The official Final Crisis thread

Well FC is coming out next week and i thought it deserve a thread of its own.

Why is it gonna work:
1)Well for starters its Morisson and his stuff always been all sort of crazy.

2)The idea of the story is “The day that evil won” and its also looks very promising

3)Very very few tie-ins, Im not a fan of getting every single tie in to get the big picture and DC said the are only going to be a few other stories that will tie with FC (like Sinestro wars), and some of them looks realy cool (Legion of 3 worlds, Rogues revenge) almost all of them are written by either Morisson or Johns/


Why its not going to work?
Well IC was crap so this is what im worried about, But it seems that DC learned their lesson with the Sinestro Corps War

Anyway im pretty hyped for this one , so anything FC i guess we can talk here

Tie ins or not If the story ends up like another F*cking mindless and senseless bloodfest DC SHOULD pay me 3.99 to even glance at it.

World War Hulk had a lot of Tie-ins but it’s essentially one of the more interesting modern superhero stories ever presented (in the context of the “modern superhero” standards that is)

The Crisis was once the holy grail of cross-overs but it’s been perverted over and over by “quick-fixes” and people who do not know what they are doing.

Dude, Morrison’s the writer for Final Crisis. That means it’s going to be at least fucking amazing and likely the best comic event EVER. I mean, it’s fucking Morrison.


Yeah thats the main reason im picking it up

I haven’t read many Morrison books, but I’m starting too… Picking up Batman R.I.P… But for me, Johns is the reason I’m excited about this series. And if Morrison is as good as everyone says, then this series has two of the industries best writers co-writing an epic event. Should be great.

Morisson is all about writing original and crazy stuff. He got that method of giving alot of pieces that dont seem to be related and as the story progress the pieces come togther.

I dunno about you, but FC #1 left me the same feeling as DC universe #0.

WTF is going on.

You should of put with the tittle “spoiler”.
Anyway i miss the original Question but the She-Question aint that bad… J’onzzzzz NOOO!!! :sad:

Well no one’s spoiled anything yet so…

Canadians get their comics today and those of in the United States get it tomorrow because of the Memorial Day holiday…

Anyway please use spoiler tags when necessary, thanks.

Tbh i never found out how to use spoiler tags…
I download my comics:tup:

Ok after reading FC#1 i can just say “Yep its morisson”

The 1st issue was very underwhelming. I kept turning the page hoping for something big to happen and nothing materialized. They really need to get to the point of what this crisis is supposed to be.

Quite the contrast to Marvel’s Secret Invasion where they hit the ground running.

Do u realize this is only the 1st issue

I do. It was still a disapointment compared to Secret Invasion #1. I enjoyed the first issue of Identity Crisis as well. Final Crisis #1 was pretty boring I found.

Might have been the hype. I was expecting a whole lot more from this first issue I suppose. I’m still optimistic though. Hopefully next issue won’t be the same as this one.

Don’t worry it’ll all add up in the long run

dc fanboy

Fc was ok. I was underwhelmed as well. The art was sure pretty though. Also the casualty didn’t seem to have a big impact. At least to me anyway. Plus I heard that that character had been on the chopping block for a while now. I guess that much like nightwing, didio doesn’t care too much for him. Although it does seem like Morrison is on something. I will continue to read this with curiosity.

I agree, Morisson is known for his story build-ups and twists it will get better, I hope.

Kinda sad when I find Issue number 1 of the Pathetic Infinite Crisis more interesting (the return of the four Survivors from Crisis of Infinite Earths). what do we get in this one?? er… ahh?

DC more marketing please :frowning:

The difference between SI and FC is that Bendis has been building SI in his mind and throughout Marvel books, he is related to for years. While Morrison might have had some of the ideas for FC, DC hasn’t been prepping many books for it until the past couple of months.

That and SI is just a Skrull invasion and by labeling this event Final Crisis, DC has put a huge amount of hype and expectations on this event.

We got

The death of Martian Manhunter[/details]

But, yeah, nobody really cared. I know I kind of don’t.