The Official EVO World US SNK Nationals 2007 August 24-26, 2007 Las Vegas, NV

Promotional events going on!

Garou MOTW East vs. West vs. South 3v3 Team Tourney!!

Date- August 24-26th.

Yes its time to complete the 2006-2007 Dark Geese SNK Travel Plan with my Final Stop for the 2006-2007 SNK Campaign Year. This will be the Final Stop with the utmost importance in regards to the SNK tournaments guys.

A couple of things I need to explain before we start putting the games and things into work-

#1- This is for bragging rights. The fiercest competition in the USA for SNK games besides Chinatown Fair FOBS will be present. That means JeRon, Josh Ballard, myself, THE ANSWER, Justin Wong, The Triad, Nocturnal, Master Giby,Magician, Ultimate Faust, hopefully Jon Badwolf, God Geese Howard, Arturo Sanchez, and others like Datrick etc will show their faces.

Japanese Player Otome Yosuke will also be joining us as I am sure I can get other Japanese players via having HIM talking to them to join these tournies.

But since this is for US SNK National Championship…as far as American Rankings are concerned…

**#2-*The Highest Ranking American in each SNK Game is EVO Worlds U.S. Champion for that game.

So even if RF wins KOFXI, if THE ANSWER is the highest ranking US player, he is KOFXI EVO Worlds US Champion 2006-2007.

Vegas will be a beast on its own as I am starting with US Nationals and hope to turn this into a World Championship with SNK in the future…

So this is independent of my other travels and it is totally dependent at the same time.

This will wrap up the 2006-2007 Dark Geese SNK Campaign. Then in the Fall it will be time for the 2007-2008 Dark Geese SNK Campaign to begin!!!

As far as Games for EVO Worlds US SNK Nationals…
here we have the following based off the info I have gathered thus far-

If you cant go just let me know this is a rough sketch of who I THINK may be going…

Guys if there is an SNK tourney to go to…in the US..THIS IS IT!!! :party: :encore:

Signups- Every Game is $3 entry fee no game is Free!!! KOF98, NGBC, and KOFXI, Garou MOTW are $5!!!

Garou MOTW ($5)-DG, Nocturnal, Master Giby, THE ANSWER, JeRon, Justin Wong, D’Nyce, Arturo Sanchez,P-Soul, HellSap, Magician,KabukiMono,Mizuki,Hammer Frenzy,ace_uno,Keits, Humbag, abhi(ENG)
($5) NGBC-DG, P-Soul, Josh Ballard,HellSap, JeRon,Keits, Nocturnal, Koll, KabukiMono,
** ($5) KOF 98**- DG, Justin Wong, Arturo Sanchez, JeRon, Otome Yosuke (JAP), Nocturnal,KabukiMono, Hammer Frenzy, HellSap,Keits AiRic, abhi(ENG)
World Heroes Perfect- DG,Keits, Josh Ballard, Nocturnal,Kumagai, abhi(ENG)
($5) KOFXI- DG, THE ANSWER, P-Soul, Justin Wong, Nova, Nocturnal, the_judge, Kane9999 (MEX), tonchipilatos, Keits,K4ever? RealKim, Vegar(MEX) Guero, Eric the Beast? Koll, Steve Harrison, Diirt_Kicker, orochi ryu, KabukiMono, RF (JAP), Mago(JAP),
KOFNW- DG, Otome Yosuke (JAP), **Lilman, JeRon, Arturo Sanchez,Hammer Frenzy, Keits,HellSap, ** RF? Mago?, French players?
SST- **DG, Josh Ballard,P-Soul, Keits, Edpachi,Nocturnal,Nestor,Master Chibi,**Tokido?
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2- DG, Humbag, Deadly Rave Neo, Nocturnal, Mizuki,abhi (ENG) Hammer Frenzy,Josh Ballard,Keits,Kumagai,
Breakers Revenge-DG, Nocturnal, Keits, Josh Ballard,Master Chibi, JeRon abhi(ENG)

Before I add anymore tournaments I gotta stay with these for now because EVO East SNK 2007, North SNK 2007 tournament results (for the KOFs really) has suggested that NeoWave needs to be in…and so does KOF98 and KOFXI…

This is gonna be HOT SHIT!!! :rock:

EVO Worlds US SNK Nationals 06-07 Staff

1. Koll
2. Master Giby
3. Nocturnal

EDIT- I’ve added Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 and Last Blade 2 to the list of games…and also we will have other things going on like-

**The East vs. West vs. South Garou 3v3 Team Battle Tourney!!

Why not make it into a Team tourney no?? :wonder:

Which coast has the best Garou players?

