The Official Entourage Thread v 2.0: The Final Season

That’s right boys, the ride has come to an end. Entourage Season 8 begins airing on July 24th on HBO. Last season ended with a cliffhanger and judging by the song used in the teaser, this might be the most somber season of them all.

Season 8 Teaser

i don’t watch entourage to see depressing stuff

the season needs to get amanda daniels and sloan naked

Seriously I hope they get rid of this emotional drama bullshit and show us fun shit and naked ladies.

just watch californication if you want to see naked chicks. Amanda daniels was naked in it, but i don’t think you really see anything.

Vince dying would be the best end of the show.

Wait, amanda as in studio-head-running-shit Amanda?

lol emo ass dubstep…i dunno bout this. but honestly vinny is a druggy now so clearly cant be shits n giggles.

which one was amanda daniels? the one that was vinces agent until he slept with her? or the one ari hooked up with a studio job?

So what exactly is a good show to get into, that’s as good as Heroes? Cause Heroes is by far the dopest show I’ve ever seen. And since they randomly cut off the series, I’m lookin for a new show to get into. Maybe this Entourage is good, I’ll look into it.

Yes. She’s in Californication.

If anything can take the pain away from Entourage’s loss, its the fact that Californication is probably the next best thing to it.

Really wack that the last season is only 8 episodes. What the fuck is that? Only two months?

if vince doesn’t get his shit together in the first two episodes they should kill him off

Damn nobody watching?? lol After the last episode Vince is the best friend ever!! On the real I do love how it went from the crew needing Vince to Vince needing the crew now its they all need each other. Can’t believe my fav show has one finale episode. My heart goes out to Ari, jees wife is just a str8 up bitch–Ari should have put his foot down and said Babes just let me focus on getting the nfl deal and we will have all the time in the world. Ari now needs to just say fuck it–you did your best you got a good 2 decades and 2 kids. Refocus on work and roll with the new Dana, who never stopped loving you and knows how to roll with work and play cause she in the same field.

With E, thats a new flip its usually the woman who flips out when guys ask for a prenup, but E should have said fuck it and signed it–He got his own money plus if they did get a divorce Sloan would prolly still get some of his money…lol.

I just want ths series to go out the way it started dude amd friends party

I want drama to hit it big again
I want turtle to be the dude who never grows up
Lloyd to be the funniest gay
Ari to be Ari

Seriously E is so fucking pussy whipped

Vince needs to be charlie sheen

Say what you want about the quality of the last few seasons, but I will REALLY miss this show when it’s over. For me, summer television is going to have a serious void.

That being said, as we head into the last episode I’m pretty disappointed with the turn the show has taken. For the past three seasons, I’ve grown sick of how no male character can ever do anything a female characters views as good or “right.” And our big hook leading into the finale is if E and Ari will save their relationships? Really? That’s what this has come to? I was really hoping the show would end with Ari and Dana together, as it has been shown that for them family, work, and play are all kind of the same thing. I can’t remember disliking a TV character as much as I hate Mrs. Ari at this point.Why should we be rooting for these two characters to get together?

As for E, it’s tough to root for him because if this was real life, there is NO WAY this relationship could ever function healthy again at this point. So what if he and Sloane get back together next week. What’s the over/under on them fighting again? They should have either killed this story after last year, or just leave Sloane in the background and never went into the pre-nup plot.

So, Drama will get his TV movie and cartoon, Turtle will end up with his Italian restaurant. I’m not terribly excited for Vince’s ending, considering the he’s been the main character you would have hoped for something bigger. I will miss you Entourage, I just feel you could have ended better.

god I hate E so much

the whole season was really lame imo. the only things that saved it are s-tier johnny drama as usual, and the blond chick with the british accent.

Everything sucked this season. It wasnt funny, random suicide for no reason, no impressive displays of ballin’ out, discarding last seasons plot,dice clay was the biggest guest star, no titties, no titties, no titties, and NOT EVEN ONE TITTY.

The latest episode was perhaps the most infuriating with TWO scenes of Vince’s boys BEGGING a girl to go out with him. WHAT GIRL WOULD THAT EVEN FUCKING WORK ON? Shit was pathetic. Like Cap said the whole season was based on Ari and E’s relationships and a shitty cartoon, WHO GIVES A FUCK?!? How are these plotlines going to conclude the series in a satisfying way?

And why the fuck is this motherfucker like a best friend now?

fuck this dude and his over the top mugging and dude-bro gesturing! Last season he was supposed to be the bad influnce on Vince and he served his purpose. Now he is absolutely useless. And the back of his head looks like some weird ass beehive.

I really hope next episode consists of The Boys jumping on a private plane and going out Aaliyah style instead of an “awwww everything worked out :D” ending

The past 3 seasons have had some really weird continuity issues and empty plot lines. Oh well, at least they are ending it now before some real embarrassing shit goes down.

True that, it’s like Ari should have man’d up and told his wife listen i care/love you u know that stop acting/being immature i need lizzy to help me become an nfl owner. Nfl owner=you will see me more. And all of our financial dreams are taken care of.

Then the first thing this bitch does is have another guy over at Ari’s house that Ari is still paying on. wtf is that?? I wanted Ari and Dana together a long time ago I thought it was gonna end like that but now all I see is this bullshit.

Mrs Ari: You want your family back Ari then quit, sale you stock and quit your job.
Ari: …My job Dear, how will we survive? put our kids thru college–wait Your fucking serious!!!
Ari: Babs, it’s Ari the company is yours Im quitting—

Come the fuck on!!!

and E jees now its like Fuck Sloan. E should just leave that broad the fuck alone. The kid makes the shit extra crazy–like E gotta go to New York also??

She wants him to pay attention to the kids though fools!

Wait for the “movie” if they make it… its will answer everything.
yea, I feel like every1 is gonna go their separate ways in a movie

this ending was just a cliff hanger… even vince and turtle have shyt they need to get after (resturant and that blonde chick)
Drama’s ending was the only positive, LMAO

the one problem i have with this show is how the main characters keep getting bailed out on a consistent basis. Take Drama for example; there is now way in hell that a studio would give somebody a new contact off of a CARTOON show that didnt even air yet. That was just a case of him being a bitch and not wanting to tell Dice “fuck you nigga i gotta eat any way i can and if you aint wit it then you know everybody’s replaceable.”

Even though Turtle is my favorite character by far, he’s another character who has had way too many second chances. i mean come on, who sells shares of a multi-million dollar company days before it goes public? a dumb ass that’s who.

Really weak season, but the last two episodes kinda made up for it. Well not really. 6 eps full of depressed guys, raging bitches, lack of humor, and not a single sex scene or pair of tits shown. That’s not really Entourage, but whatever.

Looking forward to the movie, whenever that happens.