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Dual mod it to something like the Hori Fighting Commander 4 pcb.

Can anyone confirm the MC Cthulhu works on PCE Duo-R multi-taps? I’ve seen posts referring to it in this thread and elsewhere, but I want to make sure.

MC Cthulhu doesn’t appear to be compatible with Hori’s Super Famicom multitap :frowning:$(KGrHqZ,!lIFIk8vIjovBSQ-p6u1hg~~60_35.JPG

Anyone tried Hori’s multitap for Famicom?

I was hoping to rig up multitaps for all 3 Japanese systems, routed controller extensions to a 24 port cat5 patch panel <-> MC Cthulhu - but the Super Famicom compatibility has me wondering if PCE and Famicom are fully supported?

I can replicate the memory card issue on a japanese ps1 and an ntsc-u psone. im using official sony ps1 memory cards.

its not only the mc cthulhu that does this, TE Kitty setup and ebay ZD Encoders also do it.

I have no problems using the same memory cards and pcb’s using a PS2 console. (tested on fat ps2’s).

might be a voltage or electrical issue, I think the encoders draw too much power or something.

edit-I tested out ps2 pcbs, namely Hori Tekken 5 and ASCII SvC stick. it does not have any memorycard issue.

dont worry though unplugging the pcb seems to make the memory cards work fine and the files seem to be unharmed.

Hi guys. I’ve been away from the scene for ages and am totally out of touch. I have an old R1 TE stick which was dual modded with an MC Cthulhu around 3 or 4 years ago. Will it be good to go with ps4 or do I need to get a new PCB?

The cthulhu does not work with the ps4. The ps360 works with an 8 minute timeout, but your best bet at this point is to dual mod with a ps4 controller (hori fighting commander 4 is the one to go with).

Since the MC Cthulhu board is common ground. Can two wires be connected to one ground terminal? ( seems like a redundant question and I figure that I should ask before trying it) Also, can a wire be connected to a ground terminal and a button terminal?

Technically, you can connect all the grounds to one terminal. If you bridge a wire between a signal terminal and a ground terminal, that input will register as held down all the time.

Is that how the board registers Start+Select as a Home button? Making new Start and Select holes sounds easier than the wiring lol. I kind of wanted to avoid creating new holes in my SE case, but it looks like its going to be the easier way.

You can splice into the stock SE start and select buttons to avoid drilling.

I do not have the wires for the Start and Select, but I have the prongs still open. I thought bout daisy chaining a wire that would go into a ground and into its selected output.

FYI I’ve found that AV Famicom support pales in comparison to Duo-R support, and non-multipap SFC:

  • hot-swap troubles with multiple games: hard reset or locks down Start etc.
  • wouldn’t work with multiple games, plugged in before power up (and tried hot swapping for thrills)

I assume it’s because not all 7 cables are in use for AV Famicom / NES, and they’re important (all 7 are used on the SFC).

When it does work it’s amazing, enough that I think I’ll have to just build a dedicated stick with a controller pcb #RIP :frowning:

I’ve never gotten an email response from @Toodles, so here are my feature requests for a 2.0 :sweat_smile:

  • improved AV Famicom / NES support
  • hot-swap support on all consoles if possible
  • onboard cat5
  • programmable header or usb for configuration
  • more alternate inputs for soldering
  • 8 pin headers as standard / optional
  • improved layout for better access to solder cable or headers

I’d be willing to swap out support for other consoles for full 7-pin AV Famicom support (if addressing space is limited or some other constraint, iff that’s even possible).

My Wishlist would be:

  • support 9-pin controller standards: Amiga, C64, MegaDrive
  • 10+ pin controller standards?
  • use a a 9/10+ cable standard that is cheap and widespread like cat5 is

Even using 2 * cat5 cables simultaneously seems attractive - I can’t think of any obvious cable alternatives that are as perfect as cat5 is. That could give the MC Cthulhu a much larger space to auto-detect different consoles, while keeping cabling cheap and easy to route and patch like it is now.

You Assume wrong. Also you ment wires not cables, there 5 wires in a NES/Famicom/SNES controller cable. With the exception of some extension cords and some odd controller specific games (like light gun titles) only use 5 wires.

There no need for all 7 pins. The two remaining pins are strictly used for special use like a light gun (i.e. NES Zapper)

NES and SNES Pinouts


NES Pinout

NES Pinout for Zapper and other Light Guns

NES compared to SNES

NES compaired to Famicom Clone DB9 pinout

Pin out comparison/ diagram for NES to Fmaicom 15 pin expansion (DA 15 connector)

Toodles never forced anyone to use RJ45 connectors for their system cables. I believe he prefer the more rugged DE-9 connectors. RJ45 cost less than any other.
The community’s general consensus was to use RJ45 as it was cheaper. it was later integrated in the Kitty TE and Kitty VLX PCBs.


Also very few people use actual Cat5/Cat6 cable for their system cables. Most people just crimp a RJ45 connector to the existing system controller cable.
People are known to use a patch of Ethernet cable going from their PCB to their Neutrik (or Switchcraft) RJ45 passthrough.

Cheers, all very interesting, but Famicom compatibility, feedback and my feature wishlist is the main point I was trying to make.

Is there support for PC-engine games, through a turbo duo? I can get tg-16 games to work fine, but no PCE stuff. I am using the chthulu, and it works great on NES, SNES, Saturn etc.

I happened to accidentally stumble upon the code (hold LP+LK+HK when plugging in) to make the Cthulhu show up in Windows as a Virtua Stick High Grade. Toodles, you mentioned there was a “long story” about why this mode needed to be included on the chip, and the only thing special I could find on the interwebz about the VSHG was something about “no 5 simultaneous button presses.”

Any chance you might explain what the VSHG emulation mode is about?

Its a fall back for compatibility.

Every unofficial PS3 PCB used some other existing product for reference.
Like mimicking and reverse engineering the Hori Hrap 3 PCB as a 3rd party PCB for the purpose of Dual Mods

VSHG mode mimics a actual VSHG because out of all the sticks, it has the highest compatibility with the PS3.
Only controller that does this better is the Sony Six axis controller and Dual Shock 3 controller.

I see.

Anyone know if there are any plans to add to Cthulhu console compatibility? Being able to use it with a Jaguar would be nice.

No clue. We have to wait to see if Toodles decides on anything.

Any chance we could get asynchronous SOCD firmware variation for MC Cthulhu?

sorry for the bump, but after 2 years i figured it out.

apparently PAL nes has different controllers and connectors. as in, the connectors have diodes that prevent US/JP controllers from working and the controllers have 2 resistors to compensate. a lockout system if you will.

there is a mod to make the NES work with all NES controllers (basically bridging the diodes on the connectors pcb) and the MC Cthulhu works now. hoozah!

EDIT : for more info see