The Official CvS2 MM thread with Stipulations

Ok, I’m willing to money match people in CvS2. Here are the terms/stipulations.


Must pick random groove
Must pick random characters
Your 3rd character chosen is made your ratio 2


I can pick my team and order
I must play with my feet

Maximum of $10 for 2 out of 3. I also get 3 to 1 odds. So if I win you pay $30, if I lose I pay $10.

Let it begin.

Certain players are excluded however. Jwong, Combo, Ricky O. etc. Sorry, but I think I would have a difficult enough time trying to beat them with my hands.

are you kidding me

Do I sound like I’m kidding?

We can do ours here in Miami since you live around here, if you like.

~First post edited.

please get these matches taped!!!

Mike Ross style, with cameras pointed at screen and feet, in your case.

I wonder how this guy practices, you practice on other people? j/k

Anyways I’m down, but for 5 dollars, since I’m getting low on money right now.

Nigga u cant take Miami rules to Evo. That shit is ours. But that feet shit is new.

can i add this to our other MM? we were sapoesd to to 2/3 20$ right?

lets do this too. lolol this sounds fun.

i dont think alex has ever lost a foot money match. but then again, he’s never played a really good player with his feet. :rofl:

Randomsuper: Lol, thats true. We’ll see how it goes. If anything it will be fun times. Dude you gotta go to Evo, make it happen.

HAK: Sounds good we can just add it to our other MM.

Mizuki: $5 is straight.

haha wait, i didnt read that post carefully. you get 3-1 odds… haha, alright i might do this then, well see at evo depending on my funds.

No problem. If anything, we can play for drinks or something. It’d be cool to chill with some fellow CvS2 players that know the game well. I’ve seen some of your vids, and I know you’re no joke.

I’ll take it if i can pick my ratio 2 at the end

Ill take you on your offer biggzy

OH hell ya just tell me when and where shit we can do it today