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It works magically! I love you Toodles!

What exactly does holding down select do?

FAQs, first post, specficially question #3.

Hi toodles don’t know if this question is ok in srk forumz, but is there any way that MCCthulhu can work with TypeXconfig ? it doesn’t get recognized :frowning:

I have no idea, I’ve never tried.

I’m looking for an RJ45 pin-out for a dreamcast cable and I remember the links on this forum, but I can’t seem to locate them and when I do find something that looks right it seems to be a dead link. Could someone send me a good link for a dreamcast cable pin-out. Thanks

Thank you very much for the quick reply, I’m playing some marvel right now thanks to your link!

You made the cable quick.

Hey guys, hope you can help me out.

Been using my ChimpSMD for a couple months now (thank you Toodles) and it was all working fine.

Recently, it started to die out when using on the 360 and i discovered it was the USB cable. I just replaced the cable and went on playing.

Now, the same problem has reappeared, here`s what happens:

1- I plug it in the ps3 and i can play for hours, no problem.

2- I plug it in the 360 and then, suddenly, when i`m playing, the stick dies for a brief second, i get the “Reconnect your controller” message and the stick returns. This happens repeatedly.

Now, in order to test it out, thinking it could be a misconnection, I opened the stick with the stick plugged in and i messed with all the wires that i thought could be doing this (the Usb ones and the solders on the board) and nothing happened. I even put some stress in some parts and nothing happened at all.

Then, i tried to play again and the problem appeared once again. Plugged it in the PS3, everything was fine.

Any idea on how can I approach this problem? My next test will be using the USB port from the chimp instead of the screw terminals for usb cables, but i`m not sure if it will do any difference. By the way, can I use the Usb output screw terminals and the Usb jack at the same time? Like outputting 2 cables but only plugging one of them in the videogame?

You can have a cable connected in the screw terminals and another in the USB jack, but it’s not recommended at all. The ‘plugged into two consoles at once’ is an obvious no-no, but the unused cable could affect how the used cable performs from additional capacitance in the unused cable. Use it for testing if it’ll help, but remove the unused cable once the problem is fixed.

Frankly, the first thing I’d do is take the four USB output wirse going to the screw terminals, and move them over to the XD-/XD+ side along with the existing Xbox USB wires. That’d directly connect the Xbox360 pad to the outgoing cable, bypassing the Chimp entirely. If the same problem occurs, you know the Xbox360 pad is for certain at fault.

Sorry if you got asked this already toodles, but any idea when the next shipment of boards are going to go to LL?

I want to take advantage of this CAD>USD rate before it goes back to normal

Heh, he’s probably being hammered so bad he doesn’t realized he’s out :slight_smile: You can remind him, or if you need one in a hurry you can always get one off me.

Toodles, thanks for the fast reply.

So, your suggestion is that i screw the wires to the same terminals, right? Like, 8 wires, 4 terminals, from the same side?

To be honest, I`m getting more hints that it might be the original PCB. I don’t know why but it seems the problem only happens when I’m using the wired headset (wtf?). I’ve been testing using the headset and not using it and the problem is only happening when I’m using it. But I need to test it for a longer period of time before knowing if it is just luck.

Been messing around a little more and its definitely something related to the Headset Jack. The moment I insert the headset the stick dies and then returns. And if I keep the headset on, it keeps disconnecting for no reason.

Toodles, I know it`s probably nothing related to your problem but do you have any idea on how I could try to fix this?


No idea, sorry.

Sorry if this question has been answered already but none of my MC board/custom sticks are working with AE PC. Is there a driver i need to DL for it or is this still a capcom issue they havent fixed yet?

using Steam AE PC btw.

you will have to forgive my newbness, so when i plug it in with the select held down, what config do i go too?

i tried to start ae and configure but nadda, is there a specific place to go in windows 7 to configure? sorry not a pc guy so im lost at this point.

Edit: this sticks i am using are only the MC chultha, nothing else with them. So wondering why it wont work for AE PC. i used them for PS3 and SF4 Vanilla PC in the past and all worked fine with the MC Chultha.

Ok duh, i got it to work

What i had to do was hold select like you said, then go into options and hit the right key till MC Chultha came up and then map the buttons. Thanks.