-Dark Geese

Let’s hype this shit up:rock::nunchuck:

:snkc:, :qcf:+:snkc:, :qcb::qcb:+:snkd:, :qcf::qcf::snkb: FTW

Yawns Hype…HYPE!!! HYPPPPPPPPPPPE!!!..God 9am is too early to be awake. Anyway DG add me to the KoFXI and NGBC list and if ye need help at EVO Worlds I will once again offer my help but at the price of a piece of of bubble gum.

Got you down, as you see everyone this tournament will be a beast of its own…with top American players, Japanese etc remember this is just the beginning…soon I want all countries involved…

-Dark Geese

This is going to be awesome!
Maybe having KOF as an official game at Evo2k8 is not so unlikely to happen.

DG, do you know a lot of Japanese players? You could try contacting maybe Buktooth, or NKI, etc, and ask them if they know any Japanese players who would be willing to enter SNK tourneys, how to contact them, etc.

Yes that is precisely what I am going to try because the time is approaching to focus on this as I want it to continue to explode and turn into the first stage of my overall SNK World Championship Goal!!!

I will contact them…HeartNana talks to Keeroc…and I know RF, Mago etc have been coming down since that “infamous RF the Beast at EVO 2005” vid…so I have high hopes he will be there…

But I am sure Heartnana can talk to them and help me out as well…
Or better yet guys…I will make the top two American players Square off first to 5 to Claim the National Title in each game…

I’ll play even though I prolly wont’ have time to do more than combo practice in mame for most games.

But I’d be down for

Garou, LB2, NGBC, KOFXI and 98

Cool so you’ll be there. Excellent! I will put you down!

Hey, DG, get me down for Garou, 98, and RBFF2 and maybe KoF XI if I get enough practice.

I got you down Mizuki.

Mizuki how can you NOT play Mizuki in Sam Sho Tenka???

I’m REALLY bad at SS games, and if I were to play, I play Mina. =P

Im on RB2 twice, and not on Garou.

Got that taken care of Humbag lol. Also as Nocturnal suggested I am going to try and get in touch with the Japanese Garou players to see if they are coming over…

You all forget that most of the people WE WANT are coming over to EVO ANYWAYS for other games…we just have to find them and get them to sign up…

Theres no telling HOW BIG THIS COULD BE…

I have a vision guys that this** COULD** turn into a mini-World Championship if you check how many countries are at EVO pre-registration etc…

Take a look…people from Israel, Korea (Tekken) , Japan, China,France, Italy, England, Africa,

all over…you telling me NONE OF THESE PEOPLE PLAY SNK???

More people play SNK outside of the US than in the US!!!

Exactly…this could get humonguous by itself hence I want to cap the list of games to what it is right now.

-Dark Geese


i’ll ber there for sure :smokin: me and like 6 more kofplayers

Hell yeah Good shit Realkim make sure to find me man…this is gonna be great!!!

Tell Eric The Beast he needs to sign up for NeoGeo Battle Coliseum also…I wanna see if he can beat me, JeRon, The Triad, Ultimate Faust etc…

Man Evo Worlds is going to be shit hot…
I am down for RealBout2,98,MOTW,Neowave and Breakers.

Got you down Hammer Frenzy.

Update, **every game is $3, no game is free this time around…
This is US Nationals and possibly the first SNK Mini-World Championship of its kind…

-Dark Geese

Put me down for KoF98, NW, Garou, NGBC.

Got you down man!!! :tup:

EDIT- It appears Cajunstrike of The Triad won’t be able to make it…:sad:

Lets hope the other Triad members show up though!!!