The official Evo 2k9 NW thread. Nobody on dry land can fade the NW


Alright cats and kittens, it’s time.

Evo 2k9

Date: July 17th- 19th Earlier this year than previous ones

Place: Las Vegas, NV at the Rio Hotel & Casino

The “Evo Hotel Deal” can be found here:
Register here:


Street Fighter 4
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
Soul Calibur 4
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Guilty Gear XX, Accent Core
SF3, Third Strike, 2v2 team tournament

Exhibition events:

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Invitational Finals
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix 5 on 5 Regional Team Tournament

There seems to be more things that aren’t released yet so I’ll try to update this thread as things are announced.

So with that said let’s get this shit on the road! It’s never too early to start planning these things, so post up if you’re going, and like I’ll try my best to keep things organized on here and keep this as the universal thread for Evolution 2009 for Washington, and Oregon.

Whose going (29 ppl as yes, 3 ppl as maybe):

Mickey D’
M. Freeman
Axel Kelly
I am Lothar
Paul Lee
slcs 14
Joshimitsu + Faye
Shin Neferio
Mr. Thadeus

Tha Shizzle


I will be going to this! It’s official, my first evo, and my first time going to vegas as an adult! I’m down to bunk with people so let me know whats up!


How much does it typically cost to travel for EVO? I’d like to see if I’ll be able to save up, or have to look for a better paying job (which I’ll probably do anyways)


back at 2k2 and 2k3, I was able to get away with just going with a paycheck from my $8.50/hr job.

The key here is finding ppl to bunk with, as staying with others is definately cheaper than riding solo. Also and I’m positive that this will get announced in like the next few months, but they have special rates hotel packages that you can get if you’re going to enter Evo.



Fuckin Hyped! Probably because it will be the last year.


I’m there and it will be my first EVO as well.

Hopefully I can catch up with the Tucson crew, all 3 of 'em.


Oh you know I’m going Frank.


maaan i am so there YOU KNOW IT


James and I should be there.


I assume remix and sfiv will be on ps3? If so that is great, because I would only need one AmeriKKKan stick.

Marvel son, the only game that matters.


July 17th-19th? So what about NWM? When is that going down?


I want to say August, but nothing is official so I will let Brent present that info.


I’m going to Evo this year. I am going to consider it a graduation present to myself from myself.


My only true concern is that usually after Evolutions, that tourney lull comes into effect. I can’t say for sure that that will happen this year, but I want peeps to be hyped to come our event. It can be easy to be burned out for a bit after a massive event like Evo.

Mid July is kinda unsettling for me though. I really really really really really wanna go.


Word, I guess evo should be the final event of the year. Then again, people could be so hyped off of evo that they need more competition, the kind that only the 206 can provide.


I’m going! Who wants to room with me and Dan? LOL


It goes without saying that I will be there.


Somehow… I had it in my head that Evo wasn’t an open event (closed to only certain/qualified people). I’m going to hazard a guess and say that I won’t be ready (good enough) to go this year, but it’s still very exciting.

Northwest peoples: Dominate.


I’m gonna go for the following reasons: meeting SRK people, drinking, strippers and possibly gambling. Ideally I’ll be hungover while watching all the actual Evo events.


A Vegas trip isn’t complete without doing one of these activities. (usually all three)