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whats the best way to use minimal ground points with the non soldering mc cthulhu ?

wow quoting the entire first post? lol
daisy chain your grounds on your buttons

Are we talking as the sole PCB or as a Dual Mod?

Ether way you do whats called DAISY CHAINING

for being the ONLY PCB, just daisy chain your grounds for all your buttons.
Only grounds you need to use are for your USB cable, and 1 ground for your inputs. If you want to you can include your Joystick’s grounds to the daisy chain.
I do recommend giving your joystick is own ground contact, using one of the gnd points near the directional inputs only because many fine its easier to manage.

As for a dual mod, is one of the input grounds connected to a PCB (ether the cthlhu or your other PCB usually a Xbox 360 PCB) you are fine as the only ground the common ground Xbox PCB needs to connect to the cthlhu/chimp is the Xbox 360’s USB ground. A 2nd ground line isn’t a bad idea, any point on the XBox 360’s ground plane would work to connect to a free gnd.

Had a quick question. I’m looking into modding my PS3 SE so I can use it with all the games I found for my PS2. I was looking into the MC Cthulhu but something never resolved in my head.

If the connector on it is USB (with A/B cord)…then where exactly does the RJ-45 console cords come in? I’m just breaking out in wanting to work on my arcade stick but everyone starts somewhere. Looking forward to doing LED work as well, pray for me.

you need an imp to go with the cthulhu, and you connect rj45/usb to it

Read this for RJ45 help. RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2

technically you dont need an imp if you’re not dual modding the stick with a 360 pad. he just needs to wire up the rj45 as per the link above and make his cables accordingly.

Thank you for the information, guys. I’m still trying to figure out how the stick and buttons connect to the Cthulhu as well as the keystone jack. It’s worth a shot. Just looking for a decent solution to using my favorite stick on different consoles and not have to worry about cords shorting out for a while.

once its in your hands it will all make sense.

im having one slight problem with my mod and im not sure the forum to throw it into. I am not sure if its an Imp issue, a mc cthulhu issue or my xbox pcb.

basically, unwired my 360 TE stick, attached all the MC cthulhu wires, and then attatched the imp to that. I plugged it into my pc and updated the MC cthulhu firmware no problem. so i plugged it into the ps3 and bam, working great. i plugged it into the 360, and the xbox no longer recognizes the TE stick. i find it so odd since all the inputs get routed thru the og TE pcb and the PC and the PS3 can recognize it.

also, no matter what i plug it into, (pc, ps3, xbox), one of my turbo button lights is always on. and if i start up with the stick in LS mode, there is a feignt green glow under the home button, and the red turbo light is brighter.

tldr: my xbox 360 TE stick can be used on ps3 / PC but not the Xbox 360. any advice? anything im missing?

Just wondering… is there a way to make a Chimp controller work with NullDC? As far as I understood, the only way to map controlls is to make a config file with the exact name of the controller, but… that’s kind of impossible, when it announces itself in Windows as “ChImp PC/PS3 Controller”, and you can’t put / in the filename…

So I wired a McCthuluh with RJ45 -> usb and got it working on ps3. After a week it is not being recognized by windows and I can’t make it to “flash mode” either.

The stick could’ve got some sunheat (it’s summer time around here) during this week I wasn’t at home, but I don’t think it could’ve been that much heat.

Any suggestions?

Use a multimeter to test continuity between the Cthulhu and RJ45 jack. Also test whatever cable you are using to connect to a machine.

Failing that then go through the Cthulhu troubleshooting guide which should be in this thread.

Ok, so this thread is really long so I’m just trying to figure out what i need so that i can mod my stick

i have a 360 TE stick and i want to dual mod it for ps3. id prefer a solderless solution cause i haven’t soldered before, but if its a requirement ill get over it. Just wondering what i need.

thanks : )

Can I use rotary sticks such as the Seimitsu/SNK LS-30 with the Cthulhu?? where can I get the schematics for wiring this??

I recently got a hitbox…what’s the difference between a hitbox edition cthuhlu + and a MC Cthulhlu?

the MC supports multi console whereas the cthulhu+ only supports PS3

can the cthulhu+ be upgraded like the Mc?

i believe so

I was playing my hitbox with the Hitbox Cthuhlu+ pcb earlier today and I noticed that some of the buttons are very slow to respond on SF4AE…I checked all the wiring going to the buttons and the buttons themselves and everything checks out…I also have a second regular arcade stcik with a MC Cthuhlu and it very reponsive…could it be the board?