The Official Emergency Alert System Thread


In all of SRK’s 10 years of existence, I am surprised that no one has made a thread where people can go and discuss about the recent EAS test that scared the jeepers out of them whilst watching television.

What is the EAS you ask?

People from foriegn countries, please come in and discuss about your country’s method of sounding an alert to the general populace in case of an emergency.

P.S. Don’t forget, there’s a nation-wide EAS test coming up on 11/9/2011.


i like windows media center’s native support for it, it has its own little eas scroller


I live in Australia, rather than set up an EAS they seem to prefer to send out cars blasting a message on a megaphone, first time it happened I was scared out of my mind because I could hear a weird siren sounding off from somewhere and a megaphone message that was too quiet to make out.
When I could finally understand what it was saying, it was just a warning that they’re turning the water off for an hour to replace a pipe.


I curse WMM for this, it enables home-made EAS’. NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING


Fuck that test, I remember a couple years ago it scared the shit out of me because I leave the TV on when I sleep. I’m tired of that asshole coming on TV all throughout the day to warn us. Just warn during the fucking test. You really need to warn for 2 weeks leading up to a test.:confused:
My tax dollars are well spent indeed.


The screaching tone, and low-fidelity voice recording…Shit legitimately creeps me out. Always feels like the apocalypse.


useless system.

they didn’t use it during 9/11. if they’re not even going to bother for 9/11 then wtf could they ever possibly use it for?


whats funny is I had the tests so often(seemed like once a week during Saturday morning cartoons) when I was little that I’ve grown to assume that they’re ALWAYS a test. Surprised the fuck out of me when I caught one recently giving notice about some possible flooding in my area when it dawned on me: “Shit, this isn’t a test!”

…Still didn’t give a fuck.


It’s getting ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse…


okay i jsut saw a test come on a while ago fuck