The Official Final Round XV Avatars Thread: CLOSED. Have Fun at FRXV!


If you would like to request an avatar for Final Round XV, please follow these simple guidelines:
[]Please remember that this thread is for FRXV avatars only. If you post in this thread with a request for a non-FRXV avatar, I will completely ignore your request. Not only will I not work on your request, but I will also not work on any future avatar requests that you may have.
]Please choose one character (hopefully, from a video game) as the subject of your avatar. I will be taking only one request per character. See the next section below for an explanation.
[]I will be making three avatars per character request. The premium avatar will be animated. The two non-premium avatars will be static images: one will be in color, and the other will be in black and white. Examples and links will be provided below.
]If you want to provide an image for your request, please let me use my judgment. Sometimes, I will be able to work with the provided image. If I’m unable to do so, I’ll look for an image for you.
[]I may make exceptions to the above rules, especially if you provide an image or if you help run Final Round. For example, in The Official Final Round XIII Avatar Request Thread, HAV received a CvS2 logo avatar when all of the others had a character on theirs.
A couple of more things that I want to mention:
]Remember to take out the embedded images when you quote posts. In other words, when you quote posts, please remove the [ IMG ] tags. Removing these tags has been a rule of Image Mishmash for a long time. The mods of IMM will hand out infractions for all offenders without exception.
[]When I made the avatars for Final Round XIII, I had a boat load of free time to work on everyone’s specific, individual request. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. This is why I will only be taking one request per character. Also, I’ll apologize in advance if you think these avatars aren’t as nice looking as you hope and if you think these avatars aren’t complex enough for your tastes.
]At the end of this month, I will be posting a template .PSD file that includes the border used in all of these avatars. Then, you can make your own FRXV avatars or have others make them for you. Hopefully, there will be a steady stream of new FRXV avatars until the event itself.
[*]Finally, if you’re looking for more information about Final Round XV, please head over to ShinBlanka’s thread. The event is taking place on March 2nd, 2012 to March 4th, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.
While keeping all of this in mind, feel free to start posting requests!

FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 Atlanta,Ga. "The 15th Anniversary"

Here are the premium Final Round XV avatars:

FRXV Premium Sized Avatars!


Here are links to the non-premium Final Round XV avatars:

FRXV Non-Premium Sized Avatars!


[]Blanka (Color)
]Blanka (Black and White)
[]Nightwolf (Color)
]Nightwolf (Black and White)
[]Spencer (Color)
]Spencer (Black and White)
[]She-Hulk (Color)
]She-Hulk (Black and White)
[]Balrog (Color)
]Balrog (Black and White)
[]Wolverine (Color)
]Wolverine (Black and White)
[]Ryu (Color)
]Ryu (Black and White)
[]Jotaro (Color)
]Jotaro (Black and White)
[]Kung Lao (Color)
]Kung Lao (Black and White)
[]Dante (Color)
]Dante (Black and White)
[]Rose (Color)
]Rose (Black and White)
[]Kazuya (Color)
]Kazuya (Black and White)
[]Chun Li (Color)
]Chun Li (Black and White)
[]Tron Bonne (Color)
]Tron Bonne (Black and White)
[]Phoenix (Color)
]Phoenix (Black and White)
[]Kitana (Color)
]Kitana (Black and White)
[]Zero (Color)
]Zero (Black and White)
[]Carl Clover (Color)
]Carl Clover (Black and White)
[]Akuma (Color)
]Akuma (Black and White)
[]Taskmaster (Color)
]Taskmaster (Black and White)
[]Magneto (Color)
]Magneto (Black and White)
[]M. Bison (Color)
]M. Bison (Black and White)
[]Lee (Color)
]Lee (Black and White)
[]Litchi (Color)
]Litchi (Black and White)
[]Marduk (Color)
]Marduk (Black and White)
[]Cammy (Color)
]Cammy (Black and White)
[]Makoto (Color)
]Makoto (Black and White)
[]Sol (Color)
]Sol (Black and White)
[]Rufus (Color)
]Rufus (Black and White)
[]Yun (Color)
]Yun (Black and White)
[]Yang (Color)
]Yang (Black and White)
[]Trish (Color)
]Trish (Black and White)
[]Ibuki (Color)
]Ibuki (Black and White)
[]Guy (Color)
]Guy (Black and White)
[]Strider Hiryu (Color)
]Strider Hiryu (Black and White)
[]Bang (Color)
]Bang (Black and White)


I should probably reserve one more post, just in case.


Here are the newest (07.10.2011 and 07.11.2011) batches of premium sized avatars:

As always, links to the non-premium versions of these are provided in the second post.


Wow, you’re really getting a head start on these! I might request something down the road after I’ve rocked MC’s for a while longer.


Daaaaamn, these are tight! I like the approach you took to make the border and the font too. Good shit, buddy.


Yeah, I felt guilty for not doing the FRXIV avs, especially since I told ShinBlanka that I would.

Thanks, man. Team Low Tier! :tup:


May I request a Craig Marduk avatar? :slight_smile:


Will be in the next batch. Probably tomorrow. :sunglasses:


Sorry for the delays. I’ll try to have a new batch up before the weekend is over.


Thread updated. :tup:


Hello may i request a Rufus avatar. I havent seen a Final Round one yet.


I’ll try to have the next batch up sometime this week, and yes, Rufus will be in there.

not so ninja [e]dit:

And, by “this week,” I actually mean this week (of July 5th).


Sorry for the delays. The newest batch is up now. :tup:


One T.Hawk avatar please. I trust your judgment on picking out a good choice for which piece of art to go with, can I request to have his jacket changed to match his gold palette?

Palette pictured here:


To be honest, I’m still a noob at changing the colors of pictures that aren’t sprites. o_O

Ninja batch coming soon!

not so ninja [e]dit:

Ninja batch is up!


The Baek image in my avatar?


I don’t know when I’ll be able to work on these again, but I haven’t forgotten about this thread. I’ll come back eventually.

And, when I do come back, you’ll need to give me a larger version of your avatar.


Will return to avatar making in about a week. Re-learning Photoshop from the beginning. :cool:


E.Honda please