The Official Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 Thread

Alright, so lately we’ve had alot of people (myself included) creating new threads with the same information about GNT4. So here it is: The OFFICIAL thread!

This is what we know so far about Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4:

  • 5 confirmed new characters:

-Sakon & Ukon
-Cursed Seal Sasuke

The sound four appear to already be in their Cursed Seal Level 2 mode passivly

  • There is a tag system invovling a three man team

  • The team super’s have been updated with unique movements

  • There is a new level: The rooftop where Sasuke and Naruto fought

-Sasuke has another new ‘sprite’: His regular gear (blue) without his fore-head protector (essentially what he wore when the 5 Leaf Genin’s were persuing Sasuke)

I don’t think there is anything else that has been mentioned yet. There are videos, click the link to find the list:

Until I play as Kisame or Kabuto, I really don’t see me caring.

I too will be upset if either of these two aren’t in it.
Anko was added to the last roster; I can understand that, but over both of those two? I don’t think so.

I’m still hoping that Kisame is in it. :tup:

(evil laughs)

Temari, Ino, Chouji, and Sakura are my top players. They will make a return. (evil laughs)

yeah i hope they upgrade Temari…she’s soo awesome =D

LOL Temari is my greatest character in NGT3. If they upgrade her in 4, then she would be TOO CHEAP. lol I hope she still has her ND(near death) combo in 4.

hyuuga’s = god tier.

Things I’m Hoping For:

-3 Supers for each character
-Neji has 128 hands special

I’ll second that one. Nejii was my usual character in Naruto: GNT3.

Heard that; he’s the shit. Iv’e been working on doing 1v1 against Shikamaru and doing ‘kaiten’ before he can use his teleport trick.

I think kabuto and kimmimaro have a good chance of making it…kisame will be a no show i bet…is there like a site or source where i can check for updates???

No, not yet. Even still, there’s really no point. Tomy usually puts the website up after we know EVERYTHING about the game.

Kimimaro maybe?

Kabuto sorry but he will be a no show again. If mizuki’s ass made it and he did not, he will never be in that bitch.

I would be SUPER surprised if Kimmimaro wasn’t in it.

This game be pure greatness.

Does anyone know if Sasuke will be able to go Level 2 Cursed Seal? Considering that’s the only time he’s been cool at all…ever, I hope so. And I hope Kimimaro makes it in. If he doesn’t, then I atleast hope Rock Lee and Gaara atleast get some of the combos and moves used in the fight against him.

Hey, Alpha here, using Infini’s screen name.


The sad truth…

I’d also rather see the GNT series make it here instead of NH. Well, I’d like to see both, but that’s probably not going to happen. PS2 sales are generally better than GC, so it’s probably safer to pick up NH instead.

This makes me laugh. That is the only response I have.

They know that no matter what they bring over, they’re going to get sales. They could announce Naruto Ultimate Muffin Baking tomorrow and raving fanboys would be all over it.