The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor!

Easiest option is to order an MC upgrade kit from the website. Pop the chip in and its an MC Cthulhu.

I would assume no; an ImpV2 is a cool DPDT switch, USB (on the PS3) runs 4 wires (ie, Vcc+GND+2 others), whereas the TvC PCB (a Classic Controller, essentially) runs 5 wires (Vcc+GND+3 others).

Why not just use an MC Cthulhu (plug the stick to the Wii via the GameCube port)?

Here’s something that I’m having a bit of an issue with on one of my newly dual-modded sticks.
Connected with an ImpV2, MC Cthulhu and Mad Catz 4716.

Everything’s fine EXCEPT the two trigger buttons (L2/R2).
Plugging into my PC and checking the controller/joystick configuration/calibration:

  • in PC/PS3 mode: pressing either L2 or R2 seems to activate both buttons at the same time (button 7 and 8)
  • in Xbox360 mode: pressing L2 raises the Z-axis to maximum, but pressing R2 doesn’t do anything (if I’m not mistaken, it’s supposed to bring the Z-axis to zero?)

Plugging into my PS3: pressing either L2 or R2 seems to activate both buttons at the same time
Plugging into my Xbox360: Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary; I tested this out briefly with SSF2T:HDR and tried to see if any double-inputs or whatever came up in the button configuration screen… nothing.

Anyone seen this before, or have any ideas? I double-checked the soldering, and everything looks ok… and on top of that, the L2/R2 connectors are nowhere near each other on the MC Cthulhu board.

Did you Hex Invert the Triggers on #4716?

I’ve never had to invert the hex triggers when I had the #4716 on its own, and this is the second stick that I’m wiring up the exact same way with the exact same boards. Had no issues with the first stick.

I suppose the first thing I’ll try when I have a moment is to simply desolder the connections to the 4716’s LT/RT, and see if the MC Cthulhu reacts normally without the extra connections in there.

#4716’s from the last 3-4 years need to have a hex invertor

That I understand; but I was under the impression that the Ver.G of the 4716 did not require trigger-inversions.
Furthermore, if my current 4716 Ver.G board did need to have its triggers inverted, wouldn’t they have needed to be inverted even if I had the PCB mounted on its own in a stick? Because that’s how it was before: I had two sticks with just the 4716 Ver.G (without any trigger inversion) and they both worked fine on my Xbox360. Now, when dual-modding them with ImpV2s and MC Cthulhus, one of them works and one of them doesn’t…

Removing the signal lines from the triggers on the 360 pad to test the Cthulhu is a good idea.

That Thread was so false.
I hated it.

I recieved my Chthulu the other day along with the pre-crimped wires That I also ordered from Toodles. Just wanted to comment on how awesome a product it is, i’ve been lurking here for years (lost my original account) and through this forum I learned about arcade authentic parts and found my first stick (HRAP 2 SA) learned how to solder, pad-hack & dual mod (my first dual mod was a PS2/360 stick, back in the days when the default way to do this was to just have a cord for each system coming out of your stick haha) and I am still amazed at how much this community gives back to ANYONE who is willing to simply read the forum. Theres been so much innovation in the last 4 years its insane. And yeah, i know theres tons of cool people on this board, but IMO people like Toodles, Laugh and Markman have changed the game.

What it boils down to is that the Chthulu it awesome. I CAN hack a pad but damn its nice not to have to.

So a Chthulu acts like a PS3 controller correct?

it acts like a lot more system controllers than that just not the 360 without pad hacking and adding it to the chthulu…but yes it includes ps3

Actually the Chthulu is PS3/PC only, the MC Chthulu will do PS3/PC out of the box with just a USB cable plugged in and many other systems if you can make or acquire the proper cables for the respective systems

actually stfu he just said Chthulu and did not specify the PS3/Chthulu or the MC Chthulu

ok thats what I going to buy the ps3/chthulu

And for trying to dual mod a 360 stick, it’s not your best option.
I was serious in the PM I wrote. 1. Go to Absolute Newbie Thread. 2. Describe your stick in good detail (make, model, picture or two and any mods already done to it). 3. Ask what the best way to dual mod it is. You did #1, but you skipped #2 (no information about your stick) and #3 (you asked what kind of chimp to get) .

We’re here, we want to help, and we’ve been replying to your vague posts very quickly, but you havent been giving us any information to work with. You’re making it hard on yourself, and I’m here cringing knowing that you’re heading face first into failure but you wont listen to me try and help. You’re free to buy whatever parts you’d like and I’ll happily send them out, but there won’t be any hand holding support.

The Stick I have is a TE fightstick
Mines is just like this one.

Read the TE Kitty installation guide. Fully. Read through and decide if you can follow those steps. If you can, order a TE Kitty from the site. If you can’t, decide on a modder from this thread:
And talk with them about hiring them to do the mod for you.


Haha, calm down bud. I just didnt want the guy reading your post, ordering a Chthulu, and 2 weeks from now coming back wanting to know why its not working on his PS2, GC, Dreamcast etc. Also he kinda did specify since he mentioned PS3 right in his post.

Aren’t semantics fun? You’re funny to me, keep up the good work!