The official evil storm vs mini butler showdown thread

Browsing around MMCafe at the behest of a pal yielded me this, and I thought it was worth sharing…

Arcana Heart is Yuki’s (guys behind the last few Samurai Shodown titles) new fighting game series, just that they’re on their own with this one. (I would guess this was to be more or less expected, since SNKP is sending SS down another road with the upcoming, 3D SS Sen).

As you can probable see in the screen shot, and others in the links I’ll list below, it’s definitely a girly-centric title. For those rubes who can’t deal with it, sorry for ya. Everybody else who’s either willing to look the other way, or even embrace it in a similar manner to how Eternal Fighter Zero, Immaterial and Missing Power and, especially, Melty Blood handled the matter, may be in for a treat.

First of all, from what reports have given, the sprites for the ten characters are based in an all new engine, and also look quite good; combining the artistic style of the new characters based from SS (mainly Iroha and Mina, natch), with a higher animation count.

Secondly, the battle engine seems to be one that could support a good deal of depth. While the character roster in itself is rather small, the intricacy seems to stem from the whole “Arcana System”, which basically adds a few extra attributes and moves (based on elements from what I’ve heard) to your own character, which you select from a rather extensive list before a match. From what another dude told me, the best way to think about it is to remember SS3 and 4’s Slash and Bust system dynamic…only if each character had like several different “versions” to be selected from.

As of right now, there’s only two main things that “concern” me. One is about the characters themselves. I like the art style itself, I suppose, and I also understand that the characters are supposed to be stereotypical girl-archetypes. But honestly…these character designs don’t personally impress me, all that much; at least, compared to other “girly fighters” like EFZ and etc, which I thought had more interesting characters and designs. Maybe once I get to see this game more (and hopefully, in person), my opinions may change, but for now…

The other thing was how, while the overall impressions at the Japanese location test were positive, there were such things that irk-inducing, such as how balance was off, and the game’s speed and jump physics were a bit off. Since the game is not expected to officially touch down until December, I’m hoping these are the kinds of things Yuki can just iron out in the weeks ahead.

Any way, I just thought this would be something worth noting. It ain’t everyday you see a NEW 2D fighter emerge on the scene, and even rarer when it’s actually NEW (as opposed to being based off an established franchise, as was the case with HnK). So, needless to say, in spite of the designs not exactly instilling me with much interest, I’ll keep an eye on this one, and I guess can do nothing much else except just wait until vids, and eventual (PS2) port rolls on through any where between 6 months to a year later. ^^;

More links (plus original news source):

this game looks/sounds tight

thanks for the heads up

so were you at the location test at chiba?

Hah! I wish.

Like I said, a friend of mine just told me to check out mmcafe. Then later today, a couple of my friends from Japan told me about this game themselves.

If nothing else, I’m looking forward to this game, just on principle that it’s a new 2D fighter. Whether it turns out an actually enjoyable game like HnK, or something more along the lines of say…“Spectral vs. Generation”…will just have to be something we’ll wait and see…

the blog you linked last is praising the game like crazy, but then again that’s only one voice so i wonder what the general consensus on the game so far is… i suppose i could look up but i’m lazy.

i’m getting the matrimelee vibe myself in terms of atmosphere. not sure why.

and interesting that i’ve never even heard of this game until tonight.

I so came up with this idea and posted it here before. I’ll be expecting my check in the mail.

I don’t know what to say… Once I see some action I might be able to gather an opinion…

idk you never mentioned combining it with hot 14 year old anime chix thats the real key

well idc ill play any new 2d fighter if its good


I’m just shaking my head at these lolita designs. I thought they were pretty bad in Senko no Ronde, but they seem pretty lame compared to the ones in this game.

Got any dates for loke tests? Hopefully we’ll get some videos pretty soon.

Moe is a huge fad in Japan right now, what the hell do you expect.

If it comes to console or if any arcades I’d be going to when it’s out have it I’d give it a shot. New 2D fighters is (almost) always a good thing.

Man I would hate on it but I don’t even care anymore. If it’s good, it’s good. I only see hitboxes and frames.

The link KOH posted up for that new Arcsys game also has info/scans for this game too. My French is no good, so maybe someone can translate it? :wonder:

this game is gonna be awesome

I agree, can’t wait!!!

