The Official DOOM Good Games Thread

Since the id classic DOOM II will be making its way to the XBLA within the year, I’ve been replaying DOOM’s campaign as well as playing deathmatch mode over Xbox Live. The problem is, not many people at the moment are playing DOOM’s deathmatch mode even though it’s still to this day a blast. I finally played my first 4 person match over Xbox Live last night and I’m looking for more full rooms in the future.

I figured it would be nice to get some other fellow SRK’ers to play DOOM with.

If you would like frag online, post your gamertag in this forum and lets get to it.

My gamer tag is Xurkey. Feel free to send me a friend request but just send a text or voice saying you’re from SRK and looking to play DOOM.


I’ll send you an invite. I love Doom 2 so god damn much.

Awesome, about time someone jumped on board.

Don’t be shy people join in on the fun.


Great work … really informative … and thanks a lot for sharing …

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