The Official Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 Thread


The realease date for Naruto - Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4! is November 21st, 2005!:tup:


Sources, good sir.:tup:

I believe that it says it on the upper web-site, but I don’t read Japanese.

damn shikamaru. fuck that guy.

Neji is really good man. this sucks lol.

i didn’t know i had fellow temari players. she’s the shit.

looking foward to hinata ( i know I know she’s not that great) but i like her and she has some sick combos, but of course not like Neji… but im still loyal to the cause. btw what sites do go to get imports or do you guys go on ebay or sumthin.

Edit: and TenTen is the shit. maybe she got some new shit in 4

Kaiten needs to be DOWN+A, not back.

also please remove thoes garbage char Akamaru and Karasu plz
and where is Official Naruto Narutime hero 3 thread?

Ps: Kyoujin ur av fucking pwns CP9 are too good

Dunno man, it usually isn’t half as popular as GNT is. I want Karasu and Akamaru removed aswell.

Thanks for the compliment, man.:tup:

Oh, wow, my bad. When I read your post this morning, I thought you were claiming that was a U.S. release date which is why I was so skeptical. I guess this just goes as proof that I don’t get nearly enough sleep before going to class, haha.

Still, it’s cool that GNT4 finally has a release date. Now I just have to hope that AssassiNate imports this one, too. :tup:

Dude, no worries.:tup:
Although, it looks like GNT1 and the first GBA game of Naruto will be coming state side with NH early 2006.

I remember AssassiNate talking about how he heard that GNT1 was giong to get a domestic release, but that was 6+ months ago and I hadn’t really heard anything on it since. With the show now airing on CN, it seems like a sound business move, at least.

Yeah, get ready for the Naruto wave to come crashing down on North America. It’s going to be so huge it’s not even funny.



:tup: :tup: :tup:

link doesn’t work :frowning:
I hope you can get another one since I wanna pass it on to friends, they’ll be estatic.



I put this and Bleach GC! on preorder. THANK YOU OH GREAT ONES!

Seriously, where the fuck is Agmaster here?! He bitched non-stop about having Kabuto and Ksimae in this game and he isn’t anywhere to be found?

Don’t you guys even fucking care that this is a huge update?!

Hey guys,

Here’s a high quality sacn of the previous picture; it shows three new levels, a few new supers, and more info about Kabuto, Kisame, and Minninaro:

Also, here is the official box art:

Great find Kyoujin.
Always coming through for us :smiley:

Hey, it’s all good, Snow.:tup:

EDIT: It looks like Tsunade has a new super, or perhaps it’s just an intro scene for her and Jirayia?

Hopefully, it’s a new super which would most likely mean that there are 3 supers for all.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…NGNT4 is gonna OWN all.