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You can but there is a limit to how many wires can be shoved into a MCC ground screw terminal. It will be easier if you keep the terminal block there and use a splice tap to get the ground to go to your MC Cthulhu. Just put this on one of the known ground wires and have the outgoing wire go to the MCC.

You can do either. Doesn’t make any difference.

Awesome, thank you guys for all of the help! I haven’t done any electronics based projects in a long time so I’m trying to do all of the research I can to gear up for this.

Hi there. I’m thinking about buying a Toodles ChImp Board for my SE stick. my main problem i am planning out is where to place the chimp board with the SE stick being so compact. the two ideas I thought of was to either stack it above or below the madcatz PCB (replacing the pillars with wood). or place it where the terminal strip is and rewire the buttons so that a terminal strip is not needed. which is best?

I would probably go with the latter. I think it may also fit vertically against the wall. As far as Compact, there is more room in the SE than the TE.
There is plenty of room to stick a ChImp.

If you want to see compact, you should see the Wii Sized stick I made below that is Multi System and Xbox dual modded. That is compact.

ChimpSMD is an option, sure. The big question is what shows up in the Game Controllers applet when you plug it in normally, and what shows up when you plug it in with the button combination to force xbox held down.

Im guessing you already answered that for yourself. :slight_smile: Your box is on the way.

If you dont want to get a whole new board, getting an upgrade chip is an option. I’ll do my best to get it added to the order page asap.

Isn’t that what you asked for? Either way, there is no step by step guide for ChimpSMD+Brawlstick.

I have plenty of the 5mm pitch ones (Cthulhu size) but I dont think I have enough of the 3.50mm pitch (PiiWee, LED Controller) to put them up. Let me know what you’re trying to do and I’ll either get something together or link you to Digikey parts for it.

Nah, sucks now. Too much hassle, not enough ‘meat’. Hit up rtdzign’s RJ-45 thread for the guide quoted by Nerrage.

Im sorry about the delay and my lack of presence here over the past week. Tuesday was when the movers took everything to the new House, internet wasnt on until Saturday while I was at Devastation, and I just got back yesterday. You should have already received the notice with the delivery conf number last night, and if you check the tracking, you’ll see it’s been accepted by the post office and is on its way to you. Barring freak accidents, plagues, locusts, frogs, pestillence or tornados, there shouldn’t ever be a delay like that again.


  1. Same as the other consoles; add a cord.
  2. Yup.
  3. Well, that’s an option, but just adding the cord is better.
    I do agree that the wiring information needs to be more visible though. Ill see what I can do about that.

Totally got the email! Thanks and no worries about the delay. Appreciate the awesome work! Nobody else is hookin’ it up like you.

In both cases it now shows up as a MadCatz stick (XBox mode). When I PMd you it was unrecognized USB device and when I pressed jab, strong and fierce it would go into Xbox mode. Now though, punches or not, it goes into Xbox mode. Thanks for bearing with me.

If we consider that first time a fluke, then a new chip would be the way to go. You can either send me that one for reprogramming/replacement (free, but mail time there and back), buy a programmed chip outright ($10 for the chip, $2 for postage), or replace the whole thing with a ChimpSMD.

If you’re in a hurry, just paypal $12 for the chip and I’ll send it out. If you got time, send me a PM to send me the chip and I’ll get it fixed and back out. Using a ChimpSMD instead is only a worst case, everything just dies and is too frustrating to continue scenario.

Mind linking me to a set of Digikey 3.5mm screw terminals for FGWidget?

What size/code screw terminals will fit on the G-V line of a Cthulhu board?
Two of those would do nicely.

2.54mm/0.1" pitch. I’ve seen it done but have never done it myself.

That’s what I thought, but seem to be having a tough time trying to find anything smaller than 3.5 in the UK.

: /

Got my stuff today, thanks Toodles! Came a lot sooner than I was expecting. Now I’m just a trip to home depot and one lizard lick order away from finishing my custom :slight_smile:

Tried installing my chimp smd into my brawlstick and ran into a problem. I cut my usb cord and connected the wires from the 360 pcb to the appropriate screw terminals. However when i plug the outgoing part of the usb cord into the screw terminals, i get unrecognized device message in windows. The 360 doesn’t recognize it at all. The whole time the led shows blue and red. When i use a usb a to b cable plugged into the usb jack, everything works fine. What could be the problem? The outgoing cable was working fine before i cut it and i have it connected fine just like the other half that’s going into the xbox 360 pcb. I can easily just use the usb a to b cable plugged into the jack, but i’d rather use the other part of the usb cable that i cut plugged into the od- and od+ slots.

Those four spots (VCC, GND, OD+, OD-) are directly connected to the same spots on the USB jack. If the blue and red lights are on, then the VCC and GND wires are making contact properly in the screw terminal. Either the OD+/OD- are backwards (colors are printed on the board), they’re not making metal to metal contact in the screw terminals, or there’s a break in the USB cable. Check the colors first in case they’re backwards, and if not, cut the outgoing cable and try again. And make sure those shielding wires are cut short and not touching anything.

Thanks Toodles. One of the wires wasn’t making metal contact. It works fine now.

Try eBay, that’s where I got mine from in the UK.

You probably can’t find 8-row ones, but if you buy 10-row ones you can cut them down with a sharp knife.

(If you get really stuck, I think I have a 10-row one left over.)

Can someone help me out. My brawlstick an chimp smd worked fine for one day. I worked all weekend and came home this morning to try it out again, but now im not getting a player light on the xbox 360. I’m still getting the green light on the chimp smd. I just rewired it and im still having the same issue. What could have possibly happened?

I think i know my issue. When i first installed the chimp smd, the screw for the VCC slot next to xd- fell out. I was unable to find it so i put my red wire into the VCC slot on the far end. Although it worked the first day, i think thats my problem. I tried removing a screw from one of the invert slots since i wont be using them, but it wont come out. Can anyone tell me how to get one of those screws out or what size and length they are so i can try to go purchase one?