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hi guys,
can someone help me identify what pcbs are used here?
i think its related to this thread:


I’m pretty sure that is a Cthulhu PCB dual modded with a madcatz 4716 gamepad. I can’t see another pcb there so I’m assuming it has a switch to swap between the two rather than an Imp.

oh ok thanks, there is a switch to swap between 360 and ps3.
can anyone inform me on ways to add ps2 support?
like, would a mc cthulhu upgrade be a good option?

Without padhacking another controller or using a converter an MC Cthulhu is pretty much the only way to go. I can’t tell just from the pic, but is that a PS3 only Cthulhu? Here is the question off of the first page


[details=Spoiler] Q: I have a Cthulhu, but I don’t know if I have a PS3 only version, or an MC Cthulhu. How can I tell the difference?
A: If the Cthulhu is assembled, just plug it into a PC and check the game controller applet in the Control Panel. The name should be very clear about whether it is meant for PS3/PC or is a MultiConsole version. If the Cthulhu is unassembled, look in the bag for a set of four diodes; MC Cthulhu kits come with diodes, but PS3 Only versions don’t. If you’re looking at just the chip, look at the first row of text on the chip; the PS3 Only version will have the text ‘F24’ on it, usually 18F2450. The MC Cthulhu will have the text ‘F25’ on it, usually 18LF2550.[/details]

If it is the PS3 only version you can upgrade it to a MC using the kit off of
After upgrading it follows the rules of a standard MC Cthulhu mod, but the real question is how dirty do you want to get your hands since some of this will require soldering no matter which route you go.
Edit: I don’t know how to spoiler tag :oops:

yeah i just checked its a ps3/pc Cthulhu.
I think i gotta make room for a ps2 cable and upgrade to MC Cthulhu.
On a side note, is there something with ps3/ps2 compatibility that uses the usb cable for ps2 and ps3?
dont wanna get my hands dirty, but thanks for the help :smiley:

I don’t know of any, the ps2 cable has 9 pins and USB has 4 pins so there isn’t a way to output to a single cable without a converter or an rj45 mod. From a quick google search it seems that there aren’t any ps3 to ps2 converters so the rj45 would be the easiest if you only wanted one cable on the case at a given time. This is a relatively advanced mod, but here is the link: RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2
Good news is you just make a new cable to add console support, bad news is soldering is required and ethernet crimpers are needed.

If you want to avoid the cost of an ethernet crimper you can just get a ps2 cable and solder it directly to the MC cthulhu, but it still requires soldering and the case will have an extra cable sticking out. Alternatively you can replace the USB out with a PS2 cable and do some fancy work and have a PS2 to USB dongle on the outside, but this requires some extra work so the rj45 would probably turn out cheaper and easier.

I don’t really know of any other methods to do what you’re wanting to, but it’d probably be a good idea to wait for Toodles since he knows more about this than I do.

I can’t think of anything you missed Wrath, thanks.

thanks wrath for your detailed information!

Hello i am a complete noob for these dual mods lets say you have a xbox360 stick does that mean i need to solder the xbox360 controllers pcb and buy ps3 controller and solder it to that? I dont understand why you need the mc cthulhu

you won’t have to buy the ps3 controller, the MC cthulhu or chimp functions as a ps3 controller. You’d choose an mc cthulhu over a chimp if you wanted compatibility for legacy consoles (ps2, gc, nes, etc.). If you only want ps3 functionality added, get a chimp.

so no matter what you still need a stock xbox 360 controller ripped out of a game pad?


you have an xbox 360 stick (madcatz, hori, etc), then no.

ah ok so if you were to make your own stick you need a stock xbox360 pcb? And to dual mod it you need a mc chutlhu? what would be the difference of just wiring together the xbox and ps3 pcbs?

for the above application you would need a mc cthulhu and imp plus an xbox 360 pad/pcb. if you want just pc/ps3/xbox you could get a chimp instead.
Typically, no one uses ps3 pcbs in their dual mods, they would use a chimp or something

I im so sorry but can you explain to me what each does ? What does the mc chutlhu chimp imp all do ?

Hey guys, I’m looking for some emergency help. Until today, I was able to use my MC Cthulhu w/ RJ-45 jack + USB to play just fine on my ps3. My stick ‘default’ plugs in as an Xbox fightpad, and when holding home switches to MC Cthulhu. For whatever reason today, I unplugged the stick from my ps3 from the RJ-45 jack instead of the USB cord. Since then, my stick REFUSES to work on my Ps3. It is absolutely unresponsive and not working, even on other Ps3s. I’ve also tried three separate RJ-45 USB cords, none of which have been responsive (Including the one it was originally working with up until today). The only thing that DOES still work on Ps3 is the LEDs. So it’s at least still registering a power supply from the Ps3.

When I plug the stick into my computer, I’m still able to use it as both a 360 Fightpad and MC Cthulhu - it both registers on the computer and responds to inputs. The stick also still works on the Xbox just fine (Which obviously isn’t the Cthulhu at work, but just throwing that out there).

Honestly I can’t think it’s the stick’s component’s fault or the cables - both are still working fine on PC so why wouldn’t it work on my Ps3? At the same time I have a hard time believing it’s the Ps3 when it was working fine until I unplugged it and I tried it on two separate Ps3s.

So yeah, any help with this would be appreciated…really frustrating when things go from working perfectly to not working.

what is your ultimate goal and what stick do you have currently?

i have a custom made fight stick with an xbox controller pcb i took out and soldered

soldered to what? what systems do you want to play on?

Just as a small update to this predicament, or rather something I forgot to mention in my initial post. When I first got my stick (It was a custom order) it didn’t work on Ps3 at all, much like it does now. I’d hold down home (Holding down home puts it into "Register as MC Cthulhu mode) and it just…wouldn’t work. No reaction from the stick or Ps3. It would work on my Windows XP PC just fine when I plugged it in, but not on my Windows 7 Laptop (It would show up as "USB device unrecognized). After having the fine gentleman who built my stick so courteously send me THREE additional cables for no cost other than shipping, as well as even sending the stick back to him to check what the problem could be (It worked fine for him so he sent it back), I didn’t know what it could be. So I just sort’ve gave up on it ever working on Ps3 at that point and used it as an Xbox/PC stick.

Then one year later (Yeah, one year), the idea finally came to me. “I wonder if it will show up as an MC Cthulhu stick on my XP PC if I hold down the home button to ‘switch modes’” (Until then I had only used it in ‘Xbox360’ mode on PC). Sure enough it worked on PC, and then IMMEDIATELY after it started working on Ps3…until yesterday when I unplugged it through the rj-45 jack instead of the USB end of the cable (So I unplugged it from the stick jack end instead of the console jack end basically). I have no idea if that’s even relevant, but that’s the point at which it again started to be stubborn and not work on my Ps3 once again.

So it still works on Xbox. Still works on PC in both 360 and MC Cthulhu mode. Just the Ps3 ONCE AGAIN. I’m not sure if it matters, but my Ps3 is one of the old ‘fat’ models with only two USB jacks, as was the other Ps3 I tested it on when it didn’t work.