The Official Destiny Thread


Oh yeah. This was inevitable.

The alpha is live on PS4. I have it downloaded and I’ll be on for a couple hours in the morning.

In the Interim, feel free to talk about how much you hate Activision.


Player List

Vizince (Vynce)
Djhyperkid (DJ Hyper Kid)
KimuraLOX (KimuraLOX)
Hecatom (Hecatom)
janoGX (janoDX)

XBox One:

I’ll update the list as people add their usernames to the thread.




So far, so good. I’ve only played a tiny bit of it. I was able to level up once, but I haven’t really messed with the skill system and stuff. I plan on playing more when Mrs. Hyper Kid is done with Netflix. I wonder if we can actually join each other’s games.


Does it feel very MMO-like? I can deal with some grind, but I’m hoping it feels more FPS than MMO. I didn’t care for Borderlands.


I’m only gonna try to get in if it’s anything like Borderlands. What I mean by that is the loot.


I gots it too. I’m enjoying it quite a bit. PSN name is my SRK handle.


Honestly it plays like a mix between a better Halo with a elements from rpgs. It doesn’t feel like an MMO at all honestly. like and FPS/RPG hybrid


I’m a Warlock (lvl 4 currently). Are we allowed to stream if it is a beta (alpha)?


Been playing for about a half hour. Game looks pretty good. Not amazing, but nice.

Shooting and movement feels nice, without being too clunky or floaty. More akin to Halo or COD than something like Kilzone or Blacklight.


You can summon a vehicle, which is pretty cool. Can’t seem to shoot from it, though.


My Psn is : Datdudeiceman191


Is it really just the one story mission with the wizard, or am I missing something? I see the MP stuff and that other mission on Earth. I get that this is a stress test for multiplayer though.


My PSN is Hecatom


Any idea of what level are those motherfuckers?


@Hecatom Added you to the player list.

Jesus, where are those guys? They look to be even stronger than the wizard.


They are on the 4th (i think) subway entrance

And they are not the most dangerous out there

Also, it seems that we are capped up to lvl 8 :confused:


Oh shit, it seems that some people killed it :rofl:


lol @ 2 hours. Good for them.


used it


After playing the alpha I was already sure i was going to be buying this game one. Now I definitely know I’m buying it day one. I did a strike today and that shit was fun and challenging Bungie did not disappoint and to think this is not even close to what the full game will be like. I just need to up my fps skills up and I’m golden .


So, have any of you fought the Fallen Walker yet?
Is an event that happens like every 2 hours i think, is actually not that hard when you are on a group (like the 1st time that i was there), alone is another story :rofl: