THE Official CVS2 Guidebook Now Online

Hey Guys,

I’m a big fan of the CVS2 guidebook, and maybe its newest proponent. Anyways, I’ve finally gotten off my ass and created an “interactive” web gallery for the guidebook. You can view the book online, download the images, zips for each character or the whole damn thing at once.

Have fun:


Let me know if you have any suggestions, I’ll see what I can do.

Major props for putting this up there. Now i can delete it from my HD to free up some space.

the only thing I wish I could do is zoom in so I could see the numbers >.<

^ Save the image and do it that way.

Nice one for uploading :tup:

YOU BASTARD! I just bought the book YESTERDAY!!..

Ah well, such as life thanks for putting it up!

2 questions!

There are pages missing (hit box pages), are you planning on putting up the rest?

What does the cover look like??

tetsuye00, good stuff man. as CMX said, zooming in would be nice, but the fact that the guidebook is online now is good enough. :tup:

Alright, I’ll add in some zoom links. That isn’t too hard. I’ll probably add in some more direct links from the start page to, so you don’t have to scroll through the side bar as much.

lol. So I put up everything I have, which means that I’m missing some of the other pages. The one’s that aren’t character specific. If anyone has those, send me a message. I’ll upload them if I can get them.


I actually am purchasing a few copies.

I will be offering them on SRK for those who are looking for a copy.

Ok, so I’m going through and changing the navigation. The side bar is going to lose the images and change into a 2 column Capcom - SNK character list with links to the pages.

That also means that I’m going to lose the Guidebook character layout, which is really random, and put everything in alphabetical order.

I’m also playing around with the image size for better readability, but WILL definately add in a link in the images to go to the full size ones. (requested zoom)

I’ll also add in a links/friends section at some point to have external links to anyone that links back to me.

Gonna be a long day.

cool, let me know when you get them in. I’ll buy one for sure. Probably scan it crazy high res and do another upload of images.

Just want know how much too and the cost of posting it to the UK.

I am not sure yet. I am ordering them used. I can’t get new copies anymore.

I’ll charge you my cost +10$ (for my efforts) + shipping. I’ll only have two or three extra. I’ll have to figure out the best way to give everybody a chance to get one.

It will still be a bit, b4 I have them. I keep you guys posted.

Alright, ** Guidebook v1.1** is now online.

New changes:

  1. side nav bar is now broken up into Capcom and SNK columns in alphabetical order; thumbnails are removed
  2. the pages now scroll Previous and Next in alphabetical order and not page number order;

Soon: v1.2
"zoom" functionality on large pictures


Could you tell us what the page number order was? Cos there are some pages that have hit boxes like Ken’s Super page. If its not too much trouble.

Here are the pages I have that have hit boxes. I think I’m missing a bunch of the non-character pages.

Ken 3 - Supers pg 046-047
Zangief 3 - Specials & Supers pg 066-067
Balrog 3 - Specials & Supers pg 092-093
Vega 3 - Supers pg 100-101
Sakura 3 - Supers pg 120-121

Here’s the character order in the guidebook:

Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, Honda,
Blanka, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, Bison, Sakura, Cammy,
Morrigan, Dan, Eagle, Maki, Kyosuke, Yun, Rolento, Akuma
Kyo, Iori, Terry, Ryo, Mai, Kim, Geese, Yamazaki,
Raiden, Rugal, Vice, Beni, Yuri, King, Nakoruru, Joe,
Todo, Athena, Rock, Haohmaru, Hibiki, Chang

Yeah you seem to be missing some of the pages eg: Balrog 3 - Supers pg.93 shows some hit boxes for jump in attacks. Then skips to Vega 1 - Normals pg.96. So in between are the rest of the characters jump in hit boxes.

I got 5 so far for you all… there coming…

Cool I’m 100% down for getting one :smokin:

Put me down for one, and I’ll do the scans and everything.

I would want you to wait until I finish selling them. I just bought a couple, I am not even selling them for a big profit. I might make 5-10 bucks on each. Hardly worth the time and energy to find them. I just wanted to get some books out to the CVS2 community.

I took me HELLA time and effort to find them. Why would people buy them if the could jsut get the whole thing for you for free? I don’t want to be stuck with them. I paid 55-75$ for each book. :sad:

It would really be helpful if you waited for me to sell them before posting the every image. :pray: PLEASE!

Does this make sense.

I am not trying to be a jerk here or ANYHTING, I just don’t want to be left with all these books. I could of just bought one for myself and kept it at that, and left everybody else to fend for them selves. I bought as many as I could, for all you all. I am trying to do something possitive for the SF community.:lovin:

B/c finding people willing to ship to the USA is not easy.