The Official Evo 2k10 NW Thread. Coked up, feeling invincible

Date - July 9th-11th, 2010

Location - Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas NV.

Games - TBD

Confirmed (Registered, plane tix, hotel room) - N/A

Here we go again kids. First post will be updated (either by myself or Preppy if I forget like last year).


1-2 people: $149 a night ($75 a person for 2)
3-4 people: $179 a night ($60 a person for 3 ppl, $45 a person for 4)

These prices do not include tax. (12% from what the website says)

You would frank! But yes. Evo is raw. NW lets get it!

I will be trying to make this this year. I already put in for the time-off at work just so I have it locked in. Flights aren’t looking too bad pricewise either.

Going for sure this year. reppin SSF4 blanka if he isnt ass.

its at ceasars palace??? tiiiiiiight!

I would like to go, but I doubt it’d happen.

I will be going unless something unforseen pops up.

Tekken all day every day.

Since it’s so far in advance, I almost want to try and train up to a high enough Tekken level that I wouldn’t feel retarded competing in it

Maybe we can try to get a business discount/group rate via seattleversus or tournamentwars…

I think if you have 10 or more peopel going you can probably get something setup. Does EVO ever get something like that setup? Most conventions usually have a discount rate setup at the hotel they are part of.


Let’s go.

Yeah they normally have discounted hotel costs for evo. If we do get some discount on a flight I’m gonna get a part of that best believe.

This evo is gonna be tight, even better than 09! I’m calling it now.

Yea count me in for this time around

That picture is funny to me, this is me from a LAN party in Virginia a few years back (like 5 years ago)

First Evo!!!


Yeah, i’ll be there this year, guaranteed. Planning on at least making it out of pools this time around.

Let’s get HYPE (and better of course)!!!

I should be there balling out of control. That is all I have ever known.

Bottle service at xs let’s go