ok well, got everyones attention with the last thread. i guess the chumps part was a little bit overboard. point was to get pyro and amir interested and other to bet aswell. just like last year evo, we had stanford vs duc. historic event, fun, hype, etc. this year we are trying to boost evo with a huge 3s event. yes, im playing the roll of don king, dirty, gambling, hustling, shit talking, etc. gonna delete old post and keep it going right here

HSIEN CHANG vs PYRO (hsiens got roughly 3k to back here)

OK, so far udpated 5/24 people who wanna bet on pyro include:

supaman 100
nam 500
truetech 50-100
mrbean 100
ruin 200
sailorsaturn 1000 (lyle buonaccorsi)
neiman 100
jkdchaos 100 (on amir or pyro)
w3s 200
JD 200
amb 50-100
fernies nutts 50
thyallmighty 100
shodokan123 50
japanegro 100
korngo 100
db! 100
n-ken 100
septimus prime 10
tornado flame 25
som 200
anyone im missing sorry. just post up and ill update.

HSIEN CHANG VS AMIR aka GAYBEAR aka BOBBY aka JESUSJUICE!!! (hsien backing up to roughly 1000 on this one)
people wanting to bet on amir include:

jdkchaos 100 (on pyro or amir)
neiman 200
guywong 100
supamin 100
bean 100
w3s 200
jd 200
amb 50-100
fernies nutts 50
o-ryu 50
japanegro 100
truetech 50
db! 100
sailorsaturn 1000 (lyle buonaccorsi)
n-ken 100
septimus prime 10
ruin 200
tornado flame 25
thyallmighty 100
tyrinademan INFINITY!!! (see whats left homie, ill make sure ill cover at least a 100 fun bet with you if nothing else)


i might put up 50 on pyro… i’ll let u know when i confirm i’ll have the $ for evo world.


pyro/amir for 100


100 on pyro


50 on amir also


I’ll put 100 on both pyro and amir.


1k on amir.


good stuff guys, hope this goes down as a really good event and i hope all the players play at top level so no excuses!!!


I had said in previous thread Id put 100 on each, or if amir’s action was booked 200 on pyro.


$1,000,000,000.00 on amir


Is there a minimum bet limit? I’ll put $10 on pyro/Amir.




Kobe is too much of a baller. Thats some Dr. Evil shit right there


wow, I thought this was still the thread with people backing out but I guess not.

i’m going to have to consider my options carefully on this one…i actually want to see Hsien play at EVO and then i’ll be able to make a more educated decision. i’ll be betting for sure though.


200 on amir and pyro not 100 sorry =O


everything should be updated. this is gonna be great!!!


lmfao @ sep betting on both


200 on pyro from me.




yo who is gonna mc these matches. This gon be hot fiyah!!! Most importantly is this gon be an official Evo side event like the Duc/Sanford MM and be on the DVD or unofficial.