The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor!

There is a similar lock out in with the PAL SNES, the mod for that is to find the board that holds the controller ports in the console, replace the diodes with straight wire or bypass the diodes with some wire.
Pal SNES controllers work on NSTC SNES consoles just fine.

Looks like the solution to both is to just mod the console.

I knew about the snes stuff, But the cthulhu works just fine on my snes, otherwise i would have found the solution long ago i think.

Now that i think about it, thats just weird that it works with my snes. Ow well … xD

Any information about wiring up MC Cthulu cable for the Famicom 15-pin Auxiliary Port? I know I would need a NeoGeo DA-15 Extension cable, but I can’t find info about the wire sequence.

Yes you need the same kind of cable as the Neo Geo controllers would use as its a deeper DA-15 port.

I had soldered together a few Famicom DA-15 to NES adapters before.

Here is a few links I had booked marked, I hope they help

What I would do is wire up a NES to Famicom Adapter so in the future you have the option of using a 2nd NES controller for player 2.
it also allows you to use a US NES Zapper with the Famicom.

Don’t worry about the D3 and D4 connectors too much, they are only used by special controllers like the Zapper.
The MC Cthulhu has no use of these.

This chart would be the most help

you’re the man dark, looks like the info I need

Pretty sure I have a 360 TE modded with a Chimp and when i plug it in my ps3 now the controller LED just flashes…if i press 1p+2k+3P then it double flashes…any idea what is going on?

could be a bad usb cable


What’s the latest Multi-Console Cthulhu Firmware, and where can I find it?
At the first page indicate Multi-Console Cthulhu Firmware v23, is it the last?
What’s 10ms and 1ms speeds for PC/PS3 play hex?


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It be on


unfortanally not…maybe I dont find it

Opps I forget the links are kind of hidden, this is copy and pasted from page 1 of this thread.

MC Cthulhu newest firmware:

MC Cthulhu Variations firmwares:

As of right now v 2.3 is the newest firmware.

For the MC Cthulhu they are part if the flash update, the 10 ms file is only if you have stability issues with the 1ms version.
It is detailed in the read me txt file.

Slightly off topic but I say it just for everyones benefit
Keep in mind the PS3/PC version of the board is not reflashable, only the MC Cthlhu version.
You will need the MC Cthulhu Upgrade Kit $12 to upgrade a Cthulhu to a MC Cthulhu

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Would there be any way to wire the cable from a Dreamcast controller to the PCB?

So I was looking on Focus Attack for a new PCB and found this:

In the description, it says it supports Smash Bros with a special mode. I can’t find any information on this mode, though. Any one know what exactly “Smash mode” is? What does it do the the controls that is so different from normal controls?

I have the MC Toodles in a HRAP3 that has worked perfectly fine for a few years up until a few weeks ago. Suddenly when firing up 3s OE (PS3) it had long delay when moving the stick up, up back and up left. I thought the stick was broken and replaced it with a new Sanwa JLF and now it only responds to moving it up (only tried this on the PC through FightCade).

Anyone recognize this? Or do I simply have to buy a new PCB?

Where to buy it in europe?

I believe it was referring to Wii’s support for games that allow game cube controller support.

No, it’s referring to alternate controls on the cthulhu for how it handles inputs on gamecube