The Official Custom Arcade Sticks Thread


Since more people are now deciding to make their own homemade arcade sticks to play at home and get that arcade feel to practice and play with friends, I’ve made this thread for everyone who has made their own to share pics/ideas/comments and whatever else to post here.

I started making sticks after searching the net for an arcade stick to play MvC2 on my DC and came across “the frankenstick” . A site on how to build your own arcade stick by using a PSX/PS2 controller. From there I learned of another site, and seen that there were more people who have made their own sticks (mainly to play games on M.A.M.E.) I thought about buying a MAS stick or an X-Arcade stick, but that was expensive and it’s cheaper to build your own, to your own liking.

Just today, I went out and bought more shit to build yet another stick for myself and since I have parts lying around and a already pcb, it’ll only take me till Thursday to finish.

Any question you have on how to build sticks or about links and such, please go ahead and post 'em. Anyone else are also free to answer these questions.


LINKS TO GET STARTED Updated 2/12/06!! (.187 quick disconnects qtyX100) Kevin’s Badass Arcade Sticks MAME Station II CD_Vision’s Arcade Controls M3talslug’s Control Panel SNAAAKE’s MAMESTATION RoTeNdO’s Gaming: Arcade Sticks Byrdo’s Arcade Joysticks finkle designs





Interface Control Panel Design


more later… if links are not working, please let me know BY PM or posting here!



STICK! STICKY! I too am building my own custom box. It is a 2 player sit-down box. I ordered the sticks and buttons yesterday, so I await them to get here so I can finish it. Today we are puting the stand on it and doing another coat of paint. The top of the box is 48 X 18, large enough to accomidate 2 big guys.

This thread is a really good idea, cuz it took like 2 weeks to find all of the info I needed to build this thing. Good thinking!:cool:


Last I heard, some parts like for example, competition joysticks were on back order. You should recieve everything in about 7 days. I’ve nevered order from centsibleamusements, but they carry very few parts (no competitions), the only good thing about them is that they are a bit cheaper, even in shipping.


Yep, the Competition sticks I ordered are not going to be in until 1/06. So I await the arrivial of them in mid January so I can start hosting tourneys at my house and shit.


Custom stick? Pfft…I’m working on converting an old capcom cabinet into a beatly MAME cab.

Good times. :smiley:



  1. {easy}If you have a old “green stick” you can use that and wont really need to solder anything together,

  2. {MED} Use a DC pad


  1. {HARD}Use a psx pad. (you will need a psx to dc adapter)

using the psx pad is the hardest because the points that you have to solder on are very small.

my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Yes, the SONY brand PSX controllers are very hard (not impossible) to solder onto due to the small copper joints (or whatever) on the trace. That’s why it is best to use 3rd party contollers cuz the copper traces are larger and you can also drill small holes on the trace to help (that goes with every other controllers DC/PSX/XB/etc…)

I use the PS Arcade to make PSX/PS2 controllers. Every single stick I’ve made was SOLDER FREE. The PS Arcade is made by Interact (a very good 3rd party brand for gaming accessories). I bought my first one about 3 almost 4 years ago for $50 and this year the PX finally had them on clearence (75%) and bought 4 more for about $11/ea!! :eek: My suggestion for those wanting to make PSX/PS2 arcade stick is to go on ebay and try to find these type of controllers. Remember PS Arcade (Pro?) for the PSX by Interact.

Other soldering free controlllers:
Performance DC controllers (the one’s with turbo/)
Other perfomance controllers?


Ah nice thread now i don’t have to look up and down the net for shit lots of it is in here. this should’t be to hard since i have wood lying around the house.


It’s really not that hard at all, and anyone can do it. All i takes is patience and basic knowledge of carpentry, the use of power tools, and following the step by step directions in many of the faqs out there.


Here’s a pic of my stick ‘big red.’ I made it nice and heavy and put the buttons pretty close together as you can see. The start button gets pressed accidentally during mashing sometimes, but I dont play mvc2 much so it doesnt matter to me.


Nice. Should have went all the way and got the red joystick and buttons too! I was thinking about doing one of my next projects using a read joystick and red buttons, but have the enclosure black with plexi glass. That’ll give it a bad ass look, then add some designs to the sides and it’s all set. Maybe use some kanji characters or something for that.


I’ve searched on the web and am still trying to find wiring diagrams for Happ Perfect 360s for PS and DC controllers. Anyone have any sites/info? Some folks (reading on the threads here) have been able to wire the 5VDC through the ports bypassing the DC adapter option.


It shouldn’t be that hard. I haven’t installed one before myself, but I know what they look like underneath and I think it’s just 5 wiring. Up, down, left, right, and the ground. If you mean by what is what (i.e. what’s down and etc…) then I have no clue. I’ll post right back, I’m going to do some research real quick.


Here’s what I found out. The bottom of the stick should be labled for easy hook up. For instructions, go here :smiley: There you go.


I was reading someone’s post (can’t remember who it was) regarding building a stick for their DC and they said they fried it trying to hook up the 360. Are there pronounced wires/points for the 5VDCs power lead and ground on the PS and DC controllers? I’ve only done a PS project with a Happ Super and the self powered issue is new to me. I didn’t see anything on the board that would suggest 5VDC power/ground leads. Thanks :smiley:


I hear many stories about people who have fried thier DC ports (not the DC itself) after installing p360’s. It’s mainly because they didn’t have the power lead or whatever soldered to the correct copper point on the DC pad. Yes, there should be a place where you can solder those onto, how else would the rumble features work on PS/DC/GC/XB pads? Where ever the motor for the rumble device is, that’s where it is, cuz the little motors are connected to ‘it’ and that’s how they are powered (through the system) I’m almost sure of this. You should check the decktop projects over at and see if anyone used 360’s on their sticks. I think I remember seeing a project that did use 360’s.


I didn’t think of the rumble motor power/ground source leads. That helps a lot. Thanks :cool:


No prob. Just read those instructions and find out what’s positive and negative for the leads. If you have one of those power meter things, you can tell what’s what. Electric meter or something. Great tool to have to make sure everything is connected of to find ‘leads’.


Here’s a stick hooked up with P360s drawing a +5v from the PSX gamepad