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Yes, but you will only get PS3/PC support.

I have it dual modded. Is it safe to assume there will be no problems?

And just to verify that i am doing this correctly. i just simply take the 4 wires on the RJ end (which i cut) that correspond to vcc, gnd , d- , and d+ and connect it to the Chimp?

Thank you for the help!

As long as the dual mod was done correctly and you connect the correct RJ45 wires to the ChImp SMD, then yes.

Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else, but a search didn’t turn it up:

I’m looking to use MC Cthulhus as the brains in a 4 player arcade cabinet-type setup, with a PC and a few consoles. I could just put RJ-45 jacks in the back like my stick has currently, but then I thought that perhaps an ABCD switch would work better so I don’t have to deal with wires. Something like this:

Has anyone tried this before? Are there any electrical or lag issues this could introduce? Thanks for your help!

The 4 matching vcc, d-, d+, and gnd correct?

I’m finally sitting done to this. Now i just need to figure which wire is correct and was looking for guidance.

The ethernet infront of me currently is

Pin 1orange+white 2orange 3green+white 4blue 5blue+white 6green 7brown+white 8brown

I was wondering if there was someway i could find out which is what without a multimeter as i do not own one. and if it was possible to mess up the chimp board if i wired something incorrectly.


Is this correct?

blue+white = negative
blue = positive
orange = vcc
green = ground

Read This

One of my major major major tips for others is never ever trust in someone elses wire color guides. Even if the person you got the information from color wire guide is right for them, do not assume you have the cable or setup ever.
Mapping out what pin goes to what wire with a multimeter or continuity tester is much much more reliable.

Also seriously Invest in a multimeter.

I dont find any help in that thread. it’s only about cthulus and making wires.

I am just trying to find what 4 wires i should solder straight to the chimp to get this up and running. Guess it aint possible with out a multimeter.

If i wire something incorrectly to the chimp is possible i can mess up the board when i plug it into the system?

EDIT: sorry. i was wrong. abouth the 50th time i reread the thread it clicked. i got it working. thank you.

^ No need to solder as you can use the ChImp SMD screw terminals for USB out.

Still wondering if McCthulhu will be made functional for the PS4 (read: asking for that to happen).

I wish people stop asking this, the PS4 isn’t even out yet.

Look as of this time, there are NO 3rd Party PS4 compatible PCBs and they are not going to be any in the near future. No one has any plans on making any PS4 compatible PCBs ye, the PS4 isn’t even out yet so no one has a clue what it takes for PCBs to work, or even if the MC Cthulhu could be made compatible with the PS4. Far as anyone knows Toodles been very, very busy with other work in his private life so I doubt he have time to work on the PCB when the PS4 comes out.

So far all prospects for PCB compatibility with the PS4 and the Xbone are next to none, the only hope is that the 1st part controllers to be pad hacked and are compatible for a dual mod.

Thanks for the response but I’m just leaving my comment hoping he can see there are people asking for it so he can consider it in the future. I didn’t ask for it to be made compatible at any specific date like PS4’s release or anything.

Simple question. If you plug MC Cthulhu in USB adapter (like a phone charger) rather then console, will it send power to VCC terminal?

I don’t see why not.

Is there anyway I can make my pc recognize my mc Cthulhu stick as an xinput device by default? I think it thinks it’s a ps3 stick/generic USB stick because the guide button never works when connected to a PC. It works on both my 360 and my ps3. And the guide button works on my pc with a 360 controller…

on the Cthulhu the guide button shows up as button 13.
No you can’t make the Cthulhu a Xinput as its already a plug and play HID device

I asked in the CvS2 thread but I realized I should have asked here first. I have CvS2 (PSN release) running on my PS3 with two MC Cthulhus connected. All buttons register except the PS button, and the joystick acts funny on the character select screen and during gameplay. If I’m at a menu then it appears to be working normally but I guess at the character select screen and during gameplay it’s more of an analog input? I hope I’m describing it correctly. So far this is the only game I have that’s giving trouble. I have PSX games (original discs) that operate fine, like SFA3. No problems whatsoever, even the PS button registers. I’ve even tested it on a PSN PSX release and it works fine. I do not have another PSN PS2 release on my PS3 to test it on however.

I’m trying to figure out if this is a software issue with the CvS2 release or if there’s something I need to do with the MC Cthulhus to get them to communicate properly? If it helps I ordered and received these from Focus Attack in May 2012. Wondering if I need to update the firmware or something? Thanks for your help!

I have a problem i’ve never encountered personally and don’t know how to go about solving this issue.

So i recently dual modded my stick with the chimp. everything has been working fine for a couple weeks. until a few days ago; nothing would recognize the stick. So i open it up thinking its most likely a loose wire. everything is fine. I disconnect all buttons and joystick plug it in and now its detected by consoles and pc. So i slowly start connecting everything.

Once i connect the dedicated vcc for the rollie flash. the chimp powers off. removing this makes the chimp power back up. How do i go about correcting this issue?

EDIT:360 side no longer working.The chimp works perfectly if i use it alone. but when i use the dedicated cable for both pcbs. the chimp just powers itself off.

Is it safe to assume the issue here is with the dual mod? possible a faulty 360 pcb?

Hello I have some questions about the MC Cthulhu

  1. Dose it or will it support the Sega Master System and Mega Drive

  2. Dose it support an auto fire/ rapid fire for Shmups

  3. Can you connect the Dreamcast VMU

Thanks for any help

1 No

2 No

3 No

Thanks for answers :slight_smile:

Looks like I might have to pull out original PCBs from genuine sticks.