The Official Evo 2k7 pics thread

if you got pics… post them up

mine will be up shortly on myspace

i’ll edit with a link to the gallery in a few minutes.

my myspace is
and photobucket links will be up shortly.

mix, check yo’ MS Comments, lol.

is that girl diggin in her crotch?

Ha! That’s what caught my eye too.

Good to see pics from Evo. more people, more!


that’s fishjie digging in his crotch. i was really drunk that night.

I meant this one


haha, yeah, i guess she’s masturbating a bit.

yo jay gimme yo puma’z wif teh matchin sockz lol

and where were YOU at evolution?

um no were at my house lol im only 15 u gotta member dat

oh yeah. haha

one day ill be there though

is that SF car for real? you got more pictures of that? plz share.

i wish i did… i think ken and sakura were on the other side and dan was on the front… if anybody has more pics of it, please share :slight_smile:

nice meeting ya mixah! drunk evo = win hahaha

oh hell yeah mang! lmfao

dude, if i come to cali, we gotta chill. you’re one of the five chillest ppl i met at evo (you, jay, fishjie, valaris, and epidemic)

fo realz mang :slight_smile: haha

I gotta scan all those polaroids I took. Especially the one of Phae kissing fishjie and the one of Mixah trying to kiss Fishjie…that dude got a lot of action that weekend.

I didn’t make your list
That’s the last time I support your farting antics. :rofl::rofl:

Also, JJ makes DDR look hot.

Every girl i saw i wanna have sex with…sigh im just an average guy now -.- Oh especially girl thats digging in crotch…now im just a pervert

dood that lady with the red pigtails owned me while my friend was taking a picture of me

sorry dude :frowning:
i couldn’t remember everybody. you’re fucking awesome. I’d say you’re hot, but you’re too tall and your tits aren’t big enough for my tastes… and no vagina, that hurts as well… like minus NINE THOUSAND!!! points on a scale of 50.

i should appreciate you more, especially since you wanted so badly to help me out with my stick, which i’m giving to jay jay btw.