The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor!

Points noted.

The guide I linked to above is quite straight forward - the only things which need changing as far as I can tell is how you hook up the USB lines (by using the ChImp SMD’s screw terminals).

Ok, since Toodles has confirmed it, does anybody have a link to a decent guide?

Can’t you use the link that gahrling posted?

That only describe the solderless method.

Toodles, do you sell screw in terminals by themselves? I didn’t see any on the order form from here.

Is there a how to put a dreamcast cord on an mc instructable or am I just blind.

Ordered a ChimpSMD on Tuesday and still don’t have the “your items have shipped” email. Wondering if my order was received. Can post or PM receipt number (not sure which is appropriate).


who did u order from?

if i remember correctly i think his outta stock on somethings right now but not sure at the moment.

Toodles told me he move last week and has been without internet. He said he will start back shipping items tomorrow.

I’d also like to find thorough guide as well. I plan on getting a ChimpSMD for my brawlstick, but the process of installing it bewilders me. Some people say you HAVE to solder, some people say you don’t. Some people post short 4 step guides on how to cut and screw the wires but most of what I read just sounds like gibberish to a modding noob like myself. Are there no Fisher-Price level tutorials with pictures and thorough steps anywhere?

Okay it says “dreamcast flavor” . My question is how do I access this flavor?Can a DC cord be put on like a playstation 2 cord?Do you need a ps2 to DC converter? I’ve googled and looked on the first page here but I can’t seem to find anything.

Can someone just point me in the right direction.

Yes, you put a DC cable on like a PS2 cable. The pinout is as follows:

Seriously thank you so much!

I checked the FAQ and I didn’t see anything specifically about this so I apologize in advance if it’s covered somewhere and I missed the link. I’m looking for a walkthrough or even just quick set of instructions on just dropping in an MC Cthulhu into a PS3 TE. I’m not dual modding it, I just need the PS3 and multiconsole support (am planning on throwing an RJ45 jack in there, will not be using this stick on 360 at all). I think it should be pretty straight forward but if there’s any helpful documentation out there I’d love to see it because it couldn’t hurt. All of the other walkthroughs around here I’ve found have been for using the imp + 360 board which won’t be necessary in my case. Thanks for any help.

Inside of this sticky thread that you should always look into before asking:

You can find this thread:

I’ve actually been reading that thread for how to set up the RJ 45 jack. I was more looking to find an instruction set on the wiring of the buttons and stick directions to the Cthulhu on a drop in rather than using the imp in addition. It’s something I can probably figure out, but as I said a tutorial I could read while waiting for my parts would be very helpful. Again, I apologize if this part of my question is answered in that thread but from what I’ve read that only really covers installation of the RJ-45 jack.

EDIT: Reading my original post above, I can definitely see that it wasn’t clear exactly what I was looking for. I apologize for that.

With the exception of the Home button, you won’t have to do any soldering.

That looks like exactly what I need, I’ll start reading over that tonight. Thank you!

EDIT: One last question that’s a little more general. Is it best to daisy chain the grounds as they are shown there, or can I throw multiple individual wires into the MC Cthulhu ground terminals? The latter would obviously be easiest given how the TE is wired already.