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Try it hooked up to a PC with just a wire connecting the button to a GND screw terminal. If that doesn’t show it working, use a multimeter to check the voltage on the button’s screw terminal.

I rewired the ground terminal to see if I had a bad connection somewhere with no luck. Then I just tried putting that ground on a different GND terminal and now it works perfect. Must of been had a faulty terminal somewhere along the line but it works perfect. now. I am super happy with how easy it was and no soldering.

Thanks for the clarification

Hi all, is anyone else having trouble finding the MC Cthulhu pin-outs for the Saturn and the PC Engine? There doesn’t seem to be an instructable on making the cables or any other kind of link in the first post. After a lot of searching through both Google and SRK itself I was only able to find some info for the Saturn. It’s on page 89 of this thread, post #4422:

That’s all I need for the Saturn, but could someone point me to the appropriate info for the PC Engine/Turbografx-16?

In the post I linked to above, it sounded like Saturn was still in beta with firmware 1.6c. Are the Saturn and PC Engine fully supported now with current firmware (2.3 at time of writing this)?

Best place for pinouts is rtdzign’s RJ45 thread. It has the columns and RJ45 pins for all of them.

Saturn and PC-Engine both work nicely, but for PC-E/TG16 you need a multitap for 6 button support.

What the hell!? That response was instantaneous.

Anyhow, that link did not work for me for some reason, but it was easy enough to search “ rtdzign rj45” in Google. Found it in the first result:

The only thing lacking there is the descriptions of what each pin is; G and V are obvious enough but the other pins aren’t labelled CLK, LAT, DAT, etc., just numbered. It’s a point of interest but not necessary to get the wiring done. I’ve got all the info written down and ready to go now, thanks.

Could you link to that in the first post of this thread in case others are having trouble finding it as well?

Also, I did notice that about the PCE multitap, but I need it for two players anyway, so it’s not a problem.

Link in first post added underneath the Instructable’s links, and both that one and the one under the RJ45 question were updated to the correct URL. Thanks for pointing that out.
As for the columns to pins, please give me a bit to see what I can do about that. It may be easier to just port them over from the Kitty user’s guide.

Cool, thanks again!

Slightly off topic but is there any ETA on the wiring harness kits? I need to pick up a couple but I was holding off until the 1.6 SLGs came in and it looks like you ran out in the meantime D:

The order was placed, but I havent received an eta on the part I’m missing; I wont know anything until they ship it, about 3 days before it arrives here.
The part Im missing is the 8 QD daisy chain. If you’d rather get a ‘twelve pairs of individual wires’ or use the two QD chains in place of it, those I do have on hand and can rig something together for you if you let me know what you need.

Sounds good. If they aren’t back in stock by the time I get around to ordering, then I’ll contact you and we can figure something out. Thanks!

So, a couple years ago, I installed an original, non-SMD Chimp into a MadCatz TE that I sold to a friend. I met up with him recently, and he told me that the Guide button on that TE no longer works, and he can only get it to work with Start+Select=Guide. I know that I wired the guide button correctly back when I first installed it, and it was working for my friend just fine until recently. Is there a way to force the Chimp to go back to having a dedicated Guide button like on recent MC Cthulhu firmwares, or should I be checking the wiring I did?

You should check the wiring.

Question, will the chimp smd work in a madcatz te-s arcade stick? I used one previously to mod my te but alas the PCB is diffrent in the te-s.

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What specifically should I look for? When does the Chimp switch to S+S=G functionality?

Yes it works just fine in a TE-S. But if you’re going to mod a TE-S, a TE Kitty is a much better option in my opinion. Check out the Kitty thread linked in my sig, I think you’ll agree.

There’s two wires going to the Home button; one is screwed into the Home screw terminal on the Chimp. The other is going to a ground screw terminal on the Chimp. There’s also the button itself to consider. I have a hunch your problem lies somewhere in there.

Ok… So I got back a TE R1 360 i modded with ChimpSMD. after the mod, the 360 would turn on by itself if the TE was plugged in. A few hours of testing and checking and re-installing a fresh ChimpSMD resulted in the same issue (also retested this one). The 360 still turned on by itself. I installed one of the alt firmwares (Homefor360) which seems to have helped, but now i have the issue where if I leave the stick plugged in and turn on the 360, the stick does not auto detect.

Once the stick is working though, there are no issues while playing. The game does not pause or go to the Guide.


So how are the LEDs behaving during all of this?

when it stays plugged into the 360 and its turned on, the LEDs are blinking/searching but not settling. If the stick is plugged in after the 360 has been turned on, it will settle on P1 led and work normally. There is also the odd time after I power off the 360, the 360, the 360 will blink on then off…

I mean the Chimp LEDs.