See? This is the type of guy I wish was more prevalent when it came to games like this. If you don’t dig the designs, that’s fine, but I think one should at least be open to the game in other respects. Otherwise, you’re possibly cutting yourself short by missing out on what could be a good game.

I myself am not that impressed by the designs either (mostly because they bore me quite a bit, instead of the whole “loli” thing), but the gameplay engine itself itnerests me to no end.

So, therefore, there’s plenty of reasons to play this game based on the engine alone…so, I’m looking forward to it. Especially after seeing those new scans…:wgrin:

I think that’s where Cygnus was going with his post. I, too, only see hitboxes and frames. I’m not a fan of the lolita designs as well. Although this following sentence will have a little venting and then I’ll head back to the topic:

Ugh…I can’t believe this is what fighting games have become.

Ok. Done. Now where were we? Well, the one certainty is that it’ll be playable on a console I’m sure. A Japanese PS2 to be exact. So, more importing. I think the U.S. is definitely being alienated in the process. Although the U.S. is to blame for this whatwith the alienating of many 2D fighters that aren’t made by Capcom.

A sorta okay translation.

Seems there an arcane element (outside partner?) you have to choose with your character.
"they influence the capacities of your character and offer specific blows…"
There’s a total of 10 arcane elements and 10 characters, meaning over 100 different possibilities.

The button layout is similar to Melty Blood (A,B,C small,average, hard) and the D button is the “arcane” attack…
“which offers a system of a cancelable “Homing System” which seems much to resemble the boost of HNK…” (huh?)

Two air jumps and air dash, air guard.
Throws are A+D and can be done in the air.

Two bars besides the health bar. One is for the homing system with 3 bars.
There are 9 levels for the “specials” bar. This specials bar is filled up at the start of the round and you use (command+AB) to activate a special.
Once you use it (the specials bar) it eventually fills back up.

6C is a “mighty blow” that knocks your opponent to the corner, and then follow up with 5D for a chain. (ala Hokuto no Ken)
3C is a universal launcher (like dust?)

A+B+C activates a special mode called "Arcane Force"
It’s a burst attack (edit: Not sure on this translation) and your bar drains.
In Arcane Force mode, there’s a special blow, “Arcane Blaze,” which is activated with 236 A+B+C, once this blow carried out you leave the Arcane Force mode.

Kira - small girl in bathing suit. A giant slime creature follows her. (A grappler)
Mei Fang - a fast chinese girl. (Helloooo Jam?)
Lilika - girl with bat wings
Yusuzumu Yoriko - Witch with a 3-eyed skull staff
Aino Heart - the Ryu of the game.
Saki - the Ken of the game.
Konoha - loli in gym shorts and Shinobi scarf
Liselotte - goth loli with marionette (which would play like Ebony Devil in JoJo’s…)
Tokinomiya Kamui - Girl with Katana. Nuff said.
Kasuga Maori - Think of Kagome of Inuyashi, with the bow & arrow stuff.
Boss character will have shades.
(Thanks for going through my shitty translation)

Hey, appreciated all the same. :wgrin:

Any way, “100 different possibilities”? Hopefully this will actually mean something, and not just be something like “So here’s this character! With this card, she has a new move! With another card, she has a different move instead! Wow! So in-depth!!” :rolleyes:

In any case, it only looks more interesting. Hopefully we’ll start hearing about a PS2 port by like, April or May, if not sooner.

Maybe it’s like boosting but you actually track onto the opponent? Eh, we’ll see.

I dont mind that some games stray off from the standard fighting theme. I mean… Half the ftgs out there stick to the fighting theme. Some try to mix it with other things, snk did that with much of the kof series, but they also go more conservative (not by much) with lastblade and samurai shodown. Guilt Gear mixed in the anime in heavy doses and added the heavy music references. Nothing wrong with a game based on the moe culture in japan. The system also seems to have potential, the 10 arcanes allowing for 100 different setups definitly has potential, and really, I wouldn’t be surprised if each aracne is radcially diffrent as it is still only 100 different setups, I mean… kof MI and XI has almost hi t the 50 mark on cahracters. Anyways, this thread is useless without a ps2 port