The official cvs2 trash-talk thread

Usually if I saw a thread like this I’d request to get it locked but in light of all the angry people in cvs2 general discussion i’ve decided we need a thread where everyone can take their “you suck”, “a-blanka is a scrub character”, “rc whores die”, “my penis is bigger than yours and it was in your mom’s ear last night, theres no suprise cause she can here me coming”… ok maybe not the last one. ANYWAYS. Hate on haters.

To get the ball rolling, I invited (the)geese or however you spell his name to list all the people he’s got a problem with and why. I’d also like to invited kcxj to call people a scrub in this thread please.

Ok, i’ll start

UCI cvs2 players suck ass, in the last 2 round robins we’ve had with them they’ve amounted 1 win out of 24 games. SCRUBS

you guys would be nothing without albert. bitch. <3
EDIT: JD > your life. :tup:

I think round robin implies that you personally have gone 0-7 thus far against all of us in tourney =)

leezy is ugly

the way allen plays is uglier :tup:

niggas be like, “man u gotta be doin that roll cancel shit” then i be like, “nigga cuz i got a big dick nigga”

Your A-Groove is so wack it makes me wanna piss on some corn chips and slam them down your mothers neck.




<3 p-kyo. i hate theory fighter. i hate people who don’t stop whining about xx character. WELCOME TO LIFE BITCH.

C/A Honda vs Tier 2:

Trip them, then cross up with splash.
leezy sux my balls

:rofl: EL OH FUCKING EL :rofl: :clap:

fool is just ugly in general

I’d defend myself, but I expect it from Keith…and I honestly have no idea who Wepeel is…though, I’m sure I know him in real life, and just don’t know the SRK name that he hides behind. “Ooh, ooh…” <–that shit’s juicy.

your mom, keith…

your mom!!!

K groove bitches

Kim…you’re starting to be like Eric Choi…hella randomly posting…

…and you don’t want to be anything like Zim…

i suck at cvs2 but jesse is still a fag, cant do math, and cant remember anything =\

uhhh. James JDing the whole cannon spiral super is crazy. =( oh wait thats a compliment.

…Allen is a whale?

Allen. You’re an idiot. You’re wearing an avatar and your name is even spelled wrong on it. -_-

Here. You went to sleep too early last night for me to give the correct ones to you:

Double-posting?! What a scrub…

oh, thanks ^^