct me if I’m wrong.