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  1. It’s a ps3 TE pcb and madcatz fightpad
  2. I shorted jumpers A and C
  3. I followed the “Basic Setup” column.

So with black probe on A and red probe on V, you’re only showing 3v, but with the black probe on GND and the red probe on VCC, you’re seeing 5v?
If that’s correct, you didn’t short the jumpers fully. One or both are not shorted properly, which would make the Imp think its connected to a Cthulhu and work improperly.

Thanks so much. I don’t think I’d have double checked that if I didn’t ask. Looked like I had a ton of solder on them already.

Hi there, I would like to update the firmware on my new MC Cthulhu board. I only hooked up the start and select button, and hold them down when plug in the usb on my PC. the bootloader says Device not detected. verify that device is in botloader mode. What can the problem be??

One more thing. I am going to make a multiconsole stick with a RJ-45 + imp v. 2. Ill also add a DB15 for neo geo support. Can I hook up wires from the bd15 to the cthulhu terminals, or do I have to solder the bd15 signal wires directly to the signal on the push bottuns??

Thanks Rune

  1. Does the MC show up in the game controllers applet of the control panel when plugged in this way? If so, you’re wiring for Start and Select buttons is wrong. Check the welcome sheet to recheck your pinout.
  2. You can connect almost all of the Neo pins to the Cthulhu screw terminals. Up, Down, Ground, all of the signals. For the Neo pin that supplies power (pin 8), connect it to an unused spot in the V column.

Thank you for your answer.

  1. Yes it does. Pushed seperately buton 9 and 10 lights up. Pushed together 9+10+13 lights up
  2. sounds good:) Just to be sure, Left and Right can also be used together with the Mc Cyhulhu?
  1. That sounds correct. Either it wasn’t held down when it was plugged in, or its not an MC. What’s the full name that shows up in the applet?
  2. There won’t be any SOCD cleaning, if that’s what you’re asking, but there is no harm to the console. How the game reacts to SOCDs will be up to the games.

An odd question: would there be a way to request something like that (the removal of certain consoles to include Wii Classic Controller support)?

I’m mainly asking because, personally, NES/SNES/Saturn/TurboGrafx16/3DO support is pretty much wasted on me at this point in time (I don’t have any of those consoles with me after I moved out). For the time being, the GameCube controller support is more than enough for pretty much any Wii game that my stick might be used for. However, although we don’t know for sure, seeing as how the new European Wii model no longer supports Gamecube controllers, and the Wii-U will support Wii Remotes, I think it’d be good for future planning…

Ask me again when the WiiU is out. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, but definitely not something I’d even consider before then.

And the big offenders size-wise: GC, Xbox1, PS3. One or more of those would have to be pulled.

Sorry to nag, just wondering if I am missing something with my troubleshooting. Is there something else I should check? Are there replacement big chips available for v1 Chimps? Should I just get a ChimpSMD?

Makes sense.
Though with those 3 being the big offenders, I suppose it’d be most logical to pull GC and Xbox1 support by the time the WiiU is out, if we wanted Classic Controller support.

But thanks for the info; and we’ll wait until the WiiU is out and see.

I’m not buying it again :xeye:

I just want to know how long it will take

Hey Toodles… Do you have any FGWidget LED controllers and KNserts in stock?

  1. I bought it as a MC Cthulhu, but seems to be ía normal Cthulhu instead :S In the applet it says: “Cthulhu PS3/PC Controller”. That “solves” my problem, but now I got a new one hehe.

Thank you for the help sir

Whooo. Just got my stuff from Toodles in the mail (2x MC Cthulhu chips, 2x Imp v2). :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to try this stuff out… too bad I ran out of wire at home. :frowning:

I’m expecting a Chimp Smd soon to put in my brawlstick. Does anyone know where I can find a very thorough guide for solderless installation?

Unless you can find a soldering substitute, a ChImp SMD is not a solderless solution when dual modding.

can you elaborate? i thought it was a solderless install on xbox 360 SE and Brawlstick Pcb’s


There are currently only four solderless boards available for dual modding - the Kitty TE, Kitty VLX, TEasy Strike, and TEasy Strike-S (and these are stick specific). If you are installing a ChImp SMD and want solid connections then you will need to solder:

[]joystick signals
]button signals
[]‘home/guide’ signal
]USB connections
If you look at this guide it explains how to install an original ChImp board using a few solderless methods. I cannot personally recommend this option outside of using the screw terminals on the ChImp SMD board itself, but the guide is still clear enough to be worth a mention:

I disagree. There is no need to solder anything to the chimpsmd at all. All of those lines lead to screw terminals. The usb lines and power and ground are all easy to do but cutting the existing usb cord and screwing the four wires for the outbound cable into the od+ area and the remnant of the usb cable going to the 360 board into the xd+ area. After that, its just a matter of connecting the signals. Most do the ‘shove the wire into the connector’ or ‘shove the wire into the qd’ methods.

Is soldering better? Oh hell yes. But there is not a hard requirement to solder anything to the chimp. If you can connect the wires to the 360 board solderlessly, then you do the whole mod solderlessly.

Sadly though, I dont know of any full guodes to walk someone trough the process.