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That all sounds correct. Many of the PSX->Xbox360 converters will send Guide to the console if they see Up+Select from the PSX controller, so it was requested that Home send the same.


Im glad you’re a quick learner. :slight_smile:

Sure, you have to connect it somehow, and using a Neutrik jack for a removable cable is nice, but since Rbbit is replacing the PCB in a stock HRAP stick, just getting a cable and having it leave the stick would be easy and work fine. If you’re nasty, you could take the original USB cable and solder the wires on the end to the Cthulhu so it doesn’t look modified at all. Lots of options.

That was my bad, you have that listed in the spoiler tag for button mappings in your first post. Any chance of a MCC firmware variant for the Xtokki adapters?

Post from laugh in eTokki thread:

I’d love to but it would way more work than you expect. The PSX support on the Kitty is of a digital, no analog sticks pad. There is no analog button nor L3 button to press. It is something that is possible, and something I would like to do, but it wont happen for a long time. I’ve got a ton of cool stuff I need to get tackled first.

That makes sense but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

So guys, I have a 360 SFIV TE Stick that I would like to use on my PS3. Does anyone offer services to get this done as I dont know how confident I would be in doing it myself (if its even possible). If not what would I need to get it done? So much info my head is imploding. All I have is PC/PS3/360, but would use the stick on the 360/PS3.

Check this thread here for a local modder:

If you want to do it yourself then it’s quite straight forward. Pretty much all you need is a ChImp SMD board from Toodles (can order from and some basic soldering skills.

What about the TE Kitty?

Sure. It’ll cost more, but then you get all the extra console support.

TE Kitty is the way to go. Link to the Kitty thread is here in my sig.

Bought one :slight_smile:

hey toodles, does the chimp have an area where you can disable start+select as the “home” button? when in trials mode my friend’s stick goes into home first, but thereafter it doesn’t happen anymore. or is this a soldering problem on his end?

Press Home first.
Then Select + Start will no longer be Guide.

Or flash ChImp SMD with the Select + Start = Guide Disable Firmware.

Or are you talking about ChImp?
In which there is no Firmware.

talking about chimp smd, i’ll tell my friend to flash it. replying to pm now jdm!

i need some help. i have a PS3 Cthulhu board, and i know that u can dual mod it with a 360 pcb and the letter that came with the board shows me how to do it but im just wondering if i need to use a DPDT switch, if so how would i incorporate that and 2nd will i still be able to use the USB port comin off the Cthulhu as the maimn cable or do i have to use the USB comin off the 360?
oh by the way the 360 pad is a SF Fight Pad

Either use a DPDT switch between the two PCBs’ USB D+ and D- signals, or use an ImpV2.
In either case you would have both PCBs’ USB lines go to the “switcher” (either the DPDT or ImpV2), and there would be a single USB cable coming from that.

i kinda figured that i would have to use the the D+ and D- signals to hook them up to the switch.
thanks for the help FreedomGundam

Solder to D and E on the Cthulhu.
Those are the Data Lines for.
D is Data- being.
E is Data+ being.

Then you know how to wire up DPDT for USB already.
The Outgoing USB is from DPDT.


Wondering if anyone ran into a similar issue, I recently did two dual mods using the smd (great product btw toodles). I had no issues with the Brawl Stick that I modded but I ran into a strange issue with the TE where the turbo feature is on and the home button is not working for the xbox end (it is a 360 TE). I double checked my wiring to make sure that the Data / Ground / 5v were all correct. I checked to make sure that nothing was touching on the xbox pcb that need not be. Everything else on the stick is working correctly (Directions, Buttons, Start and Select) In addition to not having any issues at all while in ps3 mode. I thought it could be possible there was an issue with the “satellite pcb” that holds the home / turbo buttons for the 360 so I swapped it with another one that I had laying around and still having the same issue. Any help? Sorry if that seemed too vague I just am unsure of how else to describe the issue because of how strange it is.

is the Cthulu compatible with the HORI SCV pcb for xbox?? Haven’t had time to check if it is common ground.

Yes it is. It’ll work fine. There’s an image in the SCV stick thread with the pinout if you need some help.